The Launch of a $100 Singing Competition

Good or Bad We Don’t Care, Come Take Our Money!


Hannibal and myself have devised what we think is the greatest idea in the history of BSG. A singing competition with a $100 prize! This won’t be like any other singing competition you’ve seen before, we’ll be encouraging both great and horrible singers together, because both can be enjoyed equally.
Here at BSG we appreciate both those who can and those who cannot sing, as long as they are self aware for the latter. Some people would disagree with this statement based on the “Why Do All Blind People Think They Can Sing” blog post, but that is more about being self aware, not the act of singing. Hannibal has released 3 covers which are objectively horrible, and I’ve enjoyed them as much as listening to someone with an angelic voice. Because of this we’ve decided to launch this singing competition. Read on to see how fun and amazing this is going to be, and how you can win $100.

Quick details

Prize: $100.
Who can enter: anyone (not just blind singers)
Genre: any genre at all.
Judged by: Smoke & Hannibal on stream.
Entries open until: October 31 2021 at 11:59pm eastern.
Type of music: Cover songs only.
Everything else covered in the rules below.

How This Came About

After the stream on Saturday we participated in some post stream shenanigans…this is code word for drunken chaos with streamers and listeners. After it died out me and Hannibal were talking about the meaning of life among other things, and somehow we got to singing.
At this point divine intervention took hold, and we somehow got talking about not only singing, but making a competition. I was still a bit buzzed, so the details are fuzzy, but I wrote down notes, and these notes (also known as our singing commandments) will now form the greatest singing competition ever organized.

How IT Will Work & Judging

This is the part of the competition we want to make different from others. Every singing competition simply focuses on those who impress them with their singing talent, but there is much more to offer when it comes to singing, and we want to highlight both sides of the singing coin.
Everyone has heard that cover artist and thought to themselves that the cover is better than the original. These great singers are encouraged to enter, and introduce us to their vocals, there aren’t enough of you guys out there putting music on the internet.
On the other hand…what about those who are bad and know they are bad? Hannibal self-describes his singing as being horrible, but nevertheless he has released three covers which have brought so much joy to everyone who listens. You don’t enjoy it because it is good, you enjoy it because it’s so not good, then you laugh and are amazed that it is a thing someone did.
We feel that something that is completely not good can be enjoyed just as much as something that is amazingly done. There are a lot of people out there who can amaze you with their voices, and there are also those who can sing so bad they make you enjoy it for a completely different reason. This can be a touchy subject, and for this reason we’ll be judging people based on how they submit their cover song. They can choose to be in the good singing category, or they can choose to be in the bad singing category, but both will have the chance to win the $100 prize for being the best. The best will be that singer who wows us with their vocals, or with their lack of singing to the point that it makes us giggle. Whoever has the biggest effect on us will be the winner!
Hannibal’s Beautifly bad cover of It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls
In the beginning of November we’ll do a Saturday stream where we listen to each of the songs and talk about them. This won’t be a gaming stream, it will only be for the enjoying of great and not great music. We will be listening to each song for the very first time on stream, and the winner will be announced at the end.

The Rules & How To Enter

$100 prize to the person who does the best, or best worst cover song.
The person submitting classifies their song as a good cover, or a good bad cover. This way we know how to listen to the song.
Only cover songs: This is so we can relate to the song, and so we have a base to go off of.
The song has to be a recording just for this competition, not a previously released cover song.
Don’t put aggressive effects on your voice, less is always better. We want singing, not covering up the singing.
5 minute maximum length: This is so we don’t have a 15 minute song to take up all the length of the stream.
This is about enjoying people’s covers and having fun, so we won’t be making fun of the submissions flagged as good.
We will need a minimum of five submissions for the stream to be scheduled, if we don’t get 5 there will be no stream or competition.
amine will listen to the song to make sure it is playable, so we can truly listen to each song for the first time on stream.
You may get bonus points for artists like pink, Shakira, any 90s pop, or Disney music.
If you can’t mix your song on your own, send both the musical backing track and the vocal track to me. Quacker (@hibarra_music) has agreed to mix for people, then he’ll pass it along to me.
submission is done by sending a downloadable link to smoke. this could be through Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other file sharing website.
DM the link to @bsg_blog on Twitter.
Join the BSG discord and DM Smoke#2503
Send it via email to

So what are you waiting for? Do you want the easiest $100 you’ve ever made in your life? Whether you have the voice of an angel, or the voice of a Hannibal you’ll be appreciated, and you’ll be bringing joy to everyone who hears it. We need at least 5 people to send in songs to go forward with the stream and the competition, so don’t think about doing it. Do it!

If you are feeling kind make sure to share this post far and wide. The more people who enter the better it will be for us and for everyone listening. There are share links for Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit at the top and bottom of the post.

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