December Monthly Updates, Streams, and Giveaways

this month is a wild one

So it is time for the monthly round up here on BSG. The past months have been taken up primarily by streams with some work on the main site, and this month is looking like more of the same. There may not be many streams this month because of Christmas and New Years falling on Saturdays, but the streams planned are going to be wild ones. Read on to see what has been updated, and what events are upcoming.

Site Updates

There hasn’t been a lot happening on the main site, but one section was completed since the last monthly update post. I’ve also been slowly working on a new media player for all audio guides on the main site, but that is a slow process, and it is going to be tedious as hell to complete. WE have some major back end updates we have to do next month, and that should be all the fun, but hopefully it won’t be noticeable for anyone visiting the websites.
The media player has been proving to be a pain in the ass to slap together, but thanks to Sito it has been made a touch easier. It will be out early next year if all goes well. I’m also using the update to make everything more streamlined for future changes. This way I don’t run into the same issues for future updates.
Hamada tells me we have to do some updating on the back end, and I trust his big brain. That shouldn’t be happening until January, and if all goes well there won’t be any hick-ups in the process. Nothing ever goes perfectly though, so I’m definitely looking forward to it…not.

Hades Section

I quietly released the Hades section on the BSG main site. You can visit it at It isn’t a complex in depth guides section, but instead it is a collection of resources with some quick guides to get someone up and playing. There is already a lot of content out there for the game, and I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Instead I just pulled together guides from other places and put links for them all in one place. There were also people like blind boss, Hamada, and others who gave me ideas for a FAQ section, so thanks to them.

The MK11 section

This section is perhaps the biggest headache of a section I’ve ever attempted on BSG. There was so much I wanted to do with it, but like with Hades there is already a lot of info out there. I have made it based on playing strictly by audio, and giving people easy to consume resources to help them with picking up and getting better at the game. I was going to make cut up explanations for all normals, strings, and specials, but after more thinking I don’t think I’m going to include specials. Strings lead to everything in MK, and I feel if someone can get those down they will be ready to play at a good level. They may come later for patreons on request, but as it is now I’m planning on writing the pages and releasing the section as it is next month.

Upcoming blog posts

Hannibal has been working on an updated end of the year countdown. He is going to revisit his top 10 games, and there have been some major changes. So keep an eye out for that post to be released to the internets.
There will also be a post coming out this month about how damn hard words are. Everyone can relate to this one, and it is time they are called out for their damn letter tricks!
I’ve had a post on invincibility in gaming for a while, but I haven’t released it. Like so many I’m not up to dealing with the incessant bitching that is sure to follow after release, but who knows, that may be out this month as well.

The Streaming & Events Schedule For December

Kitanye’s Monthly Blind MK11 competition on Friday the 3rd at 7:00pm eastern

This started out as a simple king of the hill, but now she’s going to mix it up to add some flavor to the stream. There will be a group of blind MK11 fighters going up against the sighted player Dave, and whoever can beat him 5 times first wins the entire pot.
Watch the stream here.

PGA Tour 2K21 on Saturday the 4th at 4:30pm eastern

The first BSG stream this month is going to be more relaxed. This is because the next two weekends are going to be a touch out of control. Myself and Hannibal are going to get out our clubs and go in search of little white balls, and maybe baby seals if we can find any. These streams are more relaxed, but also a lot of fun and something you’ll want to catch.
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Listen to BSG here.

Drunk Minecraft on Friday the 10th at 8:00pm eastern

This is a stream I do every two weeks with BlindSito on his twitch. We get way too drunk, then we play with blocks and get murdered by mobs in Minecraft. If you haven’t been introduced to whiskey sito yet, you have to come to this stream to meet him. We’ll also have the very special Minecraft Savant Cat Lady on this stream to carry us when we get too drunk to play.
visit BlindSito’s Twitch here.

Drunken MK11 KOTH of chaos on the 11th at 6:00pm eastern

We did the first of these back in October, and it was one of the funniest streams we’ve ever done. Myself, Hannibal, Sito, YourSins, and another will be all in a KOTH, fighting one another, getting way way too drunk, and talking all the shit. These turn into complete chaos, and are so damn fun to do. If you like laughing don’t miss this stream, knowing anything about MK11 is not required.
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Patreon Game Night on Friday the 17th at 8:00pm eastern

Patreon game nights are one of my favorite nights of the week. Everyone who is signed up on patreon is welcome to come to the BSG Team Talk server and talk some shit while playing cards and other RS or QC games. It is very informal, we just play some light games and chat it up for a couple hours. If you are a patreon and haven’t made it to one of these you are missing out.
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Christmas CP giveaway stream on Saturday the 18th at 4:30pm eastern

This stream is special for three reasons. First Blind Boss will be back as a guest. Second we are giving away $25 for whoever beats us in CP for the stream. Third we are doing a power hour on stream so it will be very easy to beat us. This means a timer will go off every minute, and when it does we must do a shot of beer no matter where we are in game. It also will have the intended effect of making us so very intoxicated, and yes out of control. Luckily Blind Boss is 100% on board, and she will fit right in…as long as she survives the hour.
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Book Club on the 19th at 4:30pm eastern

Books are good, and there is a BSG book club. This month we are reading Vicious Villains by V. E. Schwab. If you want to join the book club you can do so by contacting @CaptainHannibal or @BSG_Blog on twitter.

A stream of something on the 29th at 6:00pm eastern

We don’t know exactly what we will stream here, but it will be something. Mainly we just didn’t want to go two weeks without a stream, so we’ll be squeezing something in between Christmas and New Years.
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