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The Sento Showdown is this weekend! Whether you are a long time Mortal Kombat player, or someone who has never picked up the game this will be a stream worth tuning into. This tournament has quickly become the premier MK event for blind MK players,and you can watch it all unfold this weekend. You can Get all the info you’ll need for the tournament below, along with the players I’ll be personally cheering for in the chat. My cheering selections are based on pure logical deduction and science…of course.

Quick Tournament & Stream Details

Two bracket double elimination format.
Each match up is best of five, also known as first to three wins.
Starting time is 5:00pm eastern, 4:00pm Central time on Saturday and Sunday (June 26 & June 27)
Two day event with the pool rounds on Saturday and the finals (top eight) on Sunday.
Streamed both days on OBSKHRattlehead’s Twitch.
The finals on Sunday the 27th will also be streamed on the official XBox Twitch
Prizes are a Johnny Cage action figure from McFarlane Toys for third (sponsored by @MistyRayburn on twitter)
A hit box for second (sponsored by @ACBStudents on Twitter)
a new XBox Series X for first (sponsored by @SentoShowdown on Twitter)

What Is The Sento Showdown?

This is a blind only Mortal Kombat 11 tournament for XBox players put together by OBSKHRattlehead and CaptainEarshot. They are both blind MK players who have taken the blind fighting game community to a new level. This year’s Sento Showdown is the second time the tournament has taken place. The first one was a great success, and it is nice to see it come back. It both showcases the skill of the top blind MK players, and offers all of us a good pair of streams to watch on the weekend.

What To Expect On The Sento Showdown Streams

Unlike many games which are somewhat playable, Mortal Kombat is completely playable at a competitive level with no sight. The sound design is so well done that each and every character has unique attack sounds, and once these are learned you can listen to the game in the same detail as someone watching it with their eyes.
Rattlehead and CaptainEarshot will be commentating both on Saturday and Sunday for every fight on the schedule. This means that even for someone who is new to Mortal Kombat, you’ll be able to follow along with what is happening in the fights with the help of the commentary. After watching some matches you’ll start to pick up on the sound design cues, and you’ll start to see for yourself how blind accessible the game is. Not only is MK great to play as a blind gamer, but it is possibly the easiest game to follow while only listening to the audio of the matches.
Those participating in the tournament are truly some of the best blind players you’ll see. They aren’t good for blind players, they are simply good,and this is something that needs to be pointed out. Many of those fighting this weekend go on long undefeated streaks online against folks with working eyeballs. I’ve seen many of them hop on a sighted person’s stream and embarrass them over and over (cough cough kitanye). There is no other place to watch the best blind players XBox has to offer, and it is guaranteed to be an entertaining stream.

How The Double Elimination Tournament Format Works

in short the way it works:
Each match up between two participants will be a first to three wins, also known as best of five.
Generally speaking, there are four fights in a bracket’s round. Since it is double elimination, if you lose twice you are eliminated.
If someone loses in round 1, their round 2 match will be against someone who also lost in round 1. The winner of the round 2 loser vs loser fight will move on to round 3, the loser will be eliminated.
The winners from round 1 will fight one another. The winners from these winner vs winner matches move on to day 2.
The loser of a second round winner vs winner match has to fight the winner of a second round loser vs loser match in round 3. The loser of this match is eliminated.
The simple way to understand it is. if anyone accumulates 2 losses in one day, they are eliminated from the tournament. The brackets are set up to give the losers a second chance to advance, but a second loss is the end of the line. As long as a participant doesn’t lose twice they will continue to advance. If any of this is confusing it will be easy to follow as it plays out on stream, and I’m sure Rattle and Earshot will be explaining as the tournament progresses.
This is only a quick and dirty summary, you can check out the full schedule below, or pop out the brackets & schedule in a new window.

