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5 Questions!

Remember the days of sitting around in a bar debating things? Remember when you couldn’t just pull out your phone and end a spirited argument in 3 seconds. No me neither but still.


I find myself at 2 in the morning unable to sleep and a little spaced out on med’s.
So I chucked on the new amon Amarth album and thought time to write an article.
Looking through my junk folder I found a bunch of articles I never finished. So I am going to smash them together in 1 random article.

Crazy Party

Simple question for my crazy Party fans out there. What is better, battle or mini games?
If you said mini games you are right. If you said battle better luck with the next question.
Alright yes this is entirely opinion based.
But fuck you mini games are so much better!
To much working out goes in to enjoying battle. OK I have to build a deck. oh my deck doesn’t work. I guess I have to fix it. But I can’t have just one deck because if I have only 1 deck any one that knows my 1 deck will kick the shit out of me.
So many fucking cards!
Seriously both can be fun and there is no actual better thing.
But for the sake of this article mini games wins lets move on!

Pineapple on Pizza

Really? Did I really just include this. Yes the answer is of course pineapple can go on pizza!
You can argue oh but the texture doesn’t work. I don’t like Pineapple. It would kill me if I eat it.
The fact is that the flavour of Pineapple improves the taste of ham and cheese if the pieces of pineapple aren’t to big and there isn’t to many.
Did you just call it a fact Hannibal? Yes I did. Fight me it is a fact!
But Isn’t this just another opinion thing?
If you haven’t worked out that this is pretty much what this article is by now that is on you.

What came first the Chicken or the Egg

Well speaking from a scientific stand point I would guess the egg.
But I don’t really like eggs and I love KFC! So I want the chicken first please!

Is a Hotdog a sandwich

This was originally going to be an article Smoke and I were going to work on. I don’t know what happened to it. So I will just address it here.
The fact is if you think of a hotdog as a sandwich something went wrong and you need to look at the choices you have made through out your entire life.
A sandwich has 2 pieces of bread with some sort of filling inside. a hotdog has a single bun. If your bun is in more than 1 piece you are doing hotdog’s wrong!
Case closed!

Should we delete the dice game Pig from existence?

Apart from not knowing how we would do this. The answer is yes!
Fuck this game and everything it stands for!
Its stupid its pointless and if you enjoy it go sit in the corner with the people that think hotdog’s are sandwich’s and think about what you’ve done!


Bring me a hotdog!

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