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Rory Boxing A Review by Hannibal

Violence is never the answer. Unless the question was what is fun in video games and some times in real life.


This review was suggested by Smoke and after playing this game it seemed like a fantastic game to review here on the Blog.
Game: Rory Boxing.
Developer: Wild Blind Tech.

the Game

Calling this game a boxing simulator would be wildly unfair to well simulators in general.
It is more of a punching sound effect producer but perhaps that is a little unfair it is still in beta.
The game breaks down to being pretty simple. you have three keys, a, g and l. These act as your three punch keys.
You use these to deliver several punches and either win or loose the fight.
I wish I could say that it was not just that but it really is. Spamming the keys will win you the fight every time.


The lack of documentation with the game is a little bit off putting and did confuse me at first. I ended up having to go to the web site to find out the key strokes for the game.
On the one hand it does what it says its meant to do.
On the other hand this game is almost nothing. It is a three key Spamming game. I have several of those on my computer and this is probably the least interesting of them.
Maybe as time goes on they could add more to it and make this more interesting but for now it isn’t really worth playing for more than 3 minutes.


Rating this game is hard. While it does what is says its meant to do. What it does isn’t worth doing.
3.5 out of 10.


Check out what info there is and download the game here.
Wild Blind Tech.


Have you played Rory Boxing? let me know what you thought in the comments.
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