fixing Literally any Broken Electronics


Lets get that shit fixed!

Warning the following may turn you in to an Expert at fixing broken computers, Smart Phones, Tablets and much more.


I can’t tell you how many times on games, twitter, forums probably and other places I have seen some one asking for help fixing a problem on a computer or Smart phone.
It goes something like this.
Some fuck with a problem says something like hey guys I have a problem with my computer can any one help me.
Some helpful cock says something like maybe what’s the problem.
Now these two cunt’s as well as several other cunts begin discussing the problem with the original fuck being as unhelpful at giving information as they possibly can.
Finally some cunt googles the problem and finds a fix exactly what the first cunt should have done in the first place.
So I have decided to make a 5 step guide on fixing any problem you might have in the future.

Turn it off and back on again

Honestly this works more often than most of you like to admit. But that’s not really that funny.
So when in doubt turn it off and back on again. If that doesn’t fix the problem first time try again. Repeat until problem is fixed if however after say the seventh try it isn’t fixed move on to step two.
Note if your device has nothing plugged in continue to step three.

Unplug it and plug it back in

This step works best on computers on a power supply but can be helpful right down to a phone with a charger plugged in.
So if you have switched that fucker off and back on again a few times and that hasn’t fixed it try turning it off and unplugging it. It can be helpful to blow in to the ports before reconnecting it all again and turning that fucker back on.
This will surely fix your problem but if not continue with your steps.
Remember at this point you are likely to be boiling with rage so smashing a few plates or glasses to let off some steam can help at this moment.

Just hit anything

So the thing is back on but this problem is still here. What are you to do. Well it is time to just start hitting fucking anything.
Alt Control 9.
Shift control space.
Just anything, what about commands you no the function of though?
Fuck it hit them to they might fix it.
Now I can guess at this point you are thinking that will never work.
But hey it fucking will I promise nine times out of ten if the first two steps don’t work this will, probably.

Yell and get violent

Remember that the power of your vocals can have a marked effect on the internal structure of your device. Yelling the louder the better can actually fix many physical and by extension electronic issues you might be having.
If this doesn’t work you may need to use a device kick start also known as a punch.
An open palm or solid kick can have the same effect.
Remember that rage is needed to give the best in all of these so remember to channel your anger in to your yelling and physical violence!

Drop it out a window

Finally the gravity charging system is probably the most effective way to bring function to your device.
A good solid toss out an open window preferably from a grate height will turn your broken device in to a fully functional if a little scratch paper weight.
For best effect third floor window or higher and on to concrete.


This article is a joke and I am not to be held responsible if you are being badgered by friends and family to fix various devices thanks to your newly attained information on fixing broken computers and such.

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