Character names?


Character Names:

Really this is a simple thing. Just enter a name for your character. But some people suck at it. [Looking at you Steve] So lets see if I can help with that.

What you are doing wrong

Ok if you spend more then 10 minutes thinking up a character name that is to fucking long. Just Put something in. Remember you don’t have to be fancy.
Having a name that you use on most things can really help to. Even having 2 or 3 names at least then you have options if your first name idea is taken.

Just a Few Steps

Start by thinking up a name. It can be almost anything. A character from your favourite book or movie. Keep in mind the more common the more likely it will be taken.
What if the name I thought up is taken. Ok well if you really like that name get creative.
Use different letters to spell it. A number that means something. or even add a last name.
But it is my real name I don’t want to add shit to that.
Ok well to that I say don’t use your real name in a game. I mean you can if you really want to. But you would be better off coming up with a different name and only telling people you’ve gotten to know a bit better your real name.
One of the biggest things I have seen people make the mistake of is to use the name of a character from a book that they are reading at the time they make the character. Once they finish the book they get bored with the character name and want to change it. My advice is to use a name that your not just going to want to change every 3 weeks.

Secondary Characters

Look when it comes to secondary characters I think my advice is don’t just stick a fucking 2 after the name of your main character.
Sure I mean you can do this if you really want. But surely you can come up with more then 1 name. We go back to that hole have a couple of names encase your first 1 is taken.


Was this meant to be funny or serious? Honestly I don’t know, Originally I am pretty sure this was meant to be a funny article but it isn’t very funny. But I’ve just gone to 3 concerts in 3 nights and this was an article I wrote 2 or 3 months ago. So basically I just slapped this conclusion on it and posted it. Enjoy I sware I will put something better up next week.

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