Your Chance to Win Free Swamp for a Year On Saturday July 14

10-hour marathon Kicks off at 11 AM Eastern.



Join me on July 14, 2018 starting at 11 AM Eastern as I play ten straight hours of games. You can make the marathon more interactive by showing up. You can also win free Swamp for a year. Look for the link to enter the contest at the bottom of this post. Tuning in isn’t necessary, but please try to show up if you can.
There will also be some prizes for those who show up and chat including a contest to guess how many gems and mini games Liam can unlock in three hours in Crazy Party. This promises to be a great time, and I look forward to as many people showing up as possible.


Tuning in and Chatting:


Starting at 11 AM US Eastern time you can Tune In Via YouTube, or Listen via Your Favorite Media Player to the marathon. You can chat via the YouTube page, using the YouTube app, sending a tweet to @liamerven on Twitter, or sending an email to liamerven at gmail dot com. If you’re unsure when the stream starts, use the time zone guide at the end of this post to help you.


Win Free Swamp For a year:


Go here for your chance to win a free year of Swamp. Winners will be chosen during the Marathon, but tuning in isn’t mandatory to win. Four (4) winners will be selected at the end of the marathon. All winners will be notified via Email.


When is the Marathon in My Time Zone:


use this handy list to help you figure out when the marathon starts in your time zone.


  • 15:00 GMT
  • New York: July 14, 11:0 AM
  • Chicago: July 14, 10:00 AM
  • Sydney Australia: July 15, 1:00 AM
    • Germany: July 14, 5:00 PM
    • Tokyo: July 15, 12:00 AM

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