4th singing competition song order, prizes,and special performances

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Only two more sleeps until the 4th BSG Singing Competition stream goes live on the BSG twitch. Submissions were open for over a month this time, and we got a nice even 60 entries between 3 categories. Now comes the hardest part, waiting until July 15th at 4:30pm eastern when we can all finally listen to everyone’s entries for the first time. Read on to find out when, where, and how much money we are giving away; along with the randomized order we are using to listen to everyone’s entries. Good luck to everyone,and read on for all the details

Quick Info

Detailed Stream & Competition Notes

The stream will kick off on the 15th of July at 4:30pm eastern. This is when we’ll be going live and getting to everyone’s songs. The song order is later in this blog post, and that will be the locked in listening order on stream.
There are a lot…and I mean A LOT of songs. Bring snacks, maybe a full meal or two, get ready and let’s make this stream one to remember!
We are giving away a total of $560, and the prizes break down like this.
first place in both the good & bad category $100.
second place in both the good and bad category $75.
third place in both the good and bad category $35.
fourth place in both the good and bad category $25.
fifth place in both the good and bad category $15.
best duet $20.
Smoke & Hannibal’s wild card prizes $15 each.
Most creative prize $10
After we listen to all the entries we’ll announce the winners at the end of the stream. I have the contact info for Each person who submitted, and if they win a prize I’ll reach out to them through the same means they submitted their song to get their preferred payout method. This could be anything, paypal, zel, venmo, Remitly, game credits or gift cards, whatever the winners want as long as I can make it work.
We won’t be judging people based on their recording quality, but their performance. This doesn’t mean sounding exactly like the original, but putting on a memorable and outstanding performance for the chosen song and giving the listeners that emotional reaction to your abilities. This doesn’t mean the song has to be emotional itself, but that the performance has to be great, believable, memorable, and outstanding.
If all goes to shit at the end, and me and Hannibal have to fight it out to award the prizes. We may lean on the opinions of chat, so make sure to make your opinions heard, but try and be respectful of those in the good category who are putting themselves out for everyone to hear.
we don’t have an official drink for this stream since some got tummy aches from too many Piña Coladas last time. So just make sure to have what ever you prefer on hand. Whether it is a cocktail, a few beers, a Seltzer, a hard cidar, or some corn dogs, get something cold to kick back with.

Playlists Of The Original Songs

We clearly cannot listen to the covers until the stream on the 15th, but listening to the originals is perfectly okay and encouraged. If you want to know what is coming up on stream and what to expect you can use either the youtube or spotify playlists below. I did everything in my power to make these as accurate as possible, but not all songs are on both platforms.

Special Performances Just For The Stream

We are going to have two special songs for everyone to enjoy on stream. These aren’t in the competition, they are only for fun.
The first will be me and Hannibal doing our duet of hot in herre by Nelly. This song won the auction where people could bid on what song we have to cover, and there won’t be a pair of panties on after we are done with this one!
The second special treat will be a triet(yes I still know triet is not a word so don’t message me letting me know) with myself, Hannibal, and Sarah Joyce Ocampo.
This competition we are going back to our roots. The three of us are going to combine our powers to cover Waka Waka This Time For Africa by Shakira. It has been a long time coming, but it is time to shake the world with this much requested cover.

Content Warning

We are normally a comedy gaming stream, but for this we are replacing the gaming part with music. We are quite R rated simply because this is how we are as humans, and we don’t change on stream. We tell jokes, we have some drinks, and most of all we are about having a good time. If you don’t normally listen to our streams, just let the regulars in chat ease you into our craziness. The whole point is to have fun, so grab your drink of choice(or corn dogs), stop by, and join us for the ride.

The Stream Listening Order

I numbered everyone as they submitted their songs. Then after submissions closed I split the list of the entries into three different lists of good, bad, and duets. Each one of the lists was then randomized with random.org’s list randomizer.
Then i wove together the good and bads for an evenish spread. every two good songs will be followed by a bad category song. And after every second bad category song there will be a duet. This worked out almost perfect, except for the last group of good songs, there are 3 in a row there instead of two.

1. Saviour II by Black Veil Brides (covered by Rhiannon)

Category: good
Saviour II on YouTube.
Saviour II on Spotify.

2. Writing’s On The Wall by Sam Smith (covered by Naday)

Category: good
Writing’s On The Wall on YouTube.
Writing’s On The Wall on Spotify.

