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Aprone’s games and software : By Hannibal

Some times people make mistakes. This week my mistake was some how managing to delete the post I planned to write. So instead I will do a cluster fuck of reviews. Aprone has some amazing games and bits of Software on his site. So I will review all of them.

The Rules

Since I am annoyed that I deleted all my hard work. I will be doing something silly. So this will be a twitter review. Every thing will get only 140 characters for its review.
The name of the game won’t be counted as part of my 140 characters.
These will be in order as they appear on his site and don’t worry, I will include a link to his site at the end.

Cast Aways

Collect resources, manage your time, build shit, complete the tasks. Will you survive? Probably not.

Color Watcher

I’ve never tried this. does it work? Probably. I don’t have a webcam. I also don’t have much use for this kind of thing.

Coordinate Buddy

I used this just once. It seemed to work as advertised. Thumbs up.

Darkgrue – Game Book Creator

I’ve never used this. I was to lazy to read the description. So good luck!

Daytona and the Book of Gold

This is a remarkably fun game. That I completely suck at. I’ve only played for a bit. I look forward to playing more.

Dog who Hates Toast

If you have ever wanted to know what its like to trip on acid with out ever taking it. This is the game for you.


This was a game I really tried to play on several occasions. But I could never quite get in to it.

Obsessive Compulsive

This had an extra step in the download process. So I didn’t bother. Sorry Aprone.

Paw Prints

Have you ever wanted to watch a bunch of people die? me to, that’s why this game is so grate. [note they aren’t meant to die]


A little puzzle game that has the added bonus of using a robot arm to turn rats in to pulp.

Puzzle Divided

Math at its finest. Really enjoyable little math puzzle game.


Didn’t seem like something I would enjoy so I never downloaded this.


Add items to other items. This makes more items that can then be added to yet more items. Yes its as much fun as it sounds.



You’ve put in over 1 year 16 weeks 17 hours 4 minutes, playing Aprone’s Swamp! Nuff said.


I played this game while drunk. I don’t remember progressing much past opening the game.

Thumbnail wavs

This seems like an interesting way to sort files. But I never really had enough unsorted wav files to bother testing this.

Time reminder 2

For those with a Smart phone this would seem a little pointless. But it can be useful to have a copy hanging around.

Towers of war

I had a bit of fun playing this years ago on my old computer. Sadly I couldn’t ever get it to work on my current computer.

Triple Triad

Dominoes and Noughts and crosses fucked. The result is what ever the hell this game is. Although its pretty fun.


All the fun and excitement of managing a store. With out ever getting your butt off the computer chair.

Virtual brailler

If you like using braille this program is fantastic. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it.

Wade machine

I couldn’t get this to work. So fuck this program!

Weather program

See my comments on Time Reminder 2.

Is it Over?

Yes we are finally at the end. If you thought this was pointless. Well I can’t disagree. I hope some one, some where enjoyed this complete rubbish.
If you want to try any of Aprone’s games or soft ware you can get them all here.
click to open Aprone’s site in a new window.

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