Revenge of the Undead review


Revenge of the Undead.
Review by Hannibal

I still carry a little PTSD from my time on Swamp. But never the less here we are playing another Zombie Shooter.


I hadn’t planned to get this game and try it out. But Sovs suggested I do it so here we are.
Quick side note. If you don’t know who sovs is find him on Twitter and tell him Hannibal didn’t say anything mean about him during this article.
Any way I thought after playing it I should put up a review so here goes.
Final note and please every one keep this in mind. These are my opinions and they don’t reflect the opinions of any one else at Black Screen Gaming.


Game: Revenge of the Undead.
Platform: PC.
Released: 2020.

What is Revenge of the undead?

Put Simply it is a 2d shooter built in a 3d landscape for reasons I haven’t quite figured out.
*Hannibal stop being rude*
Alright honestly it is a zombie shooter game.
You have a few weapons you can choose from for which you can buy ammo. You buy ammo with gold and you get gold by killing zombies.
you can run in any of 4 directions using the arrow keys and you can turn to any of the 8 major directions.
you can jump and climb both of which we will talk more about later, and other than that there isn’t much to the game.

Set Up

The set up is standard and pretty simple. Download game, unzip game. launch it by using the exe file.
How ever I am taking points because when I downloaded the game the Read Me file didn’t work. I understand that this has been fixed. but as I preach how important reading the read me is when you first start out. I think putting any form of game out with out a functional set of Documentation is a crime.
Also I had to make an exception because my anti virus deleted the exe the first time I tried unzipping it. I am getting so used to this happening I am not surprised but this feels like something that shouldn’t keep happening with games.


The controls really are very simple.
Arrow keys to move, Q and E to turn. Control to fire your weapon, R to reload, The number row to switch weapons, space to jump and a number of other keys to check various stats.
I don’t really have anything to complain about directly with the controls. I would like to see a key config added in future so that you can change your set up but honestly it doesn’t really bother me the way it works right now.

Game play

The game play isn’t too bad. It is functional, but if functional was good enough every game would be amazing.
The problem is…the game is a let down because of so many issues surrounding the core aspects of the game play.
The enemies provide a certain amount of challenge that seems to be something you can get better at with time. Get better at aiming so you aren’t wasting ammo and you can build up gold.
that allows you to buy better weapons and more ammo and a few other things.
I didn’t really play around with armor much, but it seemed to keep me alive some. By the time I could afford it I was getting better at avoiding the zombies.
I worry that as time goes on more things will be added that don’t serve any real purpose. I have clothes but I don’t know why. They don’t seem to do much other then just be there.
You also start with an axe that I don’t think I ever used. It was always much better to use the guns I had.
I am also not fully sure why certain places in the map are 3d. I climbed up on the roof of the safe zone and didn’t really find any reason to be up there. Then I fell off.
But I am all for a 3d world if they use it to build fun maps to explore that offer interesting challenges. That doesn’t seem to be the case so far but I will give them time.

Why is Jumping a thing?

Ok we need to talk about something. Jumping is something that can go in to many types of games. But if you are building a game designed to hunt the undead with PVP also part of it.
Jumping does not need to be something you factor in. It isn’t needed and only people unskilled at gaming want it.
Now if you want to include it that is fine. But 3 simple rules need to be followed.
1: No jumping on PVP maps! If people can just hop around like bunnies what is the point of trying to shoot each other. Learn to fight like normal gamers and not like frightened little bitches!
2: and this is actually less important then the PVP thing. But make sure there is a point to it. Fences or walls to jump, places you have to jump across, areas that you climb up by jumping on ledges all fine. Don’t just put jumping in because you think it is a cool thing to have.
3: Make sure it is not the easy way out. If you can just start jumping to stop getting hit. your jumping is stupid! If I can jump on a game 5 tiles high. I expect enemies that can hit me 5 tiles in the air.
I can not stress how much I hate jumping in games where it doesn’t belong or has been put in badly. Put it in right or not at all!


I absolutely hate this inventory system. You press tab to go through your items and you press enter to use an item.
But the game puts everything you have in the inventory. I don’t need to see my gold in my inventory…that is just stupid!
You also have cans of nectar for health, which for some reason are in your inventory and not like a health pack which you would use like a weapon.
If you want to make your inventory system like this you can. But only put items that you need in it, or have a way to sort your inventory.


Like most things in this game I would like to say this was good but really it wasn’t.
It didn’t seem to work, it lagged badly and the map was very poorly designed.
I did only try it 1 on 1 but honestly I can’t see it being much better with more people.


I didn’t try this but you can drive in the game.
By the time I could have managed to get a car I was pretty sick of this game so I just didn’t bother.

Rating and final thoughts

If you want to try this game, and I doubt this review has made you want to. I honestly suggest doing it.
While I personally think this game isn’t very good and needs allot of work. I also think that given time it could be a good game. My biggest issue is I don’t really think it should have been released so early.
Developers need to work on games a little more before pushing them out in to the world. Flesh your games out and build up a solid foundation.
Either way this is what we have for now and that means I am reviewing it and giving it a score.
3 out of 10.


Have you played the game? What were your thoughts? Was I overly critical? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 Replies to “Revenge of the Undead review

  1. Hi,
    To reply about jumping, I actually made it so that when you jumped you could still be hit regardless. I’m not sure if you found this out yet or not, but thought I might throw it out there. Anyways thanks for the honst review.

  2. Thank you for playing this dumb shit so that I don’t have to.
    Also, I totally agree about the jumping and I’ve always felt the same way. If I’m ever working with a coder on a project where avoiding shots would be useful, I always suggest a diving mechanic with a cooldown instead, or at least ducking…

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