Lockdown Achievements


Lockdown Achievements

I will give you all a bonus achievement for reading this article all the way to the end. Seriously. Have an extra one.


I had fully planned to write a very serious article all about how this year has affected the mental health of so many.
Don’t hold your breath that is a joke.
But honestly I was going to write something sort of serious this week. But I couldn’t really come up with a topic so here we are.
So here are 10 things you should have done or should do during a Covid lockdown.
Please note that while these are lockdown achievements you very possibly have done some of them at other times.
It is just something you could do during a lockdown.

Quick Side Bar

After I started writing this someone who wished to remain nameless suggested I add points to each achievement so people could give themselves a score at the end.
So keep track as you read and lets see how you all do.

10, Burnt more then toast!

Points: 25.
It is true that you should always try new things. When it comes to the kitchen especially. Get in there and make something you have never tried to make.
But as this achievement suggests this is not for just trying something new. It is for trying and failing spectacularly.
I don’t mean oh I tried to bake a cake and it was slightly over cooked. I mean I tried to make banana bread and used sugar instead of flour levels.
Sadly the first achievement on my list I haven’t managed yet.

9, pillow fort!

Points: 30.
Many of us will remember gathering blankets and pillows from all over the house to build a pillow fort from our childhood.
But a trend did the rounds on Facebook earlier in the year which saw the practice come back as a way for parents to entertain kids during lockdown.
But it is 2020 and so pretty soon people with out kids were doing it as well. So this achievement is for anyone who has built there very own pillow fort in 2020.
I am happy to say that this achievement I do have. But it was with my 2 year old nephew but that still counts.

8, Will you be my Friend

Points: 40
Plenty of people make friends in all kinds of ways. But with many of us spending more time online then usually an achievement for Twitter had to be included.
So this achievement is simply for making a new friend during 2020 entirely through Twitter.
I don’t really have friends because people don’t like me. But I think I can give myself this achievement. Like if people did like me I could count them as friends I have made on Twitter. So you know…. winning!

7. Cut out that Racket

points: 40.
This achievement could be for so many things. But I have seen a strange number of videos of friends, family and strangers trying to yodel.
So I guess if you a bored and want to try sounding like a dying elephant with a blocked nose. Why not rack up some extra points and give yodeling a go.
I will say a bonus 5 points if you actually look up a video on youtube on how to yodel.

6, Pet Tricks!

points: 50.
Plenty of people train pets to do things. Sit, stay, lay down, fetch and lots more.
But if you have a pet you should absolutely be spending maximum time with your animal best and or only friend.
So with that in mind this achievement is for teaching your pet a trick. But not just any trick a weird or wonderful trick.
I am giving 20 bonus points if the pet you used was not your own.

5, Time for a Movie

points: 70.
Oh sure we have all watched a movie during lockdown. So why is this on the list. Well this is not for watching just 1 movie. This is for watching several movies. Back to back no breaks.
So what criteria do you need to meet to get this Achievement.
You have to have watched a minimum of 3 movies, back to back, no breaks each with a minimum run time of 90 minutes.
You know there are bonus points coming but for this achievement I am giving several sub achievements.
5 or more movies each with a run time of 90 minutes or more have an extra 15 points.
total run time over 10 hours have an extra 30 points.
Used the fifty shades movies minus 50 points.

4, Food creation!

points: 75.
So we are back in the kitchen but this time we aren’t here to fail.
This is for that weird and wonderful creation.
Maybe you had a kitchen running low on food because of the lockdown. Or maybe you were bored and just didn’t know what to eat.
Maybe you just thought banana and cheese on toast with lemon drizzle sounded good.
Either way this is for that creation that never should have existed but now does.
For me this was Nacho sandwiches that I made today. We had left over nacho mix but no chips. So I made it in to a sandwich and it was amazing.

3, Learning New Skills!

points: 90.
So it is time to learn something new. Hey you have plenty of free time why not.
I don’t just mean something like. Oh I worked out how to make a playlist on Spotify. I mean something big. Learnt a language, took up programming, started learning a musical instrument, yodeling, basket weaving, other.
Learning new skills is always a good thing but keeping busy when the world is going to hell makes it even more important now.

2, Introvert Party Time!

points: 120.
Did this get on this list because it is a Psychostick reference? yes, yes it did.
So this one is simple. Have a party alone because you can. Turn the music up, have a drink or 10, enjoy chips or other snacks and show you don’t need friends to have a party!
Bonus 25 points for getting drunk and singing along to Shakira.

1: Give it a Name!

Points: 150.
Plenty of people will name random objects in there lives. Musical instruments, cars, canes, sex toys, knives and pens are just a few examples.
But it takes things to the next level if you give every object you use on a day to day basis a name. Everything from your phone to your coffee machine.
Also I don’t just mean saying I call my blender Tracy. I mean actually referring to said objects with said names at all times.
This is probably a sign of insanity but hey its 2020 just roll with it.
Bonus 5 points if every spoon, fork or knife in your kitchen gets its own name.

Final Thoughts

So how did you do? Did you keep track of your score?
Remember what I said at the start. That’s right! Have a bonus 25 points for making it to the end of this rubbish.


If you liked it chuck a comment down below with your score. If you hated this. Smash that dislike button.

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    1. I originally planned to make allot more Psychostick references but couldn’t come up with enough to make the full list that. So I scrapped that and rewrote it.

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