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Stream countdown

I am getting lazy but it is still happening. You can’t stop me from making lists god dam it!
Well Smoke can but hopefully he won’t.


It is literally no ones favorite time again. When Hannibal lets his Autism out for another little go as he writes another fucking list.
Wait am I allowed to say that? Maybe write a different opening line.
almost every December since I started writing on the Bsg Blog I put together some sort of final countdown. Get it…it is like the song title. Final in this case being of the year.
This year I have decided to do something a little different. I want to talk about my Favorite streams on Bsg. We have done nearly 200 of them at this point, and sure I haven’t been on all of them, but I have still done well over 100. The number of games and types of streams is way up there; with some games appearing again and again, and others only appearing once.
I want to talk about some of my favorite things we have done here, So for an idea I will not be pointing to 10 specific streams. Instead I’ll be talking about10 games or stream types, then within that I will talk about some of my favorite things we have done.
I’ll also go over some of the amazing guests we have had, the random craziness at that I can remember, and of course some of my favorite stream titles Smoke has come up with over the years.

10: Snack Stream

Number of Appearances on Bsg: 1.
This has to be my favorite stream that started life as a complete joke.
I had seen snack streams before, but never did I once think we would actually do one. When Smoke sent me the Schedule for November 2022 I nearly died laughing.
So to be honest this makes the list nearly on that alone, but it was actually kind of fun to do something a little different; mainly Not having to play games, and just trying some new snacks.
Favorite title: Hannibal’s Snack Stream.
I know that title isn’t super interesting but it is the only one that exists.

9: Tube Sim.

Number of appearances on Bsg: 2.
Now I know if Smoke was writing this list Tube Sim would not have made the cut. However I am the one doing it so fuck Smoke! Wait he is my editor I mean never mind we love you Smoke.
The truth is I have never had to play Tube Sim on stream which is probably why I liked both of these streams. While I don’t mind the game tube sim, that is mainly for when I am sick and or tired and don’t want to do anything too taxing on my brain.
The streams themselves however are much fun. Mainly because Smoke hates the game and I can just sit around and talk shit. Also the very first tube sim stream saw me get really angry at British people for some reason. so you know if you are a Patreon you can still enjoy that.
Favorite title: Tube Sim: unconsented sexually oriented train.

8: TopSpeed 3

Number of appearances on Bsg: 5.
I mean this game was always going to appear on this list. Smoke and I discovered our love for Shakira on a TopSpeed stream. I don’t think I really need any other reason for putting it on here.
This is a fun game to do on Stream honestly. Even if we learn why you shouldn’t drink and drive every time we play it while drinking.
WE have also had others appear on these streams with us. Last month Blurry Sito and TBlaze joined us for a cracking good time on the track.
Favorite title: TopSpeed 3: He’s Ramming My Rear.

7: Anniversary streams.

Number of appearances on Bsg: 2.
It is weird that we only have 2 anniversary streams at 4 and 6 years. Sadly I was still recovering from going keto for the fourth year and wasn’t able to give it my all, but 6 year really allowed me to let it go. These have been really fun cause we get lots of people involved, but also just as a fun way to celebrate Bsg and everything we do.
Also the first time I ever saw Smoke really drunk was on the 4 year. It certainly wasn’t the last though.
WE had so many amazing guests on the 6 year so my suggestion is sign up for Patreon and go check it all out.
Favorite title: Long Island over achiever.

6: PGA 2k21.

Number of appearances on Bsg: 14.
Fuck this has been 1 of the most cursed games on Bsg. WE have had issues streaming it so many times. from stream stutters, to internet outages, controllers not functioning properly or at all, to it bugging out, but it keeps coming back. Honestly golf is such a fun game to do on stream Cause you can just get drunk and bash the ball.
It is also a game I have no real desire to play away from stream, at least not solo. Playing it with friends is fun, but on your own I am just not on board with. This is why I know I will never be Tiger Woods, but I am perfectly fine with that.
WE have had several amazing guest on PGA, but TBlaze is our most consistent golfing friend having appeared on nearly half of the PGA streams we have done.
Favorite stream title: Burn the Nazis.
Note this seems to be a theme because we also have a stream call he is looking for Hitler.

5: Chess Boxing.

Number of Appearances on Bsg: 3.
I mean honestly these are just so much fun because we get to watch Chess Boxing. Smoke and I both support Chess boxing and when ever we can we watch the sport together. It was a natural move to bring it to streams in the hope we could show others just how grate this sport really is.
If you have never done it you really should. It is incredible how bringing two things together that aren’t that interesting makes a fucking amazing sport. Sadly events we can watch aren’t very frequent but we managed to get 2 streams in December 2022 which honestly makes me incredibly happy. From British matt who has to be the most exciting Chess commentator I have ever seen, To the Ludwig event which was so well put together and enjoyable to watch. We had 2 days of epic chess boxing action.
Hopefully these happen more often and maybe they will creep higher on this list in the future.
Favorite Stream title: Punch him in the shit flute.

4: Survive the Wild.

