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If you have been paying attention I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting that often on the blog of late. I just wanted to take the time to explain why and let everyone know what’s going on with the blog and main bsg site.

If you have been on the main blackscreengaming.com site you would of noticed there’s been a Core-Exiles section in the works there forever. I’m finally taking the time and really digging into this section and trying to get it done. Core Exiles is a massive text based browser game and it has a super step learning curve for allot of people, even more so for a screen reader user. Because of this I’m working on a section to give everyone who wants to try the game a boost in picking it up a bit easier and playing a game that is really remarkable in it’s size and development.

Hannibal has been working his ass off on the blog as usual, even if he says he phones in some of his articles they are still nearly all a good comical read. Honestly if it wasn’t for him this blog would be very sparse, and he deserves allot of credit for his dedication to posting on a schedule and never missing a date. I’ve said to him on multiple occasions it is okay to miss a post every now and then, god knows I do it enough. He still refuses to not put something out every week and he has been going hard at it week after week.

I also want to thank Aaron for his guest contributor posts he has submitted. I know I’m a bit late in putting them up, but I try to space out the posts so each person’s article gets its own time to get eyes on it. This would also be a good time to point out that anyone is welcome to contribute. The only thing anyone needs to do is have a topic, write about it, log in, and then post it to our guest contributor’s page. If you do that on a regular basis then I’m more than willing to bump you to a full time contributor and you can just write and post on your own time. The goal of the blog was never for me to be the main writer, it was meant as a place with people with completely different views to post about gaming, and anything else they wanted to write about. I’ve had people contact me asking about being contributors, but as of yet Aaron is the only one who has actually put in the time and effort to posting on the blog. We are open to anyone with any opinions, that is the point, different and differing points of view.

One more thing, I have extended the offer to the not enough duct tape podcast to host an imbedded version of their podcast on the blog. I believe they are doing it through YouTube, but you will also be able to watch/listen to the podcast on the blog. This is assuming the two hosts can get their shit together and get an episode out for all of us to listen to. Keep an eye out for that coming soon.

I also have not forgot about updating the STW section on the main site, it is currently sitting half finished, I just need the drive to complete it. Honestly I haven’t even downloaded the new update for the game as I have long needed a complete break from the game. As a related side note, I haven’t been this happy since before I started dealing with man children over there, life is so much damn better now without that constant headache. I haven’t forgotten about it, and I will probably upload the parts I have finished and get around to the rest of it after I finish the Core Exiles Section.

I just wanted to take the time to let everyone know I’m still around, just been busy with the main site. This Core Exiles section is a hell of allot of writing as I try to answer every question I’ve been asked in 8 years of playing. Of course there will be both text and audio for nearly everything covered. This means it will help allot of folks out, but it also takes allot of time to set up, write, record and edit down.

One last reminder, If you read a post by a contributor, make sure to take the 5 seconds to click the like at the top of the page, and if you want to share it around on facebook and twitter that is very much appreciated. Those of you who RT our posts honestly, big thanks to you and helping us get the blog out.

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