3. White Christmas by Bing Crosby (covered by Arvie)

Category: bad
White Christmas on YouTube.
White Christmas on Spotify.

4. Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti by Christina Aguilera (covered by Glein)

Category: good
Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti on YouTube.
Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti on Spotify.

5. River by Bishop Briggs (covered by Lady Kai)

Category: good
River on YouTube.
River on Spotify.

6. Video Games by Tenacious D (covered by Alan)

category: bad
Video Games on YouTube.
Video Games on Spotify.

7. A Whole New World by Peabo Dryson and Regina Belle (covered by The Pinoy version of Jasmine and Alaladin)

duet members: Jasmine and Alladin
Category: Confused
A Whole New World on YouTube.
A Whole New World on Spotify.

8. Babalik Sa’yo by Moira Dela Torre (covered by Jessel Saysonn)

Category: good
Babalik Sa’yo on YouTube.
Babalik Sa’yo on Spotify.

9. Broken Vow by Lara Fabian (covered by Jean Mary)

Category: good
Broken Vow on YouTube.
Broken Vow on Spotify.

10. Listen by Beyoncé (covered by Keeyelle)

Category: bad
Listen on YouTube.
Listen on Spotify.

11. A long and lasting love by Crystal Gayle (covered by Ada)

Category: good
A long and lasting love on YouTube.
A long and lasting love on Spotify.

12. Like a Stone by Audio Slave (covered by Rai)

Category: good
Like A Stone on YouTube.
Like A Stone on Spotify.

13. remember the time by michael`~ jackson (covered by no_vision69)

Category: bad
remember the time on YouTube.
Remember The Time on Spotify.

14. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (covered by The Savage End)

Duet Members: Savage and Blue Armageddon
Category: Confused
Thhinking out loud on YouTube.
Thinking out loud on Spotify.

15. believe by ella Henderson (covered by Svenja)

Category: good
Believe on YouTube.
Believe not on Spotify.

16. Like My Father by Jax (covered by Luna Soleegne)

Category: good
Like My Father on YouTube.
Like My Father on Spotify.

17. creep by radiohead (covered by Blurry)

Category: bad
Creep on YouTube.
Creep on Spotify.

18. Truth be Told by Matthew West (covered by Sam Tupy)

Category: good
Truth Be Told on YouTube.
Truth Be Told on Spotify.

19. Happier by Ed Sheeran (covered by Blue Armageddon)

Category: good
Happier on YouTube.
Happier on Spotify.

20. El me mintio by Amanda miguel (covered by Katy Bobadilla)

Category: bad
El me mintio on YouTube.
El me mintio on Spotify.

21. Always by atlantic (covered by dark cupids)

Duet members: dark monster and dark ninja
Category: Confused
Always on YouTube.
Always on Spotify.

22. Hero by Enrique Iglesias (covered by Alexandra)

Category: good
Hero on YouTube.
Hero on Spotify.

23. My heart will go on by Celine Dion (covered by Rica)

Category: good
My heart will go on on YouTube.
My heart will go on on Spotify.

24. Seven Years and Fifty Days by Groove Coverage (covered by Ileto)

Category: bad
Seven Years and Fifty Days on YouTube.
Seven Years and Fifty Days on Spotify.

25. Tattoo by Jordin Sparks (covered by Malia Suhr)

Category: good
Tattoo on YouTube.
Tattoo on Spotify.

26. Dance With My Father by Celine Dion (covered by MsCris_JDK)

Category: good
Dance With My Father on YouTube.
Dance With My Father on Spotify.

27. La Bamba by Los Lobos (covered by TBlaze)

Category: bad
La Bamba on YouTube.
La Bamba on Spotify.

28. Because of you by Kelly Clarkson (covered by Allie and Malia Suhr)

Duet Members Allie and Malia Suhr
Category: good
Because of you on YouTube.
Because of you on Spotify.

29. Arcade by Duncan Laurance (covered by phoenix)

Category: good
Arcade on YouTube.
Arcade on Spotify.

30. Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John (covered by RG Sayson)

Category: good
Can You Feel The Love Tonight on YouTube.
Can You Feel The Love Tonight on Spotify.

31. Fkn Perfect by Pink (covered by Blind Boss)

Category: bad
Fkn Perfect on YouTube.
Fkn Perfect on Spotify.

