The 3rd Singing Competition Stream order, special performances, song and participant listing

worlds longest singing competition stream ever


The time is nearly here, the time for the third BSG Singing Competition. Submissions were open for one month, and we received a total of 63, and we truly cannot wait until the 3rd of December when we all get to hear them for the first time together. This blog post will go over the schedule, the special surprises for the stream, and the randomized playing order of everyone’s songs. Read on to know it all.

Quick Info

The Amazing Sponsors of The 3rd Singing Competition

Lets not forget those who have made this competition possible with their decision to sponsor the prizes. I only reached out to people and businesses I believe in, and the best thing you can do to support this stream is support and shop with them this Holiday season.

First place prizes brought to you by Leonian Universe and the Yu-Gi-Oh Access Discord.
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Detailed Stream & Competition Notes

The stream will kick off on the 3rd of December at 4:30pm eastern. This is when we’ll be going live and getting to everyone’s songs. The song order is later in this blog post, and that will be the locked in listening order on stream.
There are a lot…and I mean A LOT of songs. Bring snacks, maybe a full meal or two, get ready and let’s make this stream one to remember!
We are giving away a total of $380, and the prizes break down like this.
first place in both the good & bad category $100.
second place in both the good and bad category $50.
third place in both the good and bad category $25.
Smoke & Hannibal’s wild card prizes $15 each.
After we listen to all the entries we’ll announce the winners at the end of the stream. I have the contact info for Each person who submitted, and if they win a prize I’ll reach out to them through the same means they submitted their song to get their preferred payout method. This could be anything, paypal, zel, venmo, Remitly, game credits or gift cards, whatever the winners want as long as I can make it work.
We won’t be judging people based on their recording quality, but their performance. This doesn’t mean sounding exactly like the original, but putting on a memorable and outstanding performance for the chosen song and giving the listeners that emotional reaction to your abilities. This doesn’t mean the song has to be emotional itself, but that the performance has to be great, believable, memorable, and outstanding.
If all goes to shit at the end, and me and Hannibal have to fight it out to award the prizes. We may lean on the opinions of chat, so make sure to make your opinions heard, but try and be respectful of those in the good category who are putting themselves out for everyone to hear.
The official drink of this stream is once again a pina colada, so get yourself some pineapple juice, some cream of coconut, and white rum; then join us in raising a glass to the beautiful singing competition participants. If you want some help making your pina coladas, here is the recipie I’ll be using from

Playlists Of The Original Songs

We clearly cannot listen to the covers until the stream on the third, but listening to the originals is perfectly okay and encouraged. If you want to know what is coming up on stream and what to expect you can use either the youtube or spotify playlists below. I did everything in my power to make these as accurate as possible, but not all songs are on both platforms.

Special Performances Just For The Stream

We are going to have three special songs for everyone to enjoy on stream. These aren’t in the competition, they are only for fun.
The first will be me and Hannibal doing our duet of WAP by Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion. This song won the auction where people could bid on what song we have to cover, and we are going to knock this one out of the park. There are indeed some hores in the house.
The second special treat will be a triet(yes I know triet is not a word) with myself, Hannibal, and Sarah Joyce Ocampo. This time we are combining our powers to cover We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Encanto. Why she keeps agreeing to sing with us for these is anyone’s guess, but she did it again. This one is going to be great and horrible in all the right ways.
Finally the last very special performance we have scheduled is a duet from last competition’s winners Buddah and Sophie. Since they cannot enter this time, I wanted to give them a chance to sing a song for the fun of it, and they both agreed. Buddah won in the bad category and Sophie won in the good category, so we are going to combine the last competition’s first place winners in a beautiful duet for the ages. The song they agreed to sing together is “A Moment Like This” by Kelly Clarkson. I’m not going to lie this may be the highlight of the entire competition, and I cannot wait for everyone else to hear this piece of art.

Content Warning

We are normally a comedy gaming stream, but for this we are replacing the gaming part with music. We are quite R rated simply because this is how we are as humans, and we don’t change on stream. We tell jokes, we have some drinks, and most of all we are about having a good time. If you don’t normally listen to our streams, just let the regulars in chat ease you into our craziness. The whole point is to have fun, so grab your pina colada, stop by, and join us for the ride.

The Stream Listening Order

I numbered everyone as they submitted their songs. Then after submissions closed I split the list of the entries into a list of good and bad covers. Each one of the lists was then randomized with’s list randomizer. Since there are more good than bad the first few randomized good songs are back to back at the beginning, and the last few are back to back at the end, but for the vast majority we will be alternating between good and bad each song. The below order is the same order we will be listening to the songs in on stream.

1. Sa nu mi iei niciodata dragostea by Holograf (covered by Andreea E)
Category: Good
“Sa nu-mi iei niciodata dragostea”, on YouTube.
“Sa nu-mi iei niciodata dragostea”, on Spotify.

