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Reoccurring Live Stream Giveaways and Competitions

Get lucky or get better


I’ve been talking about doing live stream giveaways for a while now. After talking with Hannibal we have figured out a pretty decent plan for structuring the giveaways. This post will be archived as a page anyone can access from the main nav bar at any time. These giveaways will be recurring every month until otherwise posted. Read more

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Christmas Live Stream & Giveaways

wear your lucky underwear


This Wednesday (December 19, 2018) the day after this post is published there will be a BSG Crazy Party live stream. We will go live at 5:00 pm eastern time. We’ll be doing 2, maybe 3 giveaways during the live stream for those listening. Below are all the details for the giveaway.

You can check

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A Hero’s Call Give Away


A hero’s Call give Away and up coming review.

A hero’s Call, it has been called the best game of 2018, 1 of the best games of 2018 and 16th out of an over all list of 31. None of that is true.
I’m pretty sure I stole that bit from some wear else. Any way it is a game that had

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Blog Wide Giveaway open to all

Register, follow on twitter, and win!

1,479 views We here at the BSG Blog are doing a giveaway for everyone. Anyone can join, and it is really simple to make sure you have a chance to win. There is a pretty wide assortment of prize choices, hopefully enough to cover all types of gaming on all platforms. So what do you have to do to

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