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It isn’t Realistic!

I want a big gun like a really big one that can kill 500 enemies with 1 shot. But it has to be realistic and I should be able to hear every splatter of blood, but if I don’t like the sound I should be able to change it!


So this is a little bit of a rant mixed with just some honesty so a rant really.
Over the years I have been playing Audio games I can honestly say I have heard the phrase “but its not realistic” more times than I could count. Honestly I might not be able to count the number of times I have heard that.
So it is time for me to address some things about this concept.
I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

acceptable realism

So before I start ranting and raving the question is can you speak up and say that something isn’t realistic in a game?
Of course you can! Plenty of games have a realistic element.
If you spot something that is wrong or if you think of something that could make the game play feel more realistic nothing is stopping you contacting the developer and saying exactly that.
Simulators are a perfect example. These are meant to feel as real as possible.
So if it is possible to make them better by all means speak up.
But I have a few suggestions.
First be able to back up your claims. fucking hell I have honestly seen people say oh that isn’t realistic only to be proven wrong with a simple google search.
Second and this will take me in to my rant think about the game you are playing before you start shouting about things not being realistic!

Fuck off who cares if it isn’t realistic!

If you are carrying enough weapons to arm a small African nation and enough ammo to sink a battle ship. While running at full speed chances are the game you are playing isn’t realistic to begin with.
So stop yelling and screaming any time a change comes in that might not be super realistic.
Yes if a game developer puts in a change that makes things more realistic awesome you can be happy about that.
But screaming about realism when you are playing a Zombie hunting game is fucking stupid!
So am I saying you can’t say anything if you don’t like a change in a game.
No I am not saying that. I am saying come up with a good fucking reason or shut the fuck up!
Plenty of reasons might exist depending on the game as to why an idea might not work out in a game.
Maybe the idea wasn’t fully thought through and could have negative effects on certain aspects of the game.
Maybe the change was put in badly and it was full of bugs.
Maybe it wasn’t put in yet but you can spot a possible flaw in that idea.
All good reasons that you can stand up and say something.
Hey maybe you won’t be listened to. Maybe what you think or thought might happen doesn’t happen. But at least you won’t be the dick going but it isn’t realistic!


Like everything I write here this is just my opinion. Feel free to disagree with me!

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