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We can all look at the grass and say it seems greener over in his yard. The fact is it doesn’t matter where the grass is greener as long as the grass is growing.


So it has been pointed out to me that the BSG Blog has a reputation for being a negative place. Now I can’t for the life of me work out why that is but if it comes to me I will let you all know.
But this gave me an idea for an article for this week. This is both sort of a joking article but also a serious article so I am not really sure what this is. Enjoy.

The Glass is half something

We all no this age old problem. Is the glass half empty or full? The simple fact is the answer is who fucking cares? It doesn’t matter if that glass is half empty or full what matters is what is in the glass and can it make a difference to you.
For example if you were on fire and needed to put it out. I am guessing it would make little to know difference is that glass was full of say oil. Not exactly a helpful substance. However half a glass of water might make a difference.
So what is the point you might ask. Good I am glad you did. Actually I’m not this was the joking part of the article and I actually didn’t really have a point.
I guess if I had to give this a point it would be this. Don’t be so easy to decide if it is good or bad. Sure you can say everything is shit or good. But why not find out all you can before you decide.
Right lets move on to a more serious matter for this article.

You can do anything you want to do

As a blind person I have heard this phrase from many people in my life. The funny thing is usually this comes from people trying to get me to do things I don’t want to do.
I would also like to point out that for every person I have heard say this very few if any actually mean it.
I can’t tell you how many times I have heard you can do anything and know you can’t do that from the same people.
Now I will admit at the age of 24 I have never really tested this. I haven’t exactly pushed myself to do things that I thought might be difficult. This year I set out to make some changes and finally something came across my path that did seem like it might be harder as a blind person to do.
Now I have heard of and new it was possible to take trips on ones own but I mean I have hardly left the house on my own, so flying an hour up the east coast of Australia to visit some one seemed like a task that might be beyond my ability.
But I really wanted to visit this person so finally I said fuck it and booked the flights.
Now the short version of the story is that it all went well. I got there and back perfectly fine as you would imagine it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and really I didn’t need to worry.
So why even bring it up. That comes from the reaction of my mother. She is the person that through out my life has been the one to tell me that yes you can do anything you want to. 3 weeks before I was to go to Brisbane she showed nothing but dislike for the idea. Any time it was brought up she would just say no, you can’t do it.
So this was very confusing to me. The one person who always told me I could was now the one telling me know. This left we with doubts that were hard to shake off. Thankfully my wish to take this trip was grater and finally my mother did come around and ended up driving me to the airport.
So where does this leave us. Well that is actually quite simple. My point from all this is, If you want to do something just try.
I won’t be some one that says you can do any thing because fuck knows you might not be able to do literally anything you want to do in this life. But you know what if you don’t try you will never know. I sure as hell know that I have missed things that might have been fantastic experiences because I was to afraid to try. I am thankful this recent trip wasn’t one of them because It was one of the best weeks of my life.

Motivational Quotes

I am pretty sure it is a law that says I have to include motivational quotes at the end. Wait there isn’t a law. well fuck it I am doing it anyway.
Achieve and you can believe.
Should this be around the other way. No, no it shouldn’t. If you achieve something you can than believe in yourself to achieve more. it works.
Don’t say that this isn’t a word it is so fuck you! Did I really just include an inside joke that like know one will understand. Yes yes I did.
IF they are all out to get you your not paranoid.
See they coming for you. Your not crazy it is them who is crazy. dam them. dam them all to hell!


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