Westopia Review

Risk Free Gambling


Westopia Review ; by ; Hannibal.

Gambling is bad kids. Don’t get hooked on gambling. But on the other hand here is a gambling game.

I realized recently that I have reviewed far more IOS games than PC games. I have a folder on my phone full of games I have played to review for the blog. I am wondering

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smoke j

BSG Site Updates, Streams, & Events For August

giveaways, new releases, and some classics

This month we have a full schedule from the first to the 29th. Every genre is covered with golf, Alter Aeon, Hades, CP, and The Vale, with a patreon game night and a book club tossed in for fun. No matter what your preferred game genre is, you’ll find something you like this month whether is audio

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Swordy Quest The Review

Stick them with the pointy end


Swordy Quest Review
By Hannibal

I am putting it on the record that this is somehow the worst and best name for a game I have ever heard.

One of the down sides to writing for the BSG Blog means I have so many games on my phone. I should probably learn to delete them after I review them but that just isn’t

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Survive The Wild June 2021 Update Review


Survive The Wild Version 9.9.5

If he puts peeing in to this game to make it more realistic I am out.

I remember when Survive the wild first came out. I actually played a very early version of it. I remember thinking this is never going to go anywhere. I can’t help but feel I have to admit now

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smoke j

The Sento Showdown Is This Weekend!

Death To Scorpion


The Sento Showdown is this weekend! Whether you are a long time Mortal Kombat player, or someone who has never picked up the game this will be a stream worth tuning into. This tournament has quickly become the premier MK event for blind MK players,and you can watch it all unfold this weekend. You can

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Van Canto to the Power of 8 Review

mouth noises are music too


I haven’t done a music review for a while so I thought I would bring them back.


I don’t really have much to say for an introduction for a change.
I found out this album was coming out about a week before it got released. It is by a band I have been listening to for about 10 years now. and everything

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