Stupid Questions Return

Dumb and Fucking stupid!


Stupid Questions Part 2

Yes we are back. Apparently the sighted and to be honest possibly some blind folk are back with more stupid questions.

Round 2 fight!

Honestly I had an over whelming response to my first article all about the stupid questions people ask the blind community of the world.
I originally put up a tweet trying to get a few extra ideas. But even a day after I posted the first article I was getting people re tweeting with more dumb things.
I had several direct messages asking if I would actually write a follow up article. I ended up with so many ideas I thought screw it. Lets go for round 2.
So here we go again. More dumb questions with perhaps some responses or just some commentary.
Big thanks to every one on twitter who gave me more ideas and ask for a part 2.

How do you dress yourself?

Now I thought when some one said something about putting on a bra that was it. But know apparently the people of the world can drop another level down.
So some people are lost as to how with no vision we can manage the massive task of putting on clothes.
2 parts to this to dissect I think. First how do we put on matching clothes. Most of us would know by touch what item of clothing we are holding and can match appropriately. Some of us also cheat like me and only wear black. It is easy to make sure you are wearing the right thing when every item of clothing you own is black. But still.
Now a step farther is that some of these people might honestly not know how we physically go through the act of dressing ourselves. To them I say. I once put on a shirt over another shirt and then removed the under shirt in the middle of a crowd.
So fight me if you can’t work out how to get dress with no vision.

How do you get around?

So this is a question that I actually got in several different ways. From how do you get around. how do you get around so well. To how do you know where you are going.
Smart phones have obviously been a huge jump forward for mobility for blind people world wide. But even then you would think the miner task of thinking for a few minutes would allow people to realise that blind people have the ability to learn just like every one else.
Of course there are going to be certain difficulties. but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

Does some one help you shower?

Well who doesn’t enjoy a bit of shower sex. Why not get clean and dirty at the same time.
But seriously what the actual fuck. Do these people get kept up at night thinking of these questions. Do they toss and turn thinking of all the things that might be more difficult in the shower
Honestly sighted people it isn’t fucking rocket science. It is literally soap and water. Honestly the thing that amuses me is no one has said how do you shave. I am sure blind people have been asked that.
This is like the going to the toilet thing. We aren’t just a bunch of brain dead fuck nuggets. We are just blind!

What’s the white stick for?

Oh don’t you know? Its whacking day soon. Got to whack some snakes!
For any one that got that reference, A Plus.
Other wise what on earth do you think a white stick is for? I’m just going to wave this stick in front of me and if you get hit it is your own fault!
Wow 2 in 1 paragraph I am on fire.

How do you feed yourself?

Well first some one prepares the food cause clearly being blind stops me being able to do that myself. Then I place the meal in to a blender obviously wearing gloves to avoid any possible injuries from the blender. Once in and the lid is in place I turn it on to make sure the food is reduced to a fine paste. This is then mixed with water and injected directly in to my stomach to avoid the difficulties of chewing and or swallowing.
Honestly get a grip people. Yes again there can be difficulties with things when you aren’t blind but for fuck sake we can manage to feed ourselves with out starting world war 3.
BTW for those who haven’t study history carefully a blind person failing to use a knife and fork was the reason for world war 2 starting.
Some interesting other questions relating to this topic include. How do you know what you are eating and how do you know what fruit and vegetables are.
Knowing what we are eating. well that comes down to knowing and learning different foods. you know just like if you had sight but you didn’t.
As for knowing what fruit and vegetables are for fuck sake do you think know one ever thought to say. hey look at this weird looking thing, it is a banana. guess what if it doesn’t look like this. probably not a banana.

Cause your blind you have really good hearing right?

Yes of course didn’t you know that is how it works. Every one gets either super hearing, super sight, or average both.
Sighted people of the world listen to me and listen good! I know that must seem like a afore concept but luckily for you this here is written down so you can look long and hard.
We don’t just get better hearing. We developed a keener ear out of the need to pay at tension to our surroundings by hearing them. That is it. nothing super natural.
So stop asking us this stupid fucking question!

Some rapid fire questions and responses or we might be hear all day.

Why don’t you have a guide dog?
I don’t want one, I couldn’t get one, to much responsibility, I have know need for one.
How do you use a computer?
Text to speech the thing talks to me you literally walked in and asked what that noise was and I said that about 35 seconds ago.
How do you use a phone then?
Oh my god a smart phone is just a small computer with a different interface you think about it.
Do you see in your dreams?
That is actually quite a complicated question.
Do you know this other blind person?
That is stupid it is like saying your Asian do you know this other Asian.
How do you laugh?
Mostly at you.

Is it easy being blind?

Now I first saw this question and thought that is an interesting question.
In all honesty of the questions I have been asked or seen come up during the writing of these 2 articles this takes the cake as the stupidest fucking question I have ever heard put to a blind person.
Like for starters, Who the fuck would ask this. What would make them think the answer might be yes.
Did that person honestly think wow that person makes having sight seem so much harder!
Now there might be more to this then I am giving the person credit for. But even as I write that I can’t think of a situation in which it makes any more sense!
Just generally the answer is no. Sure blind people manage to leave full and in some cases successful lives. But that doesn’t mean they had it easy!.
Fuck sake most of us struggle on a day to day bases with programs that become less accessible over time. street or public transport or shops changing lay outs. Medical issues and so much more.
No losing your sight makes very fucking little easier!
But what Hannibal if they were talking about compared to other disabilities.
Ooh fair enough, then perhaps they can get fucked!
I’m not going to sit here and compare my disability to some one else’s! disability means less then fucking able! We are at a disadvantage to full able bodied folk and that is that.
Sure some of you out there might not want to think of yourselves like that. You might want to think yourself better or worse off then other people. But the simple truth is, this is a stupid fucking question.
Hey look at that car with 2 wheels missing. I wonder if it is easier to drive with 2 less wheels to worry about?


I really hope every one enjoyed this article as much as part 1.
I have had a lot of fun writing these 2 articles. I never thought a throw away idea I had at crunch time on the morning I normally post my articles would spawn a part 2. But thanks again to every one who gave me ideas and asked for this part 2.

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