Why Does This Exist


What the Actual Fuck!

I don’t know why this exists. I am saying sorry now but hey this is what happens when you don’t have any good ideas. You ask some one and end up with this.


So between writing this article and posting it. I actually came up with a better idea. But apparently some people were so interested in this crap here it is anyway!
So basically I was looking for ideas and asked some one who was stoned. This is the result of that.
So hang on to your genitals! Or if you get consent some one else’s and lets go.

Do dinosaurs still exist?

Now I will admit I was quite young when I first saw the documentary on dinosaurs titled Jurassic Park but I am pretty sure that documentary says it all. Clearly some where dinosaurs must still exist otherwise. Why would they have made that very informative film.
Now some of you might be scratching your heads saying Hannibal that wasn’t a documentary. But it was only a few years ago that I was on a ticketing web site and saw a show titled walk with the dinosaurs. Now I didn’t go to it, I didn’t even bother reading the description. But a show with that title can only mean dinosaurs exist or I call false advertising and I refuse to believe that it was that.
If any one still doesn’t believe me, to you I yell science in your face and move on.

Eskimo Pussy

Honestly I know basically nothing about the fine Eskimos. As for the genitals I honestly don’t know. Do they shave? I would guess not. They live in like ice houses and shit and I mean if getting your tongue stuck to a frozen pole is bad imagine getting your pussy stuck to it. Plus just the general cold the hair down there would probably keep them warm.
Unless of course this was meant to be about cats. Do Eskimos keep pets? Again I don’t know, they might. I would guess they eat cats. I have nothing to back that claim up with but fuck it I’m saying it.

What is the worst type of bug?

Mosquitoes is hands down the worst of the worst. They are flying mother fucking vampire bugs that can spread diseases and if I can go back to my point about the dinosaur documentary I am pretty sure a mosquito had something to do with the dinosaurs existing in the first place.
Like I am not saying god does or does not exist here. But if you want piece of evidence number fucking 1. Why would he have made such a terrible little shit to plague the earth!

Who would win in a fight?

Buzz verses ElectaBuzz!
Ok so this is an interesting question. Buzz for those who don’t know is a Canadian player of Swamp. ElectaBuzz for those who don’t know is a pokemon.
OK so who would win. I honestly don’t even know wear to begin. I mean Canadians are in to hockey and that shit can get fucking rough. But on the other hand they also say sorry allot so perhaps they are a little more meek then the hockey would suggest.
On the other hand electaBuzz is a Pokemon and I know nothing about its size or stats. But based on the name I will assume it is an electric type and while human skin is not very conductive if it can like shoot lightning Buzz might be fucked here!
So in the end I’m putting my money on something else because why would I bet on an imaginary fight.

The Difference between a Teepee and an Igloo

Now I could have done some research and made sure this section was 100% right. But instead I am just going to state things like facts and hope that I am right.
A teepee is a type of tent, Probably in the shape of a pyramid and first used by native Americans. An igloo is a house made of ice in a sort of circle shape and used by Eskimos.
So what is the difference? Honestly I think the only thing they have in common is that they are a form of shelter. They are made of different things, by different people, in different shapes and possibly at different times.


Don’t ask some one high for blog ideas. Or do either way.

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