The 2nd BSG Singing Competition With Two $100 Prizes!

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Last year we came up with the greatest idea in the history of BSG. A singing competition with a $100 prize. Now the time for the second singing competition has arrived, and we have increased the prize pool, split it into two categories, and tweaked it to make it better for everyone! this won’t be like your generic singing competitions, we enjoy the cover songs sang both by good and bad singers. The first singing competition was such a huge success, and we can’t wait for the second one to kick off on June fourth. Read on for all the new changes, and to find out how you can win $100, $30, or $20 in one of the categories.

Quick details

Two categories: $100 max for good category and $100 max for bad category.
prizes: Scale depending on how many people join, $10 for each person who enters, with a max of $100 in each category.
Who can enter: anyone (not just blind singers)
Genre: any genre at all.
Judged by: Smoke & Hannibal on stream on June 4th, 2022.
accepting song submissions starting with the release of this blog post.
Entries open until: May 31 2022 at 11:59pm eastern.
Type of music: Cover songs only.
Everything else covered in the rules below.

How This Came About

A lot of people liked the first BSG singing competition, and you can read all about how that one came about in the blog post announcing the first singing competition.
The first competition was so much fun for us, those who entered, and for those who just showed up to enjoy some music. I’m also a firm believer that everything can be improved, and a few days after the first competition, after all hangovers were gone Myself and Hannibal both took notes on how we could improve the competition. That along with input from those who participated encouraged us to split the competition into two separate categories, and to allow a prize for both good and bad singers separately. Now we are here, and the day of entering has arrived, so read on to see how to enter, what the rules are, and how the scaling will work.
Listen to the archive of the first singing competition here. (NSFW)
Check out some of the submissions from the first competition here.

How Will It Be Judged

this is where we keep the BSG singing competition unique. Yes it is about who can most impress us with their singing talent, but not only that. We also love bad covers here, and that is why we also want to showcase those who can’t singing belting their heart out to make us giggle.
We’ve all heard a cover song that makes us stop and say holy shit that is amazing. We’ve also all heard a song that makes us speechless due to how horrible it is. Both of these should be appreciated for the enjoyment they can bring, and that is our goal with the BSG singing competition. One can move you emotionally, the other can move you to press a Q-tip too far into your ear canal.
It is the choice of the person submitting to enter into the good category or into the bad category. Whichever they choose, that is how we will judge the song. If it is good then we are looking for that great cover that makes us sit up straight and feel something. The emotion, the intent, the greatness of a good song. In the bad category we want to be amazed, but for different reasons. We can’t sing, and we love to hear others singing when they can’t as well. Belt it out, be confident when you shouldn’t, and make us laugh.
Too many singing competitions take themselves way too serious. Everyone can listen to something and know if it is good or bad, the emotion, the talent, the feelings the song invokes. We aren’t the next Simon Cowell, we are some people who enjoy music, streaming, and some drinks. So there isn’t a checklist of things we’ll be looking for, that would honestly be silly. Sing your heart out either good or bad, and we’ll appreciate you and you may just walk away with $100!
Since we shouldn’t ever ask someone to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves, myself and Hannibal will be recording a new cover song, and debuting it on the second singing competition live stream as well, and it is going to be even better than the first.
Check out our cover of Whenever Wherever here.

The Two Categories & How The Prize Scales

As mentioned above there is a good and bad category,and for each category the first place prize is $100. In the good category there needs to be a minimum of 5 entries, and in the bad competition there needs to be a minimum of 3 entries for the category to happen. That’s 5 in good and 3 in bad.
For every person who enters the pot goes up by $10,and it caps out at $100 for first place. So if there are 5 entries in the good category, first place gets $50, if there are ten or more entries first place gets $100. We had well over 10 for the first competition, so this shouldn’t be a hard goal to reach. The same will happen for the bad category, only the minimum number of required entries is only 3. This is because we had less bad entries in the first competition, but we are hoping for many more in this one.
In addition to the scaling of the first place prize, there will be second and third place cash prizes given out as well, but only if we get enough entries for it to make sense. If there are 7 entries in the good category there will be a first and second place, if there are ten or more then we’ll add third place as well. In the bad category if there are six entries we’ll add a second place prize, and if there are 10 entries we’ll add a third place to the category.
This means the more people you can get to enter the better, since for each person the prize pool goes up. The max prize pool total is $300, and I’d like to give it all away, so share this out and talk all your good and bad singing friends to enter into the competition.