Number of appearances on Bsg: 9.
Originally starting lower on this list as I worked on it this game kept getting bumped. This is the kind of game I really don’t mind streaming as it is just an easy 1 to stream. The PK arenas mean we can have a bit of a fight even if I don’t know how Grenades really work. And the big open world means lots of places exist to explore. Perhaps 1 day I will do the promised stream of completing the sewers quests.
Even though Smoke doesn’t play any more we do spend a lot of time on stream in maps that he made for the game. Also with this game being worked on at the time of this article I am sure we will see more STW in the future. Will I ever learn how to use a grenade? probably not.
We have also had several fun guests on STW streams including Quacker who does mixing for us in the Bsg Singing comps and Sam Tupy the Developer of the game.
Favorite title: Lessons on how Grenade pins work.

3: Mortal Kombat 11.

Number of Appearances on Bsg: 12.
Wow have we come a long way with MK11. From Smoke playing with himself also on MK11 while I pretend I know what’s happening. To the KOTH of Chaos in which we get drunk and try and take advantage of anyone and everyone who joins us on the streams.
These have become some of my favorite fucking streams. Especially because I am really shit at MK but when we all get drunk I can still win a match every now and then.
We smash buttons, drink loads of alcohol and yell at each other repeatedly!
If you haven’t tuned in to one of these streams you should. They are always fun and the post streams are almost always wild!
Favorite title: Our favorite organic Fleshlight.

2: Crazy Party.

Number of Appearances on Bsg: 66.
you would be forgiven if you are a new to Bsg or even only discovered us in the last year or so to read that number and ask when. The truth is Crazy Party was streamed a lot in the early days. Back when Pyro and Jimmy Dub were both more common to appear on a Bsg stream we played it frequently.
As new options have come up it has allowed us to shift away from playing Crazy Party although it still appears as it is an easy game to play and allows for people to play with us.
Smoke Hates Crazy Party these days and some times I have to push to get him to put it on the schedule. but it is still fun to play from time to time.
Crazy Party is also the game we have had the most guests on. I could probably do a top 10 list of guests we have had join us for Crazy Party but that seems pretty rood to be honest.
But the truth is. this game is just fun to play, the interaction especially in the early days when we would have parties of 20 people, and the stream of guests that have joined us over the years really make these some of my favorite memories on Bsg streams. Although I will admit some of that is also just because of the fucking number of times we have done these streams.
It also gets bonus points as my very first Bsg stream. Stream 7 back in 2018 was a Crazy Party stream.
Favorite title: Smoke is a Crayon Eater.

1: Singing Competitions.

Number of Appearances on Bsg: 3.
Everyone I think saw this coming. The Bsg singing competitions are easily the best times I have had on stream.
The third singing comp saw 63 entries, 10 people walk away with money, over $400 in prizes and a stream unlike anything I ever thought we would get.
From the moment smoke and I first talked about this I thought it would be a lot of fun, but nothing could have prepared me for what we got with the third singing comp. We were live for over 7 hours listening to so many amazing singers. from so bad it actually hurt a little To so good it made blood rush to our genitals.
Every singing comp so far has got bigger and better and even if we never match 63 entries I have no doubt these comps will continue to be the high lights in the Bsg calendar.
I won’t put a favorite title as these are similarly named.

Close to final thoughts

the end of 2022 brought an insane Schedule. Nine streams in November, the largest amount in any month on Bsg. to top that off we kicked off December with the longest Stream Bsg has ever done, that being the third singing competition which went for over 7 hours. We then managed to go even harder the following weekend with 3 streams in 4 days covering the 2022 game Awards and 2 chess boxing events all of which were 3 plus hours long.
With this post coming out shortly after the same day as what will likely be the final stream of 2022 I have to say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. Including the minutes I don’t remember thanks to alcohol!
Who knows perhaps in 2 or 3 years time we can do a follow up to this. Re look at the games we play and what streams I have enjoyed doing the most.
All I know is come hang out with us in 2023 and beyond as we continue to drink, talk shit and suck at all the games for your entertainment!

Bonus honorable mention time

Look going through the stream titles I found some real gems. Some of them were for games that didn’t make the list and others were just not good enough to cut it. So here is a list of some of my honorable mentions for best stream titles.

Stand and die you cowards, Alter Aeon.
Jessica’s Sticky Poops, Hearthstone.
Does mom do anal, As Dusk Falls.
Fondling fanny, WWE2k22.
Your still obese when I’m drunk, Stardew Valley.
My Sex Toy Named Diamond, Dead Fright.
He’s a Boomer Terrorist, Sequence Storm.
Screwed by a bull again, Hades.
Jesus take the putter, PGA.
I can’t take any more Disney references, Crazy Party.
Unicorn spunk, Crazy Party.
Where’s the French girl, Madden 21.
Death metal lullaby, Slay the spires.
So many fucking positive emotions, Blind Drive.
Wine ramming and a lot of dolphins, Scarlet Shells.
An Australian Porn Marathon, Crazy Party.
Dick Drum spectacular, Crazy Party.
Turtle Cum clap clap clap, Rhythm rage.
No turtle Cum sad sad sad, Crazy Party.
Penguin Fleshlight, Crazy Party.


What are some of your favorite streams on Bsg. Let me know in the comments below. and yell at me for this cop out list that just lists types of streams and not individual streams.

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  1. Awesome article. I’m going to actually have to go back and catch the streams you mentioned that I didn’t see originally. Of course the singing comps were my fav streams so far, but seriously, every stream has something great to recommend it, namely drunk Smoke and Hannibal and Smoke’s rants and rages. Happy New Year, guys!

    1. Thank you, We will continue to get drunk for your entertainment. But you should absolutely go back and listen to some of the old ones they are fantastic. And a happy new year to you as well.

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