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What is a pod and why is it being casted anyway?


It’s 2018 and yet some people don’t listen to podcasts. I know it is quite amazing and rather confusing to those of us who listen every week. This post is just going to be a simple one where I self indulge and go through some of my favorites. Hopefully you haven’t heard of some of these and you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. There will be some big names in here you may recognize. Some of them I took a while to start listening to, I’ll explain why and my thoughts after downloading them. If you have any suggestions for me please leave them in the comments, I’m always up for listening to new shows.

What I Look For In A Podcast

This is quite simple. The host or hosts have to be interesting and the show has to make me laugh. I’m not going to listen weekly to anything that is dry and not entertaining. This seems quite straight forward but you’d be surprised how many boring un amusing shows there are out there. I know and understand my idea of what is interesting is subjective, for example I’m just not going to listen to a show about tech, but I’ll listen to one about hunting and fishing or construction. I’ve tried and I just can’t work up enough interest to listen to a Tech show…but that might be my only exception. If you have a tech show that I might enjoy feel free to drop it in the comments.

Best Ways To Download A Podcast

First thing is first, if you use or are thinking of using QCast just stop. Sorry but it is a dumpster fire and hasn’t been updated in years. Half the time a podcast won’t download or you can’t subscribe to it. A network I enjoy just changed hosts and because of that QCast won’t even accept any of their shows. The two best ways to download and listen are through the Overcast IOS app or through a component for Foobar called Pod catcher. I just recently started using this and it is hands down amazing for listening on your computer. It is easy to set up and the best thing is you can also choose to stream in a media player which many are already accustomed to. If you don’t use Foobar than maybe the app will work, or there might be a add-on for your media player of choice.
Get the Foobar Pod catcher component
Overcast on the app store
Sorry but I don’t use Android and don’t know what works best for it

My Favorite Shows

These aren’t in any particular order. I tried to list them in order but they are all slightly different than the others and ranking them from favorite to not so favorite was impossible. I only listen to shows I really like and these are all the ones I listen to every week.

The Big Podcast With Shaq

If you saw the movie Kazaam when growing up I’m so sorry, but this is nothing like that. In fact Jon Kincade is making fun of Shaq quite often about that abortion of a movie. This podcast is so much better than I thought it would be when first hearing about it. Out of curiosity I listened to episode one and two years later I’m still listening every week.
John Kincade is super white boy, and clearly Shaq is very black. They have a really fun time pointing this out to one another and making fun of one another while taking advantage of every stereo type possible. There isn’t any racism, just two friends shooting the shit and being quite funny in the process. The show sticks to a good format with some really funny segments like borderline and a game where Kincade and Shaq compete with one another in a game made up by their producer Rob Jenners.
The only negative thing I could say is it can be heavy on basketball talk sometimes. I don’t care for basketball nor do I watch it. It is so infrequent however that it doesn’t detract from the quality of the show for me.
The Big Podcast With Shaq RSS:

Startalk Radio

This is a great podcast hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson and various comedians. The most common comic co-host is Chuck Nice. The point of this show is to mix science with pop culture and it does a wonderful job. It has even been picked up as a talk show on the national Geographic Channel.
I don’t listen to every one of these episodes, but I do keep an eye on their feed and download any show that peeks my interest. You can learn allot of stuff including cutting edge science from listening. The comical side makes the show really easy to listen to and well worth downloading.
The best episodes for me are the Cosmic Queries, or popery as they sometimes title them. This is when people send in questions and Tyson answers them. These are more free form and really good. The other format is listening to an interview Tyson has done with a prominent figure in science or culture. There will be a guest in studio who is an additional expert in the field they are discussing to fill in any gaps. Also for anyone else who grew up listening to Bill Nye, he is a regular guest on the show.
Startalk Radio Rss:

The Joe Rogan Experience

I know most people have at least heard of Rogan. He is one of the biggest podcasts out there. I’ve known about his show for a long time, but it took some time before I gave him a listen. I didn’t realize how good the show was. For the longest time I thought the show was going to be just another stoner show, but it is anything but that. He has on some of the most amazing guests, and I mean that literally. I’ve learned and laughed more at Rogan’s podcast than just about any other show. If I was going to recommend one over all the others it would be this podcast for sure. I just can’t explain how truly good the show is.
He sits down for long form discussions with some of the most amazing people you have never heard of. One show you’ll learn more than you might in 10 college classes. The next show might be Joey Diaz telling stories about stealing cocaine from Whitney Houston, or getting locked out of his house and having to shit in his front yard. I can’t count the number of times I’ve started listening to a show I was certain I wouldn’t be interested in only to find myself 3 hours later enthralled with the topic and amazed. If you’ve never listened to the Rogan Experience you should for sure give it a listen.
The Joe Rogan Experience Rss:

