Mobile Gaming Month [part 2]

Crafting Kingdom


Mobile Gaming Month [Part 2] Crafting Kingdom

A land that is fair and true. A place lost in time. Where smithies rule with a peel of hammers ringing out. ok enough of that shit lets get on with it.


So here we are in the second week of mobile gaming month. Before I jump in I just wanted to address 2 concerns.
First for those asking about why I am reviewing older games. The answer is simple. Because I can! If you have a problem with that start writing your own dam blog posts about new mobile games and show me how it is done.
Secondly could the owner of the red Mustang parked illegally outside the building please move it before it gets towed.
To business. This week we are going to a land far different then that of mobile games. Although it is in a mobile game so go figure.
This week we are talking about Crafting Kingdom. I’ll give you all a moment to sigh at another stupid fucking review and another moment to those who are clicking away now despite the title at the top of the article.
So with out any more preamble or bad jokes, Lets us venture on to that kingdom of crafting.

What is Crafting Kingdom

Crafting kingdom is a game that I will admit I think is pretty stupid. It is also remarkably addictive.
The key point is you are working on building up a kingdom by crafting different items to sell.
As the game progresses the items you need to build up your kingdom will be more expensive to unlock and the amount of gold you will need will increase rapidly.

controls and Accessibility

So for a game that wasn’t designed for the blind the accessibility is remarkably good. For those who read my review of Woven Words this isn’t the first time I have come across this. But I actually think Crafting Kingdoms is better then woven words for its Accessibility.
Swiping left and right takes you through the options in any given area, a 1 finger slide up or down will go through important sections on any screen. and well apart from that it is just double tapping on things to make them go.
Not much more can be said. the controls are simple and effective.

Game Play

I’ll be honest here there isn’t exactly a hole lot in the way of game play in this game. When you start out you have 1000 gold and you can buy the lumber yard.
As you craft logs you will make money which you can use to unlock more slots to make more items. Unlock better items to craft. and well to be honest that is about it.
You just have to keep working your way up.
The game revolves around building up your estate. As you progress each level of the estate will need more and more items that are incrementally more expensive.
So in the end the game comes down to time and money management.
How ever features do exist to help such as quests or boosts. But more on that right now.

Boosts and Quests

Quests and boosts both offer a way to help you do things in the game faster. Either by making things cheaper, giving you more money or producing things faster.
Boosts allow you to make money quick or make things cheaper. To get a boost one has to watch a 30 second video but they then get a 10 minute boost. These boosts can range from just straight up giving you money. to reducing the cost of things. These are helpful especially at the start when you need a bit of free cash. Or later when you have lots of slots making the same thing and you use the boost for that specifically.
If for some reason you wish to use boosts more often you can have up to 4 boost slots right away buy paying a small fee of 8 Australian dollars. These boosts do stack however so it can make things much easier.
Quests are really interesting in this game. They have lots of very nice and handy rewards that can really help you as you progress. But like so many things they come with a catch. To claim any quest rewards you have to reset your game. Not exactly from the start but fuck it can feel like it.
You keep any work you have done on your estate and you also keep any rewards from quests. However all your money, items and areas that you have unlocked you will have to get all over again.
So is it worth it? Well honestly yes it really can be. Some of the rewards are really good and with out them it would take a very long time to reach some of the higher levels.

The Princess and the Treasure Chests

Honestly the princess is the biggest bitch and I blame her for every problem experienced in the land!
Let me explain. The princess gives you a gift every day but just once a day. See she sounds lovely right? The problem is that her gifts are just increasing sales prices. Now as seemingly the only person producing well anything in this land this is perfect for me. I am making all the money thanks to these gifts. But this bitch is the worst thing to happen to struggling family’s who can hardly survive since the black death.
I am of course kidding here. Bring back the black death! Did I really just call for the return of a plague. What ever lets move on.
In the end the Princesses gifts are very useful so go see her every day!
So who wanted to be a pirate when they grew up? Good me neither but I will admit I also didn’t want to be a farmer what exactly was my point here?
Oh right treasure chests that is a thing in this game. Honestly I don’t really fully understand why chests of gold just happen to be lying around. But I mean I am not complaining about free money so I mean I guess that is all I can say about them. It is free money.


It is so hard to see this game still being played by me in say 2 months time. But honestly it is hard to say. I have actually enjoyed playing for the last week, I can also say if nothing else what it offers it seems to do quite well.
8 out of 10

Final thoughts

Everyone I have a confession. So I originally wrote some other bullshit here about how it was a simplistic game and if you liked that kind of thing you might like this game.
I believe I covered everything reasonably well above however I can’t deny this game has a some what addictive quality I didn’t really see coming.
Even now as I sit here writing this my phone is sitting here as well, Allowing me to check on my game while I write about that fucking game!
This game is stupid and simplistic. However it is also addictive and I’ll be honest next week might just be a part 2 of this article in which I keep talking about Crafting Kingdoms because I don’t know if I will have the time to play another game.
So my final thought is. Just give in and go play Crafting Kingdoms.


I hope you all enjoyed this review. Leave a comment below if you have played Crafting Kingdoms. And get ready cause we have more mobile fun coming next week, maybe.

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