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In the age of digital download I am proud to say that this is an album that on the day of release I walked in to a store and purchased a physical copy. Alright it was the day after but the rest is true.


This is a review of what I am not ashamed to say just might be my favourite album of 2018 so far. with only a few months to go I think it will be hard to top this album.
Name: Evolution,
Artist: Disturbed,
Released: October 19th 2018,

First Thoughts

So normally my first thoughts are written down track by track than I talk about the album as a hole. This time I have decided to do first thoughts. than a track by track break down and finally final thoughts.
So taking this album at face value the first thing that strikes me is that the title Evolution is well deserved.
Many bands talk of shifting sound or changing what they do. The result is usually an album the fans hate. However I think even the most extreme Disturbed fan can find things to like about this new album.
While Disturbed signature sound can be heard on several tracks they have brought new elements to the table on this album and the result is a fantastic album that is an excellent listen from start to finish.

Track by Track Breakdown

01: Are You Ready:
This was the first song released from this album and it is a fitting first track. It is both exactly what we have come to expect from Disturbed but also a question that you can’t fully appreciate until you have heard the full album.
02: No More:
This is a call to stop and think. It is about the blind masses who follow with out asking questions and just agreeing. This is all set to a catchy instrumental. It is a brilliant song and one of my personal favourites on this album.
03: A Reason To Fight:
Here we have the first example of an evolution in sound for Disturbed. A stunning acoustic opens this track with soft clean vocals making up the first verse. The full band join in from the first chorus. The song has a deep message about supporting those with addiction. This song never gets to heavy musically but the lyrics paint a picture of strength in a time when many need help.
04: In Another Time:
Two songs in a row about addiction. This time it is about the addiction the world has with social media. This is a song about how we all seem glued to our online lives and don’t live life any more. The song itself is simplistic but its message is clear and powerful.
05: Stronger On Your Own:
I imagine this song would have some real kick live. It is a perfect filler track for the middle of the album. It is about how we must know who we are alone and to our selves to help us know where we fit in with every one else.
06: Hold On To Memories:
This is a stripped back semi Acoustic track that is done fantastically! From start to finish this is one of those beautiful songs that is not only a powerful message but is performed brilliantly with out being to in your face. It is all about living your life to the fullest while remembering those who you have lost so that they aren’t forgotten.
07: Saviour Of Nothing:
This is really a nothing song. It isn’t bad it just doesn’t really stand out. Its message isn’t anything more than the title of the song and musically it is nothing special.
08: Watch You Burn:
This is an interesting song. It feels like a song that was written to be heavy and than they stripped it back and made it softer. Strangely this seems to work for it. Its semi acoustic feel is nice and it is a fun song.
09: The best Ones Lie:
Honestly the title says it all for the lyrical themes of this song. However this has one of my favourite instrumentals on the album. It hits hard and fast and has some fantastic guitar work through out.
10: Already Gone:
This is the final track on the standard addition of the album. It is a Ballard that speaks of death and coping with loss. It is a powerful track and it suits the end of this album.
11-14: Bonus tracks:
I decided just to talk about these together. 4 tracks that don’t really add allot to the album. First up a live version of the song The Sound of Silence. Featured on Disturbed’s 2015 album this cover is performed with Miles Kennedy.
After that 2 original songs that I think are fitting bonus tracks. Both are good songs but really aren’t as good as the 10 songs that made the standard album. Finally a remix of the opening track Are You Ready. It isn’t as good as the original and I really don’t know why it exists.

Final Thoughts

Having listen to this album 5 or 6 times now from start to finish. I have to say I like it more and more with each play through.
Lyrically I think it would be up with the best of Disturbed’s work while musically it shifts from soft and acoustic to nice and heavy it brings out the best in the entire band.


I think it will come as no surprise that I rate this album very highly!
9.5 out of 10.

Top three songs

If you would like to get a taste for this album here are my three favourite songs.

click to listen to No More.

click here to listen to a Reason To Fight.

Click to listen to Hold On To Memories.


I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have albums specifically of metal or rock bands you would like to see reviews for let me know. If you have listen to the album let me know your favourite track.
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