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Lots of people know about RS Games. This was one of the first audio games I ever played a few years ago. Their development of new games has slowed down quite a bit, but recently they released two new games before Christmas. If you haven’t opened RS in awhile I’m going to review these two new games to see what value they add to the RS Games listing.

I’m going to be as honest as possible in reviews. I will take into effect what the game is, and if it delivers on what it is being marketed as. I’m not trying to make friends or enemies with reviews, I’m just letting people know what I think about the game. Most of a review is my opinion, you may disagree, this is fine. Leave a comment if you do. This is also what the like and dislike feature is for on the blog posts.

Game Info

Game Summary

In short RS games is a collection of different games you can play via their client. It is very similar to QC. You can choose to play different card, dice, and board games against other people or in some cases bots. This review won’t be for RS Games as a whole, but rather on the two new games released in December.
The two new additions to the client are the card game War and the dice game Left Center Right.
I’m not going to give a detailed description on how to play these games. You can read the rules for Left Center Right here, and you can read how to play War here.

Playing The Games

In War you turn a card, the other people turn a card, the highest card wins all cards. This is the game everyone played on the school bus in 1st and 2nd grade. There is no strategy here, pure chance.
In Left Center Right you roll 3 dice, or less if you have less chips. Each die is Left Center Right or dot. If left you pass a chip to the person to your left, same for right and center puts a chip in the pot. If you get a dot you keep your chip or chips. There is no strategy in this game, you just hit roll and what happens happens.
Both of these games are only based on chance, there is no skill involved at all. You don’t even need to use your brain if I’m being completely honest. You can just spam enter and play the game without ever listening to what is happening. If you are lucky you’ll win, if not you’ll lose. Nothing you do during the game is going to change the outcome.
Of course when you launch these games they play music at max volume and the sounds at max volume. This is going to be an ongoing theme for all my reviews. Major negative point for every game that does this. There aren’t any bugs, but that’s pretty normal for RS Games. I played through a few rounds against bots and I really didn’t have any fun at all. I was just hitting enter, there wasn’t really a point to it. If you are drunk and playing with a few friends you might be able to get some enjoyment out of it, but other than that I just don’t see a reason for these games to be added.
You are getting what you would expect, two chance games that are extremely easy to play. These might have been released for younger players, and that is fine, but for anyone who is use to playing more complex card or dice games, this won’t be a fun experience.

Concluding Thoughts & Review

Personally I have a strong dislike for pure chance games. I don’t like playing dice games for the most part. These two games are on the far extreme of chance games. There is literally no strategy or even human input required. I’m not ruling out the possibility of these games being made for kids, but I’m not a kid and I’m reviewing them as someone who is use to more complex games. If I’m being blunt these just serve no point. My guess is they wanted to release them for something extra before Christmas, but it is a bit of a hollow release. The vast majority of people aren’t going to get anything out of these two new additions.
The above being said, these games are exactly what they should be, and I didn’t have any issues with the game play. I did like the stereo panning for the movement of chips, it made it a bit easier to track who had what. The keyboard commands are simple and what you would expect for every game on RS. The execution of the games is good, the games are just very empty.
I’m also a bit disappointed that RS has not put out a poker game yet. This is the most popular card game in the world and a lack of a poker option is unexplainable. I’d much rather not see these two games and see something that more people are going to enjoy.
Score: 5/10 (reasoning below)
I’m not breaking these ones down by points, but the games just aren’t fun, you can spam enter, you don’t need a brain to play them. There is no point to them, you can’t change who will win by being good or bad at the game.
They are what they say they are, and there weren’t any bugs when I played, the only issue is how boring the games are…but I’m running out of different ways to express this

If you like these sort of games then give them a play. If you are like me and want something based on even a little bit of strategy you will be very disappointed.

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