2. Beer by PsychoStick (Covered by steven C)
Category: Good)
Beer on YouTube.
Beer on Spotify.

3. Waiting On A Miracle by Stephanie Beatriz (covered by The Evil Chocolate Cookie)
Category: Good
Waiting On A Miracle on YouTube.
Waiting On A Miracle on Spotify.

4. Ne Olur Anla by Murat Evgin (covered by kleiver r)
Category: Good
Ne Olur Anla on YouTube.
Ne Olur Anla not on Spotify.

5. Gratitude (Romanian version) by Brandon Lake(Covered by Emanuel Ion)
Category: Good
Gratitude on YouTube.
Song Not on Spotify.

6. Durch Den Monsun by Tokio Hotel (Covered by TomSings)
Category: Bad)
Durch Den Monsun on YouTube.
Durch Den Monsun on Spotify.

7. Faded by Alan Walker (covered by phoenix)
Category: Good
Faded on YouTube.
Faded on Spotify.

8. Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean (covered by Low Vision)
Category: Bad
Thinkin Bout You on YouTube.
Thinkin Bout You on Spotify.

9. Born For You by David Pomeranz (covered by Cris M)
Category: Good
Born For You on YouTube.
Born For You on Spotify.

10. Let It Go by Idina Menzel (Covered by Gruntok)
Category: Bad
Let It Go on YouTube.
Let It Go on Spotify.

11. Dni I Nochi by Babek Mamedrzaev (covered by Storm Productions)
Category: Good
Note: The actual song is in russian but is written in latin letters here
Dni I Nochi on YouTube.
Dni I Nochi on Spotify.

12. Everytime by Britney Spears (covered by Geralyn)
Category: bad
Everytime on YouTube.
Everytime on Spotify.

13. solar by Gala Brie (Covered by Diana Alc)
Category: Good
Solar on YouTube.
Solar on Spotify.

14. Creve Coeur 1 by Hobo Johnson (covered by BlurrySito)
Category: Bad
Creve Coeur 1 on YouTube.
Creve Coeur 1 on Spotify.

15. Lift Me Up by Rihanna (covered by Atheena Amaranthine)
Category: Good
Lift Me Up on YouTube.
Lift Me Up on Spotify.

16. Pony by Ginuwine (covered by TBlaze)
Category: bad
Pony on YouTube.
Pony on Spotify.

17. On My Own by Lea Salonga (covered by Jessel S)
Category: Good
On My Own on YouTube.
On My Own on Spotify.

18. Versace On The Floor by Bruno Mars (covered by Proxy)
Category: Bad
Versace On The Floor on YouTube.
Versace On The Floor on Spotify.

19. Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran (covered by Master Beat)
Category: Good
Give Me Love on YouTube.
Give Me Love on Spotify.

20. Be My Lady by Martin Nievera (covered by Akamaru)
Category: Bad
Be My Lady on YouTube.
Be My Lady on Spotify.

21. Here There and Everywhere by The Beatles (covered by the philosopher’s stone)
Category: good
Here There and Everywhere on YouTube.
Here There and Everywhere on Spotify.

22. Shalala lala by The Vengaboys (covered by Ileto)
Category: Bad
Shalala lala on YouTube.
Shalala lala on Spotify.

23. Neverland by Francely Abreu (Covered by Stefany L)
Category: Good
Neverland on YouTube.
Neverland on Spotify.

24. A Puro Dolor by Son By Four (covered by Animal Metal)
Category: Bad
A Puro Dolor on YouTube.
A Puro Dolor on Spotify.

25. Beauty & The Beast by Céline Dion & Peabo Bryson (Covered by Fatima Grace Escolta)
Category: Good
Beauty & The Beast on YouTube.
Beauty & The Beast on Spotify.

26. Love on Top by Beyoncé (covered by keeyelle)
Category: Bad
Love on Top on YouTube.
Love on Top on Spotify.

27. Through The Barricades by Spandau Ballet (covered by R. G. Sayson)
Category: Good
Through The Barricades on YouTube.
Through The Barricades on Spotify.

28. Chandelier by Sia (covered by 1fn)
Category: bad
Chandelier on YouTube.
Chandelier on Spotify.

29. Llora Corazón by José José (covered by Luismaster01)
Category: good
Llora Corazón on YouTube.
Llora Corazón on Spotify.

30. NSFW by Psychostick (covered by Mahdi Abedi)
Category: Bad
NSFW on YouTube.
NSFW on Spotify.

31. Girl Crush by Little Big Town (Covered by SilverMoon)
Category: Good
Girl Crush on YouTube.
Girl Crush on Spotify.

32. Never Enough by Loren Allred (covered by Lily)
Category: Bad
Never Enough on YouTube.
Never Enough on Spotify.

33. Still by Lionel Richie (covered by Lirin)
Category: Good
Still on YouTube.
Still on Spotify (live).

34. California King Bed by Rihanna (Covered by SJ)
Category: bad
California King Bed on YouTube.
California King Bed on Spotify.

35. Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers (covered by Dave B)
Category: good
Ain’t No Sunshine on YouTube.
Ain’t No Sunshine on Spotify.

36. I Love You Goodbye by Céline Dion (covered by Bentelog)
Category: Bad
I Love You Goodbye on YouTube.
I Love You Goodbye on Spotify.

37. Roll Some Mo by Lucky Day (covered by Ube)
Category: Good
Roll Some mo on YouTube.
Roll Some Mo on Spotify.

38. Two Less Lonely People In The World by KZ Tandingan (covered by Savage)
Category: Bad
Two Less Lonely People In The World on YouTube.
Two Less Lonely People In The World on Spotify.

39. Iesle Sfanta by Ami si Crista (Covered by Eli E)
Category: Good
Iesle Sfanta on YouTube.
Iesle Sfanta on Spotify.

40. All I Ask by Bruno Mars (covered by Jacky M)
Category: bad
All I Ask on YouTube.
All I Ask not on Spotify.

41. Si La Ves by Franco de Vita (covered by Sandokán)
Category: good
Si La Ves on YouTube.
Si La Ves on Spotify.

42. Let It Go by Idina Menzel (Covered by Blind Boss)
Category: Bad
Let It Go on YouTube.
Let It Go on Spotify.

43. If I ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys (covered by Promise)
Category: Good
If I Ain’t Got You on YouTube.
If I Ain’t Got You on Spotify.

44. Gettin’ You Home by Chris Young (covered by Hastur)
Category: Bad
Gettin’ You Home on YouTube on YouTube.
Gettin’ You Home on Spotify.

45. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls (covered by MaliaSuhr)
Category: Good
Iris on YouTube.
Iris on Spotify.

46. Sharp Edges by Linkin Park (covered by RaiBrian)
Category: Bad
Sharp Edges on YouTube.
Sharp Edges on Spotify.

47. Feaver by Peggy Lee (covered by Lady Kaianne)
Category: Good
Feaver on YouTube.
Feaver on Spotify.

48. Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down by Nancy Sinatra (covered by Your Sins)
Category: Bad
Bang Bang on YouTube.
Bang Bang on Spotify.

49. How to save a life by The Fray (covered by Julia S)
Category: Good
How To Save a Life on YouTube.
How To Save a Life on Spotify.

50. Lucky by Britney Spears (covered by DarkMonster)
Category: Bad
Lucky on YouTube.
Lucky on Spotify.

51. For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton (covered by Jean Mary)
Category: Good
For Your Eyes Only on YouTube.
For Your Eyes Only on Spotify.

52. Antología by Shakira (covered by Moonshine)
Category: bad
Antología on YouTube.
Antología on Spotify.

53. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (covered by maddy)
Category: Good
Hallelujah on YouTube.
Hallelujah on Spotify.

54. The Day You Said Goodnight by Hale (covered by John T. Dope)
Category: Bad
The Day You Said Goodnight on YouTube.
The Day You Said Goodnight on Spotify.

55. Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi (Covered by LPR)
Category: Good
Before You Go on YouTube.
Before You Go on Spotify.

56. Oops I did It Again by Britney Spears (covered by Doratskie)
Category: Bad
Oops I Did It Again on YouTube.
Oops I Did It Again on Spotify.

57. So Slow by Freestyle (Covered by twinny)
Category: Good
So Slow on YouTube.
So Slow on YouTube.

58. Being Alive by the musical Company (covered by Michael Johann)
Category: Good
Being Alive on Youtube.
Being Alive on Spotify.

59. Moon River by Richard Poon (Covered by Jeson C)
Category: Good
Moon River on YouTube.
Moon River on Spotify.

60. don’t cry for me argentina by Elaine Paige (covered by harrison)
Category: Good
don’t cry for me argentina on YouTube.
don’t cry for me argentina on Spotify.

61. Dive by Ed Sheeran (covered by Glein)
Category: Good
Dive on YouTube.
Dive on Spotify.

62. A Moment Like This by leona lewis (covered by Svenja)
Category: good
A Moment Like This on YouTube.
A Moment Like This on Spotify.

63. Surmayi Akhiyon Mein by K. J. Yesudas (covered by muskan)
Category: Good
Surmayi Akhiyon Mein on YouTube.
Surmayi Akhiyon Mein on Spotify.


That’s a whole lot of songs, and we are going to blow through them all. Some people have said do two streams…Hannibal even said do two streams; but I refuse. This is going to go down as one of the greatest BSG streams to date. A time when we forget about all the shit in the world and gather together to enjoy the music people have entered with. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the horrible will be appreciated, and we’ll all remember it as the longest damn singing competition stream we ever did. Make sure you don’t miss this one ’cause you’ll never see another like it.

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