Seven “deadly” Sins of Gaming


Seven Deadly Sins of Audio Gaming.

No this is not anything to do with the bible or religion. If that is why you are here you are going to be very disappointed.


If you are here for some metaphorical insight between Religion and gaming you have clicked on the wrong article.
The true seven deadly sins are very metaphorical. A code by which you should live and avoid burning in hell. This list is much more literal with its use of the word deadly.
This is the seven deadly sins of gaming. The sins twisted in awkward word play to refer to things that will actually kill you. In games.


I feel like I talk about getting better at games over and over on this blog. So why not start with the exact same thing.
Sloth will get you killed in games easier then anything else on this list.
If you are to lazy to practice and take the time to get better it will kill you. Over, and over, and over again.
Sure dying might be part of getting better, butt the less lazy or slothful you are, the better you will get and the less you will die.


This is where this list gets tricky. If I say you are only envious of other players and you should get better, I am basically saying the same thing as sloth.
But I realized that actually it isn’t your lack of practice killing you here. If you want what you are not ready for you will die. If you don’t understand mechanics but try and do it because others can. You will likely suffer from the Sin of envy.
Envy is a tricky one because we should always want bigger and better in games. What will kill you here is the desire for things you are not ready for. Know what you are doing before you deep dive in.


I realize putting greed and envy after one another on this list was a pore choice on my part. Either way here we are.
But while envy is the desire for things others have. In gaming I would say greed is wanting more then any other.
If you want to be the biggest and the best that is up to you. But in your quest to be the best remember that if some one has been playing a game for much longer then you catching up alone will take time. Push your self to hard to fast and guess what. You can die.
Get gold, points, coins, experience, levels, weapons, armor, ships, trains, cars, playing cards what ever it you want or need to get go for it. But remember that if you push to hard you will fall.


When I started this list I thought how the fuck am I going to tie something in gaming to lust that could get you killed.
Then I remember guys tripping over themselves to help females in games sometimes at the cost of there in game life and realized it was obvious.
Mostly guys but girls to. Remember lust for a person can get you killed. Stop thinking with your genitals for 33 seconds and remember that getting her a full set of a Apronic armor, or finding him that key for the door he can’t unlock probably isn’t going to get you Skype sex. or Team Talk sex, or what ever kids are sexing on these days.
Also forget your metaphorical dick measuring contest. Because guess what. You try and prove that you can provide everything she or he needs in game better then any one else. Suddenly you’re doing things that you’re unable to do and bam you’re dead.


This does not really belong on this list. The truth is it is not a sin to have pride. It is just funny as hell when some one talks a big game then can’t back it up.
This is especially true in games that have pvp and that is why I love this one so very very much. Don’t get me wrong I have been on the receiving end of death when my pride has got me killed.
But like for those who killed me when I talked shit, I know very few better feelings in games then showing a mouthy little prick who the boss is.
So remember back it up or you might just find your pride is your down fall.


So this is the only sin I put in a specific spot. Wrath or anger comes after pride for one simple reason.
Pride might be the reason you die once. It might be the reason you die twice. But if you find your self dying over and over in a pvp game. Chances are you have switched from pride to Wrath.
As you get more and more angry you try stupider and stupider things. Suddenly your dying even more and suddenly pride and Wrath has killed you in one game.


This was the hardest one to tie in to gaming. As most people might realize gluttony is normally to do with an over eating problem.
Now sure you could get to a point where eating gets you killed in a game but it isn’t really what I would think of as the problem here.
So how could I tie this in?
Then I realized that consumables are a thing in games. Like so many things these things are often over used or consumed in a fit of gluttony.
So suddenly if the game is changed and you can’t use these things you find your play style must change. With out your consumables you are fucked.
So you must learn to adapt or your mass consumption will suddenly leave you high and dry and boom your gluttony is leaving your cold dead corpse for others to loot.


So here I would like to reflect. When I started writing this article I wrote 2 possible introductions. The one I cut was all about how I didn’t think this article would be any good but I would write it any way.
Having completed it I am convinced that I was right. This wasn’t a good idea so I apologize to everyone who wasted time on this load of garbage. I promise something at least slightly better next time.


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