The Great Cheese Robbery Review

Who Cut the Cheese?



Publisher: Pago Productions
Website: Official Webpage
Price: Free
Platform/s: Windows




As of this writing, this game is fairly new. It’s made by a new developper. I am always a little concerned when a new developper comes on the audiogames scene. I always ask myself a few questions. Are they able to make a game that doesn’t suck horribly? Do they have an original concept? I was pleasantly surprised to see that in fact this is a pretty original game concept. Text from the game’s website is below.


After several months of hard work, I am proud to announce the release of Pato Productions’ first audio game title, The Great Cheese Robbery! In this turn-based strategy game, play as an adventurous mouse who is attempting to raid a house where it has been said a cheese of mythical proportions lies hidden. Navigate the game board in one of five game modes by rolling dice, and do your best to get out alive with as much cheese as possible, all while avoiding the claws of the cat that roams the house and the traps meant to bring your adventure to a deadly end!



Initial Thoughts Before Playing


When I first saw this game I was a little annoyed. Fans of LWorks should know why. Great Cheese Robbery sounds very familiar to another title I created many moons ago. But, I was also very curious.




In brief you are a mouse who travels over a grid of 100 squares. IN esance it’s a board game. I love board games so playing this was really fun. The game boils down to luck. You have the ability to move backwards on the board, but you’re really limited by the roll of the dice. This is not a bad thing however. Most board games are similar. Roll dice and hope you get good rolls. The sounds are clever, and it’s really good for a first attempt. the game stays fresh by offering five game modes to play which vary up the rules quite a bit.




  • It’s a great little game to pass the time.
  • The sound design is clever. I winced when I was murdered by stepping in to a mouse trap.
  • It’s very simple to pick up and play.
  • it’s translated in to multiple languages for those who don’t speak English.
  • The game offers the ability to learn sounds and adjust the overall sound volume.
  • The game offers a dynamic environment when traveling through the house. You feel like you’re actually sneaking through a house with all of it’s dangers for a mouse.




  • The game requires you read a manual and offers no in-game help.
  • The game doesn’t seem to offer customizable access to screen readers. NVDA or Jaws is chosen by default.
  • The game being a board game offers very little to no strategy. This may be frustrating for some gamers.
  • Other than the five modes, the game doesn’t contain much replay value.




If you are looking for a fun board game to pass the time, this is the game for you. If you are looking for something complex, then keep on moving. This is a great entry from a new developer. I am very excited to see what their next project turns out to be.


Liam’s Rating: 8/10


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