It Isn’t a Blog Post Without Some Opinion Thrown In

I’ll be there on both days with my pom poms. This will be a great show, and a perfect way to either introduce yourself to Mortal Kombat, or to enjoy some good blind players showing what they can do. There is no reason not to stop by, say high in the chat and support some of the best blind MK players out there.
Everything is always more fun when you are interested in the outcome, and because of that I’m pushing all my chips behind Blind Sito and TBlaze. I haven’t watched many of the other players, and I don’t know how they’ll do, but I do know one of these two are definitely going to take it all. It doesn’t matter that I’m basing this on practically no information…I’m calling it now. Blind Sito has some hilarious twitch streams, and I have to sit on a towel when TBlaze talks, and he’s one of the original BSG Patreons. This is more than enough reason for me, and I feel it is perfectly logical. (expect this paragraph to be deleted if they both lose in the first round)
So should everyone stop by and cheer in the chat for Blind Sito and TBlaze? I think you definitely should, but that is up to you. I know what I’ll be doing, if you would like to join me then we can make a squad, maybe even a movement.

Pool 1 (Group A)

  • Captain Earshot
  • Corrupted Sight
  • SeanSlayer1187
  • BlindGiddeon
  • BarrenSun
  • TBlaze
  • BlindsightBlue
  • BlindBuddah

Pool 2 (Group B)

  • BlindSito
  • TussockyMoon776
  • Supersilliess
  • MtlKillerX18
  • Blind247365
  • Your Sins
  • Future Music Star

Day 1: Pools – Saturday, June 26, at 5:00 PM eastern Time

All matches will be scheduled on stream in the order below.

Pool One (Group A) First Round)

Fight One: Captain Earshot vs. Corrupted Sight
Fight Two: SeanSlayer1187 vs. BlindGiddeon
Fight Three: BarrenSun vs. TBlaze
Fight Four: BlindsightBlue vs. BlindBuddah

Pool 1 (Group A) Second Round

Fight Five: Loser of One vs. Loser of Two
Fight Six: Loser of Three vs. Loser of Four
Fight Seven: Winner of One vs. Winner of Two
Fight Eight: Winner of Three vs. Winner of Four

Pool 1 (Group A) Third Round

Fight Nine: Winner of Six vs. Loser of Seven
Fight Ten: Loser of Eight vs. Winner of Five

Pool Two (Group B) First Round

Fight One: BlindSito vs. TussockyMoon776
Fight Two: MtlKillerX18 vs. Blind247365
Fight Three: Your Sins vs. Future Music Star

Pool 2 (Group B) Second Round

Fight Four: Loser of Two vs. Loser of Three
Fight Five: Supersilliess (By way of bye) vs. Winner of One
Fight Six: Winner of Two vs. Winner of Three

Pool 2 (Group B) Third Round

Fight Seven: Loser of Five vs. Winner of Four
Fight Eight: Loser of Six vs. Loser of One

Day 2: Top 8 Finals – Sunday, June 27 at 5:00 PM eastern Time

Top Eight first round

Fight One: First in Group A vs. Fourth in Group B
Fight Two: Second in Group B vs. Third in Group A
Fight Three: First in Group B vs. Fourth in Group A
Fight Four: Second in Group A vs. Third in Group B

Top Eight second round

Fight Five: Loser of One vs. Loser of Two
Fight Six: Loser of Three vs. Loser of Four
Fight Seven: Winner of One vs. Winner of Two
Fight Eight: Winner of Three vs. Winner of Four

Top Eight Third Round

Fight Nine: Loser of Seven vs. Winner of Six
Fight Ten: Loser of Eight vs. Winner of Five
Fight Eleven: Winner of Nine vs. Winner of Ten
Fight Twelve: Winner of Seven vs. Winner of Eight

Fourth and Final Round

Fight Thirteen: Loser of Twelve vs. Winner of Eleven
Fight Fourteen: Winner of Thirteen vs. Winner of Twelve
Fifteen (If Loser resets the Bracket): Winner of Fourteen vs. Loser of Fourteen

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