Legion Of Skanks

Oh boy where to start with this show. The most important thing is don’t listen to this if you are easily offended, or maybe even if you are moderately difficult to offend because they will piss you off. This is the most politically incorrect and outrageous show I’ve ever heard. It is hosted by three comedians who are as bad as it gets. Luis J. Gomez, Big Jay Oakerson, and Dave Smith earn their title of the most offensive podcast on earth every week, and if it is your style they will put you in tears laughing. I never miss this show when it comes out. The most important thing to remember is they are comedians and are always pushing the limits and saying what you are not allowed to say. The show is also recorded on stage in front of a live audience which makes it even more fun. If it is up your alley this is a one of a kind show and it is always worth listening to. Just remember they are doing it on purpose, and being offensively funny is their intent.
Legeon Of Skanks RSS:

Meat Eater Podcast

This one is a little bit off the path of what most people might listen to, but for me it is one of my favorites. I don’t listen to every episode but I do listen to the majority of them. It is hosted by outdoorsman Steven Rinella who is the host of the TV show Meat Eater. This podcast covers everything to do with hunting and fishing with lots of guests who specialize in preservation, hunting, fishing, and everything to do with the outdoors. You can learn an amazing amount of stuff from this show as well, and it is funny but not in the standard comedian trying to be funny way; more in a natural way without trying. I’ve always fished and I use to hunt so this is a topic I’ve always been interested in. If you are too or if you just like the outdoors this might be a show you enjoy listening to. There are some really good stories told on the show, but if you aren’t into the topics you probably won’t like it all that much.
Meat Eater Podcast Rss:


This is a podcast produced and created by WNYC Studios. The two main hosts are Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, but there are also lots of regular guests on to tell their own stories as well. This is a very highly produced and really interesting podcast on every topic you can imagine. Each story is a very in depth investigative story in the style of audio journalism. This is the hardest show to describe, but it is by far one of the most well put together and interesting shows anyone could listen to. The episodes are not that long, and their schedule seems to be whenever they get a good story finished. I’ll put a excerpt from the Radiolab website’s about page below.

Since 2002, Radiolab has been devoted to investigating a strange world. Created by Jad Abumrad and hosted by Jad and Robert Krulwich, Radiolab has won Peabody Awards, a National Academies Communication Award “for their investigative use of radio to make science accessible to broad audiences,” and in 2011 Abumrad received the MacArthur Genius grant. The show has an archive of hundreds of episodes and has toured in sold out shows nationwide.

Radiolab Rss:

UFC Unfiltered

If you are even a little bit into MMA then this podcast will be one of your favorites as well. It is hosted by comedian Jim Norton and former champ Matt Serra. These two hosts have what may be the best chemistry of any two podcast partners. Not only is this show great for covering UFC news and amazing interviews, it is also funny as hell. Serra is a very unique and interesting individual easy to anger, but always in a comical way. Jim Norton is quick on his feet and never misses a chance to slip in a joke. Surprisingly Norton is also one of the best interviewers I’ve heard in the UFC world. This comes out twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday and I never miss an episode. This is by far my favorite UFC/MMA podcast to listen to.
UFC Unfiltered RSS:

The Philip DeFranco Show

Many may know of Philly D from YouTube, but his shows are also released as a podcast. He does a daily show that is about 15 or 20 minutes long covering an assortment of different news topics. The best thing about Philly D is his overall complete lack of spin on anything he tells. If he has an opinion on anything he clearly states it before getting into the story. He’s always accused by both sides equally of being partisan one way or the other, but this just tells me he is doing a good job. Sometimes his shows are to deal with YouTube news which not all will be interested in, but overall they are well worth listening to. If you already listen to him and didn’t realize you can choose to listen on your favorite podcast app, well now you know.
The Philip DeFranco Show RSS:

The Do Tell Ray Show

The main host of this is Ray Oldhafer who some might know from the Ace On The House Podcast, or from random shows on Spike TV with Adam Carolla. Long story short Adam Carolla is a dick and Ray started his own show. It is a home improvement show where people call in and send in video questions. I know that might not sound too interesting, but if you are into that sort of thing even a little you will like the show. It isn’t just answering questions, it is filled with parts that will make you laugh as well when they start getting into story telling mode. Also if you ever listened to Ace On The House but just couldn’t stand all the Carolla bitching this show is perfect for you. Ray may be one of the most unique people on earth,and he is just naturally funny in a on the job sort of way. He is joined each week by one of his long term friends Chris Boehm and producer Colin Cheer. I have always liked Ray from other shows and because of that this is one of my favorite weekly podcasts.
The Do Tell Ray Show RSS:

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

I don’t actually listen to this show anymore, but it may be something that others are interested in. If you ever listened to the old radio show Love Line with Adam Carolla and Dr Drew this is the modern podcast version of that. Adam and Drew sit down and take calls on any topic people call in about. Sex, drugs, relationships, everything you can think of is discussed. At the start it can be heavy on Carolla’s bitching, but if you get past that the show can be good. It comes out five days a week Monday through Friday and is a pretty popular show.
The Adam and Dr. Drew Show RSS:

Writing Excuses

This may be the one exception to my requirement of humor in a podcast. This show has its points of humor, but it is not that kind of show. This is hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, and Mary Robinette Kowal. If you write this podcast will teach you more than a 4 year degree, I promise, no exaggeration. My suggestion is to go download their old episodes starting with season one and listen through. I enjoy the earlier seasons much more than the recent ones. I haven’t even listened since season 11, but everything before that is unbelievably good. If you write you cannot continue without listening to this show.
Writing Excuses Season 1, Not a RSS:

Other podcasts that aren’t my favorites but might be worth listening to

About Last Night:
“Comedians Brad Williams and Adam Ray share crazy stories from their lives on the road. From sex, to sports, to booze, when a dwarf and a Jew come together the results are unpredictable but always entertaining.”
About Last Night RSS:

The Adam Carolla Show:
“Welcome to the Adam Carolla Show! The new home for the rantings and ravings of Adam Carolla. The Adam Carolla Show is the #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World. GET IT ON as Adam shares his thoughts on current events, relationships, airport security, specialty pizzas, politics, and anything else he can complain about. Five days a week and completely uncensored”…”Check it out as Adam hangs out with some of his pals like: Larry Miller, David Allen Grier, Dr. Drew Pinksy, Dana Gould, Doug Benson, and many, many more.”
Adam Carolla Show RSS:

MMA Roasted:
“MMA Roasted is a leading iTunes charting podcast centered around the amazing sport of Mixed Martial Arts…with a fun twist. Hosted by national headlining comedian Adam Hunter (Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show), Adam is joined by the hysterical The Greg Wilson and MMA Super Fan CB Gold. Adam interviews the biggest fighters, legends and up and comers in the world of Mixed Martial Arts” … “this unique and irreverent podcast will have your stomach hurting from laughter. Enjoy MMA or laughing? Or both? Then this is the podcast for you.”
MMA Roasted RSS:

Reasonable Doubt:
“World-renowned criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos reveals the latest in our nation’s most high-profile legal cases with podcast king Adam Carolla. In addition to examining how current law affects society, current events are brought to the forefront, as Geragos brings significant details from past and present experiences.”
Reasonable Doubt RSS:

The Dr. Drew Podcast:
“Dr. Drew Pinsky, board certified internist and addiction medicine specialist, takes listener calls and talks to experts on a variety of topics relating to health, relationships, sex and drug addiction.”
Dr. Drew Podcast RSS:

The MMA Hour:
“The MMA Hour is a weekly show that features interviews with the biggest names in mixed martial arts. It is usually longer than an actual hour, and it is hosted by Ariel Helwani.”

The New Sweet Science:
“How much fun do you have drinking with your friends discussing the UFC? That is what this show is. We don’t drink on every episode, but keep an eye out for our 2.0 episodes. Our show is available every Tuesday @8pm eastern. We have such passion for UFC/MMA.”
New Sweet Science RSS:

Why Didn’t They Laugh:
“An examination of Comedy, how it works, and why it sometimes doesn’t. Created and Hosted by Comedian/Pianist Owen Benjamin.”
Why Didn’t They Laugh RSS:

You’re Welcome:
“UFC Superstar Chael Sonnen speaks his mind and interviews MMA studs and legends. As Chael says “I do the thinking so you don’t have to. Listen, learn, and then follow me blindly as I show you the world as it ought to be.”
You’re Welcome RSS:


Maybe you will check some of these out and give them a download. Podcasts really are the best way in my opinion to download and consume entertainment. You can listen on your time whenever you want and at whatever speed you want. If you have any suggestions for me drop them in the comments and I’ll for sure check them out. I really am always looking for more good shows to listen to. I would also be interested to know what your top 5 most listened to shows are. As I wrote this I realized I have a interesting mix of different types of shows. I’m heavy on UFC/MMA but that is just something I’m interested in. Do folks listen to an assortment of different types of shows, or do they keep it to one or two topics?

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