Competitive Blind Racing Forza Motorsport Series

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Forza Motorsport is here, and because of the incredible accessibility built into the game we are now able to hold blind racing competitions! read on to see the rules, format, and everything you’ll need to know about how it works.

Quick Information
  • online competitive Forza Motorsport series
  • randomly selected tracks.
  • Rolling scoring system through the series.
  • Prize money for the winner of the series.
  • Different car class and PI rules for each series.
  • competitive race rules to pit blind racers against other blind racers.
The First Event

Make sure to read on to get all the information about the event and how it will work, but here are the details for the first series.
Random track selection date: November 1 at 8:00pm eastern.
Stream & Series date: November 11 at 8:00pm eastern.
each series is listed here with all rules and tracks.

The series

We’ll start off by hosting a 5 track series. The tracks will be picked randomly on a stream, and will be announced well ahead of time to allow everyone to practice them before the series.
Each series will be limited to a maximum of 10 racers for now. Points will be rewarded to each racer depending on where they finish the race. The point spread will go as follows.
20 points for 1st, 18 points for 2nd, 16 points for 3rd, 14 points for 4th, and so on down with 10th place getting 2 points.
In addition to the normal finishing place points, first second and third will get a bonus for finishing in the top three. First place will get +3 points, second will get +2, and third will get +1.
The points will carry over through the 5 race series, and the racer with the most points when all results are added together at the end of the series will be the winner.

Series Rules

For the start we’ll be doing 5 laps on each randomly selected track for the series.
During the track selection stream for each series there will be car class limitations and PI limitations announced for the series. For example this first series will be Class B with a max PI of 600. This is the same limitations placed on the intro Builder’s Cup series. This race length may change in the future to include pit stops and tire changes.
The car you enter the first race of the series with is the car you must use for each race. You can tune and upgrade it as much as you want for each race, just remember it must stay within the 600PI limit and be the same car.
Every series will have different car rules to make it more fun and interesting. It could be odd classes with an odd PI, or a series where everyone has to use the same exact car. There are a lot of ways to make this ever changing and fun.
This blind racing series is also only open to blind racers, to keep it more fair.
Myself(Smoke) and Hannibal will have the opportunity to race in this first event. If this proves to be too much of an issue they can take themselves out of the race standings at any point to give others the chance to win. This is simply a disclaimer put here just in case.

Driving Assist Rules

Since this is a competition we are going to be limiting the amount of assists used in the races.
Car to car collisions will be Disabled.
Race rules set to sport with off track penalties.
Throttle assist will be disabled.
Breaking assist max will be set to ABS.
Steering assist max will be set to Normal.
All other assists can be used.
These rules will be set on the lobby settings, so you shouldn’t have to change anything on your end, but it may be good to double check it all the same.
The reason for these limitations are to ensure it is a skilled racing competition, where you have to judge and race your car to the best of your abilities without too much help from the Forza AI.

How Track Selection will work

On stream at least 10 days before the date of the series the tracks will be chosen randomly. will be used to pick 5 numbers between 1 and 20 since there are 20 tracks in the game. If number 1 is picked that would be the first track in the game’s track listing, if number 10 is drawn that would be the 10th track in the game’s listing.
once the 5 tracks are chosen we’ll see how many variations there are for each one and also use to pick a random variation of each track. Once the list is randomly chosen it will be published on the Forza channel of the BSG discord, and also posted on
The tracks will then be raced in the order they were drawn on the actual series stream.
All other settings like weather and time of day will be set to random.

The Prize

Since we are just getting started with this blind racing series we are going to keep the pot at a reasonable size. The first series will have a pot of $20 which will all go to the winner of the series.
In the future we may open it up for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, but for now to keep it simple and to ensure we can host this event on a regular basis it will be a 20 spot for the overall winner.
Prizes will be paid out via Pay Pal or Cash App.

How To Register For a Series

For now the only way to register to enter into one of the blind racing series is through the BSG Discord. You can just head over to the Forza Motorsport channel and say you’d like to enter into the series along with your gamer tag. If you don’t want to put your gamer tag in public you can DM me (BSG_Smoke) on discord. You’ll also want to add me on XBox when you register since I’ll be hosting the lobbies. My gamer tag is bsg_smoke on XBox.

The actual Series and Stream

We’ll be holding all series on a Saturday stream at 8:00pm eastern. Everyone will have to be there and ready to get into the races shortly after 8:00pm eastern. During the stream we will complete the entire series of races with short breaks between each track.
This time may change in the future, but for now this is the best time to hold them for us and also for everyone who may potentially be Joining.

Future Series Changes

If you have any ideas on how the series can be improved, or ideas for future series don’t hesitate to let us know. This will change over time as we all play the game more, and become more competitive. None of the rules and settings are locked in stone, and suggestions are welcome.

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