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The inside joke

Honestly this article is really some sort of open letter. Something to the people who feel the need to judge others for doing the same sort of shit they do.

An Inside Joke

Everyone that has friends know those inside jokes you develop between friends. They can be between you and just 1 other person. Or they can be the kind of thing that a group of people says or does when they are around each other.
In online communities these come up allot. The kind of things I am talking about are all over. I have been on to plenty of Teamtalk, Ventrilo, Teamspeak and discord servers over the years. Every single one has at least 1 inside joke shared between the members that hang around.
During my time in places I have heard all sorts of stuff from, quack, balls, spaceship, ruff, seashell and plenty of others.
All of these things have had back stories in some form or another. Smoke even wrote an article here on this blog talking about this very concept when he gave a history of balls.

The problem.

Surely Hannibal didn’t just write an article about inside jokes? Well, no this is actually about the reaction of people to these jokes.
Look when you play online games or venture in to other circles some times these jokes can follow you. Now this is fine. More people might here the story and suddenly even more people are quacking or saying balls.
So where does the problem lie? Simple in the fucking dumb cunts who are willing to have their own little jokes but judge others on the little jokes they have.
I have met 1 to many judgemental fucks out there willing to just discount entire groups of people because of 1 completely innocent word. Yet you spend enough time with them you find they have a word or phrase that is the same fucking shit!


Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up. Stop being judgemental. And if you don’t have anything nice to say. fuck off, or write a blog! Because as we all know, You can only tell people to shut the fuck up and be nice on the same line if you are writing a blog.
Honestly what I’m trying to say is please stop being so judgemental especially to people you haven’t taken the time to get to know. We are all part of these communities. We have all got things that are good about us. We also have those things that will get on others nerves. You don’t have to like everyone. But you don’t need to discard people on basically nothing.
So remember the next time you are on a game or a chat service and some one says something you find a little strange. Don’t just discount them. Cause you might be missing out on the chance to get to know some one who could turn out to be amazing!


Rant over, Balls to you all. and hannibal out. quack!
Oh also. laurel!

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