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The 3rd Singing Competition Stream order, special performances, song and participant listing

worlds longest singing competition stream ever


The time is nearly here, the time for the third BSG Singing Competition. Submissions were open for one month, and we received a total of 63, and we truly cannot wait until the 3rd of December when we all get to hear them for the first time together. This blog post will go over the schedule, the special surprises for the stream, and the randomized playing order of everyone’s songs. Read on to know it all Read more

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The Third BSG Singing Competition Has Arrived!

Warm ’em up and belt it out


We do a lot of stuff here at BSG, but some of the most popular are the singing competitions that come twice a year. It is that time again, and I’m so glad to announce the date has been set for the third singing competition. There will be categories for good and bad singers again, the prizes

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(closed) Pick Smoke & Hannibal’s Cover Song

For the 3rd Singing Competition


We like allowing others to control our torture, and the latest journey down this path of horribleness is allowing everyone to bid on what song we have to cover for the third singing competition. This is for two reasons. First to raise more funds for the singing competition pot, and also to allow

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Tomb Hunter Review

The Mighty Throwing Sword!


Tomb hunter review

Now I don’t have the body or the flex ability of Lara croft. But I will put on my sexiest clothes and raid the shit out of this tomb!
It is not often that I take to reviewing games that came out years ago. Sure sometimes it happens here on the blog, but that is usually

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Kilta Review

Punch Them Really Hard!


Kilta Review by Hannibal.

If at first you don’t succeed my suggestion is to try again but harder! Actually that is my advice for life not just this game. Read more

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Hearthstone Tournament Bracket and Schedule

Shuffle My Deck Baby

The week of the first BSG hearthstone tournament is here, and it is going to be glorious. This post will go over the format, what to expect, and list all the participants. This is going to be a two day event, and I’m really looking forward to seeing some great competition. Everything will be streamed

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