Special Surprises

Our cover of Whenever Wherever took the world by storm last year, and we’re planning on one-upping our previous performance. The exact song we’re going to be singing, and how we’ll be singing it won’t be announced quite yet, but trust me when I say it is going to be glorious. Keep an eye out on the @bsg_blog twitter account for more information.
In addition to me and Hannibal’s upcoming cover, there will be a second special song featuring the great and powerful Sarah Joyce Ocampo (SarahJoyceMusic). She honestly has the voice of an angel, and is the only person who has been forever banned from entering BSG singing competitions because of it. I have plans for her, and she assures me she thinks it will be fun…we’ll let everyone else judge that when the time comes. Again just trust me here, it is going to be absolutely amazing. You will laugh, maybe cry, and some will question their life afterwards. Check out Sarah’s performance on the first singing competition.
There may be a third surprise as well, but this one is by no means finalized. You’ll just have to keep an eye, ear, or phalange out to know what this may or may not be.

The Rules & How To Enter

If you submit your song then you are giving me permission to make it downloadable from BSG, or streamable via a link you provide after the stream. So many people wanted to download music from stream 1, but I didn’t get prior permission.
Grand prize in the good category: Between $50 and $100 prize for first place in the good singing category.
Grand prize in the bad category: Between $30 and $100 prize to first place in the bad singing category.
In the good category: with 7 submissions the second place prize of $30 is unlocked. With ten or more submissions a third place prize of $20 is unlocked.
In the bad category: with 6 submissions the second place prize of $30 is unlocked. With ten or more submissions a third place prize of $20 is unlocked.
The person submitting classifies their song as a good cover, or a good-bad cover. This way we know how to listen to the song.
Submissions are open as of the publishing of this blog post. I will stop accepting Submissions at 11:59pm on May 31, 2022.
The winner from the previous competition cannot enter, Sorry Naday.
Only cover songs: This is so we can relate to the song, and so we have a base to go off of.
The song has to be a recording just for this competition, not a previously released cover song.
Don’t put aggressive effects on your voice. Less is always better. We want singing, not covering up the singing. subtle effects are fine, but just don’t get carried away please.
A hard limit of 5 minutes maximum length on each song: This is so we don’t have a 15 minute song to take up all the length of the stream.
This is about enjoying people’s covers and having fun, so we won’t be making fun of the submissions flagged as good.
We will need either a minimum of five good submissions or 3 bad submissions for the stream to be scheduled, if we don’t get 5 there will be no stream or competition. Last stream we had 19. Lets have more this time!
amine will listen to the song to make sure it is playable, so we can truly listen to each song for the first time on stream.
You may get bonus points for the goddess Shakira, or for any song with lyrics about alcohol. We love to drink, and we love Shakira. Don’t judge us.
If you can’t mix your song on your own, send both the musical backing track and the vocal track to me. I will then pass it along to Quacker (@hibarra_music) who has agreed to mix for people again, then he’ll pass the finished track along to me.
After submissions are closed I’ll randomize the order of songs using, and publish the order in a blog post the week of the live stream.
submission is done by sending a downloadable link to smoke. this could be through Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other file sharing website.
DM the link to @bsg_blog on Twitter.
Join the BSG discord and DM Smoke#2503
Send it via email to


The singing competition is now in two categories (good and bad), and the more people that join the bigger the prize pool. Submissions are now open and close at 11:59pm on May 31, 2022. Pick that perfect song and either knock it out of the park, or beat us over the head with it. Either way join, sing, and shoot your shot at winning the easiest $100 you’ve ever grabbed. Share this blog post far and wide, get all your friends to join so we can all enjoy their voice. Let us introduce your sultry or satanic tones to the BSG audience, and lets all have a great time while we listen to some music!

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