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Games and giveaways are something we’ve been all about here on BSG. In the past this has only been through games we streamed, and giveaways we ran. Now thanks to the Twitch streamer Kitanye, BSG has been given the opportunity to sponsor a giveaway for fellow blind players of Mortal Kombat 11. This will be a monthly event completely ran by Kitanye, and one I’m very excited to be involved with and to help bring to everyone.

Quick Stream & Tournament Details

Some Back Story On How This All Came About

There is a group of blind MK11 players who stream on Twitch, and OBSRattlehead is probably the largest of them. Kitanye (who is a sighted MK11 player) was lurking on his streams for a while, watching him play and getting introduced to how blind people play Mortal Kombat. then because she’s a nice person, she spent points on vera’s channel to send a viewer raid to Rattle when he was live. This lead to them meeting, and since then Kitanye has become very active within what is called the Blind Fighting Game Community (BFGC).
This all happened when the build up to the only blind MK tournament (The Sento Showdown) was occurring, and it led Kitanye to decide there needed to be more BFGC events. She then started the first blind only king of the hill mini-tournament, and it was an overall success. I managed to catch this stream completely by chance. I was checking out another Mortal Kombat streamer (BlindSito) and he promoted it on his stream.
I went into the stream with my doubts, but I really enjoyed the first KOTH stream. By the end of it I subbed to Kitanye’s twitch, and have been back for many more streams. Not only was the game play good, but Kitanye is the perfect example that anyone can be good at a game, but not everyone can be good at streaming. Everyone who supports BSG streams knows this already, and those who watch Kitanye stream know it too. She isn’t a pro player, but she is funny, interactive, and always puts on a stream worth watching. I try and watch all her streams, not for the game, but because she cracks me up, and this is something I value way higher than what game is being played. It also says a lot about her with how much time she is willing to spend helping and promoting blind gamers when she is perfectly sighted herself. I respect someone who can both talk trash and joke around all the time, but also be a genuinely nice person.
There is a lot to say here, but to sum it up she doesn’t say someone is good for being blind, simply that they are good. This small thing speaks volumes to me, and I’m sure it does to blind FGC players as well who have spent years getting good at Mortal Kombat and other games. With Mortal Kombat blindness isn’t a limiting factor, it is just a different way of processing the game, and it is so rare for a fully sighted person to understand and recognize this.
All the above points are why I reached out to Kitanye, and why I wanted to have BSG sponsor the pot for monthly blind king of the hill streams. Anyone could run a blind KOTH, but not everyone could do it for the right reasons. This is something that needed to happen, and thankfully Kitanye was the one who realized it.
I pretty much fell into the first stream completely by accident, and now here we are. Hopefully this is something that can run for a long time, both for my entertainment, and for showcasing some great MK players.

How It Will All Work

A king of the hill in MK works the same way it did when you were a kid on a hill or snowbank, only back then you didn’t violently murder your friends after each fight. Players fight one another, and the winner of the fight is the king. The king then fights the player who is next in line, and the winner of that fight is the king. This continues into infinity, because each king has to fight a never ending rotation of players in the room. The point is to win fights and stay the king.
In this monthly KOTH the goal is to win a total of ten fights. Once a player manages this they are declared the winner, and they’ll take home the pot for the tournament. This starts at $40, but increases with donations people make before and during the stream. the first KOTH Kitanye ran resulted in BlindSito winning, and he took home $70.
From what I understand the plan is to run these on XBox. Though this may not be the best system for fighting games, it is the system that most blind players have, and because of this it ensures the most people can participate. If you are interested in joining the KOTH yourself you can contact @Kitanye on twitter.
The fights will be commentated by Kitanye of course, but also by a monthly rotation of blind players. With the first KOTH in June she was joined by CaptainEarshot who recently won the Sento Showdown. This month for July it will be BlindSito joining the broadcast, so yeah I’m happy about that. Put my two favorite twitch streamers together for a tournament, toss in some amazing players, and I’m 100% all in!

To Summarize

The first Friday of every month there’s going to be a blind only MK11 king of the hill tournament on Kitanye’s twitch. This month it is going down on July 2nd at 6:00pm cst 7:00pm est. Expect to laugh, great game play, and a lot of noise from the peanut gallery via me in chat. Come join me, hang out, and get entertained this Friday! If you like BSG streams, you’ll like Kitanye and BlindSito on the mic during the KOTH, this I can promise.
This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. To sponsor giveaways and competitive gaming events for blind gamers outside of BSG. I’m very happy this opportunity has come up, and I can’t wait to see what other adventures this leads to for blind gamers. Thanks to Kitanye for hosting this and putting it all together, this is exactly what the blind Mortal Kombat scene needs.

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