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Correct use of Forums

Ok kids sit down Hannibal has a lecture for you today. No not on history and certainly not on biology. Well maybe if we have time at the end. No today we will be talking about forums.

Lets get Started

Yes forums those sess pits of fuck nuggets and dumb cunts. The places full of useful information as well as useless pricks.
Forums can be a fantastic place to get information on many different topics. They could be the perfect solution. Could but aren’t.
While many people use forums just fine. So many people just can’t seem to hide the dumb fuck inside and let it shine on the forums.
So here ladies and gentleman I present to you a few things to keep in mind before you jump on and write on a forum.

Spoiler warning

Look you might all stop and say hey, If you are on a forum some times spoilers need to be posted for answering or asking questions.
You are correct in saying that. Some times they do need to be posted. But here is a little tip. Start any post that contains spoilers with the phrase spoiler warning. or just spoilers a head. or anything like these 2 examples. Just something to let an innocent reader know that if they keep reading that post they might get a piece of information they might not want yet.
For some it might not matter. But for many of us we really enjoy learning about games as we play. We might find ourselves stuck on something and might check the forums to see if it is a bug. So out of respect just write spoiler warning. Failing that go jump of a metaphorical bridge. Don’t jump off a real bridge that would hurt or be fatal and I don’t want that.

Asking Questions

Now Hannibal you are taking the piss now mate. Questions are what forums are all about. [For those who don’t know taking the piss means having a laugh or having a joke] Yes I know questions are what forums are for and for some of us that is fine. Just go post your question. hope some one answers and we are all happy.
But for some of you stupid mother fuckers you just can’t seem to get this write. so I have 2 gripes here.
First for the love of god make sure your question hasn’t already been asked recently! Now don’t get me wrong I know some forum threads can get long. I certainly wouldn’t ask you to go through 156 pages or over 2500 posts to see if your question is in there some where. But please at the very least go back and read the last 2 pages. Fuck I have on more then 1 occasion seen the same question posted twice or more on the same page of forum posts. That means some fuckers out in this wide world were to lazy to read a dozen fucking posts! This is not rocket science people, Just make sure your question isn’t so recent people are likely to see the same bullshit twice on 1 fucking page!
Secondly I have some bad news for you, Who ever told you their is no such thing as a stupid question lied to you. Lied right to your face. Because not only are some questions stupid they are completely bat shit stupid! Look if you don’t like games fine. But if you can’t be bothered playing them for yourself why play at all. If you feel the need to leap on to a forum for every second task in the game for the solution perhaps you should check your reasons for wanting to play the game in the first place.
So to get to the point here. Just have a little think before you post your questions people ok. Thanks.


Ok this is a super simple one. Just don’t be a fuck nugget! Honestly it is that simple. Yes some of these things that I am writing about here are annoying. But if some one is really annoying on the forum just ignore them.
If all else fails and you really want to rage at some one, My advice sit down take a deep breath and if that doesn’t help. Become a blogger because then you can pretty much say what you like if you make a general thing instead of a direct attack.

Crack games

What if I don’t have the money right now. That is fine when you do have the money you can buy the game and play it. But what if I am not sure if it will be worth it? Fair enough then don’t play it. But what if I want to play it but don’t think it is worth the price? Oh then your a fuck head and no one cares what you think.
The audio games community is small. We have to support developers if we want new and better games. So don’t spit in the face of them and their hard work by posting on the forums asking for cracked vversions, free keys to unlock the games or work arounds so you don’t have to pay.
If you don’t think it is worth the price then don’t pay it and don’t for god sakes play it.

Be nice to developers

Developers are literally the life blood of this community. With out them we wouldn’t get games and would have nothing to do. So don’t be posting bullshit about them because you didn’t get your fucking way!
Now while writing this article some one pointed out that issues have come up in the past about developers doing the wrong thing or people not agreeing with what a developer does or says.
To that I say that is fine. I am not talking about facts. If you don’t like what a developer has done or said, If something has come up you truly believe the community needs to know about. By all means post it.
But be factual in your posts. and if you don’t have a good reason like you didn’t get your way. You didn’t get picked for testing or you found a bug and it didn’t get fixed right away. or you got banned for cheating. Don’t be a prick. accept the fact and move on with your life. This world is filled with enough shit heaps with out you adding to it!

Correct Topic labels

Something simple to end on. When creating a topic on a forum just have a good think about what the post is about. Don’t write sexy hot babe looking for some fun on a thread about how hard school can be. Be honest and straight forward about your thread. and if it is likely or you plan to talk about spoilers. Like I said above just let people know before the fact.


Special thanks to Quacker for help with the idea for this article as well as some of the ideas listed here.
So class have we learned something new today? Class? Class? Oh right this is a blog post not a live Q and A. Hmmmm any way. Look in the end it doesn’t matter to me. I was turned off forums quite some time a go for these reasons listed above. But let me know in the comments any thing I might have missed.

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