Hannibal’s Back

Back again!

1 year gone

What on earth did I used to write about? Like have any of you gone back and read any of that old shit…some of it is almost insane.


Did anyone actually miss my brain words being spilled on to the Internet?
This is a question I actually don’t care about. But for me this blog was always just a fun way for me to share opinions and thoughts with anyone who cared to read them.
With that in mind I am back.

Where Have You Been?

If my math is correct it has been exactly far to long since I last wrote anything on this blog.
That is to say my last post that you can find before this one was posted on December 19 2022.
I used to write on here every week. that got pushed back to once every 2 weeks. which became never.
Now I could give a long list of reasons why I stopped writing. Got lazy, started playing Mist World and ran out of things to say would all be on that list.
Now in fairness they were all true when I slowed down and stopped but I am feeling a need to write again.

My return

Honestly this post is nothing interesting. this is basically me saying I stopped writing but now I am going to write again. I know…very exciting, and I am using far to many words to say what I just said in 1 sentence.
Thanks to the encouragement of a very special person, along with my own wish to write more; I have decided I am going to make an effort to put new content here at least once every 2 weeks.
I am also aware that the massive gap in posts on this blog means I am unlikely to get the traction I once had, but hopefully I can dive back in to games and music and write about new things, old things and everything in between.
If topics exist that you would like my opinion or take on you are always free to send me a message…somewhere. Who knows…I am a creatively bankrupt person, so I might just take your idea and run with it.

The plan

So my aim will be to write something to do with gaming and something to do with music every month.
For gaming I will probably either review something newish, or talk about something in gaming I either haven’t written about before. or that I have written about in the passed that I think I can revisit.
Going back through the old blog posts I have written, I realized some of them might need updates. The years have changed my opinion on certain things and I can absolutely revisit them.
As for music that will likely just be the old album reviews. I might even branch out and do things that aren’t just metal. But probably not.

Final thoughts

So even though I am going for once every 2 weeks. if you are reading this article fresh of the press on the week it is posted, I will be posting again the following week. Trying to get things out there.
Stay tuned for what ever it is I write about next week.

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