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How to Rage Quit and The Effects on A Gaming Community!

This Article is in 2 sections. The first is a an attempt to make light of Rage quitting by describing how it is done correctly. The second half is my take on people who do it and is by far the biggest rant I have posted on this blog. Language warning because lots of swearing a head.

Introduction to the Rage Quit

Rage quit a term most of us know if you have been in the online gaming community enough. But for those who don’t know. A rage quit is when some one leaves a game part way through usually because they are losing. But on a rare occasion it is because the other players or team members are being cunts. While I don’t condone people being cunts this article is about the people who leave because they are losing.
This Article came about because in the last few weeks I have been playing a lot of online Crazy Party and been a bit on QC and RS games. On all 3 I have been subject to these Rage quitters so now I am here to talk about them.
But first how do you rage quit effectively. Lets go through the steps.

The Art of Rage Quitting

Step 1: the work up. This is the part of rage quitting that is not always the players fault. Here the other better players have started winning. and our friendly rage quitter is well losing. Now he could take this time to reflect how he could take the time to be better. Take this loss as a learning experience and move on. But sadly this is not the case.
Step 2: Justification. This is the part when our little Rage Quitting player reflects that it isn’t because he or she is bad at the game. But clearly the other person has to be cheating. In fact clearly every other player is cheating. They are all working together probably to try and make them leave. Yeah that is what it is, they don’t want me to play so I will just leave so they can have cheating fun with out me.
Step 3: the final straw. That is it I should have won that round. Even though I died 11 times in 3 minutes and got negative 9 points no way can they have beaten me. Fuck this I am out. In fact this part can come with messages to other players a long the lines of fuck this, bullshit, fuck you, cheating fucks and so on.
Step 4: Optional, this is the step in which you can attempt to get other players banned or just send abusive messages instead of going off and learning to you know not suck at games.

ok fun time is over

Lets speak openly here. good chance says a lot of people have rage quit at some point. We have all been that nube in a game. Some times it can be hard losing all the time. But here is the honest truth. If you can’t get past that it isn’t because of other players it is your fault. And if you are rage quitting every game, Hey guess what it is your own stupid fucking fault your not getting better. Learn to play the fucking game dip shit!
I can’t tell you how many times I have been playing a game and 15 minutes half an hour even more some times in to the game the cunt I am versing losing fucking leaves!
If you can’t enjoy a game while losing and winning don’t fucking play in the first place!
I mean that very literally, If you honestly can’t just enjoy the game I don’t want to play with you at all!
Oh but Hannibal my connection dropped. Funny isn’t it that your connection only ever drops when you are losing. Never when your winning. or doing something to help yourself. No always when you are fucking losing. Yeah I fucking remember dick weed!
But it is no fun once I am so far behind I can’t win. Really does your game change if your points get to fucking low does it. Funny mine doesn’t. How did you get this amazing game that changes so? I would sware that it is still the same fucking game just with you in fucking last and not god dam first!

What about Teams

Right so a bit of advice for you. If you don’t like losing. If you plan to leave the second your team starts losing take my advice. Go find a nice corner to sit in, take 3 deep breaths, then make a fist and go fuck yourself!
I like winning to don’t get me wrong. But some times in games in which teams are random you get put in a team that isn’t very good. So just suck it up remember winning isn’t everything and just enjoy the game and know that you might even be helping this people get better at the game.
If you can’t do that I refer you to my comment about going and fucking yourself.

Please remove your head out of your anal Cavity

Right let us now talk about the true scum when it comes to rage quitting. In a pile of shit this is the stuff even flies won’t go near. It comes in 2 forms.
1 is that of the cunt that likes to brag about how fucking good he is and how they have never lost a game. But when you go to verse them suddenly they can’t back up shit! So they rage quit half way through. This prick gets double points if they talk about how leaving half way through means they still haven’t lost a game. Either way this flying pile of shit stain isn’t worth my time.
The other is the fuck stick that cheats to get good and brags about it. But when they find some one who is better then them even with cheats they rage quit. A fist is to good for you go find a rusty knife and fuck yourself with that.
These sad sorry excuses for gamers need to remember the world doesn’t revolve around you, So get the fuck over yourself and shut the fuck up!


People will read this article and take it all as a joke. Yet others will read it and say I used to much bad language for it to be a good argument. But some will read it and understand how fucking annoying this bullshit can be. While I have tried to slip in jokes and such. This problem can actually effect people wanting to play games. So remember the next time you go to rage quit, Think about other people. think about what it might mean to some one who might not win in some things to get a win here. At the very least just think how nice it would be to not be a total fucking cunt!

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