32. She’s all I wanna be by Tate McRae (covered by Alexa C)

Category: good
She’s all I wanna be on YouTube.
She’s all I wanna be on Spotify.

33. The Willow Maid Song by Erutan (covered by Leara)

Category: good
The Willow Maid Song on YouTube.
The Willow Maid Song on Spotify.

34. No Creo by Shakira (covered by Gruntok)

Category: bad
No Creo on Youtube.
No Creo on Spotify.

35. A Whole New World by Alan Menken (covered by x0 and Lauren)

Duet Members: x0 and Lauren
Category: good
A Whole New World on YouTube.
A Whole New World on Spotify.

36. Solo Tú Only You by Luis Miguel (covered by La piedra filosofal)

;Category: good
Solo Tú Only You on YouTube.
Solo Tú Only You on Spotify.

37. In between by Beartooth (covered by Michael)

Category: good
Inbetween on YouTube.
Inbetween on Spotify.

38. I lost on Jeopardy by Weird Al Yankovic (covered by The Evil Chocolate Cookie)

Category: bad
I lost on Jeopardy on YouTube.
I lost on Jeopardy on Spotify.

39. Snap by Rosa Linn (covered by Caoimhe)

Category: good
Snap on YouTube.
Snap on Spotify.

40. When There’s No-one by Marin Mazzie (covered by Steph)

Category: good
When There’s No-one on YouTube.
When There’s No-one on Spotify.

41. Climax by Usher (covered by Buddah)

Category: bad
Climax on YouTube.
Climax on Spotify.

42. mor del Bueno + Todo Cambio by Reyli Barba + Camila (covered by JP & Captain Earshot)

Duet Members: JP & Captain Earshot
Category: good
Amor del Bueno on YouTube.
Amor del Bueno on Spotify.

43. All I ask by Adele (covered by Lauren)

Category: good
All I Ask on YouTube.
All I Ask on Spotify.

44. Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus (covered by SJ)

Category: good
Angels Like You on YouTube.
Angels Like You on Spotify.

45. Llevo en mi pecho los colores del America by Carlos Reynoso (covered by dacas666)

Category: bad
Llevo en mi pecho los colores del America on YouTube.
Song Not on Spotify.

46. Arrancarmelo by Wos (covered by Stefany Lascano)

Category: good
Arrancarmelo on YouTube.
Arrancarmelo on Spotify.

47. War Inside Of Me by Zillion (Covered by Steven Crouch)

Category: good
War Inside Of Me on YouTube.
War Inside Of Me on Spotify.

48. My Love is Here by Erik Santos (covered by Renz)

Category: bad
My Love Is Here on YouTube.
My Love Is Here on Spotify.

49. Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross (covered by RG & Jessel)

Duet Members: RG Sayson and Jessel Sayson
Category: good
Endless Love on YouTube.
Endless Love on Spotify.

50. Lass mich los by Benne (covered by Sophie Al)

Category: good
Lass mich los on YouTube.
Lass mich los on Spotify.

51. Keep on walking by Salem al Fakir (covered by JuliaDK)

Category: good
Keep on walking on YouTube.
Keep on walking on Spotify.

52. Roar by Katy Perry (covered by Chaka Belle)

Category: bad
Roar on YouTube.
Roar on Spotify.

53. underneath your clothes by Shakira (covered by Daine G)

Category: good
underneath your clothes on YouTube.
underneath your clothes on Spotify.

54. Help by Tina Turner (covered by Olga Victorio)

Category: good
Help on YouTube.
Help on Spotify.

55. you drive me crazy by britney spears (covered by Dark monster)

category: bad
you drive me crazy on YouTube.
you drive me crazy on Spotify.

56. Rabiosa (english version) by Shakira ft. Pitbull (covered by PBJ)

Duet members: Buddah and Princess J
Category: Confused
Rabiosa on YouTube.
Rabiosa on Spotify.

57. Toxic by Britney Spears (covered by Twinny)

Category: good
Toxic on YouTube.
Toxic on Spotify.

58. Closer by Joe Inowe (covered by Angie Ochoa)

Category: good
Closer on YouTube.
Closer on Spotify.

59. Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift (covered by Precious)

Category: good
Never Grow Up on YouTube.
Never Grow Up on Spotify.

60. Through the Rain by Mariah Carey (covered by Savage)

Category: bad
Through the Rain on YouTube.
Through the Rain on Spotify.

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