Right and Wrong


The right and wrong way.

When it comes to right and wrong apparently some people like to play fast and loose with the definitions. So I am here to help out a bit.


This article is really about those people that believe they are always right about everything. Those people that have a way to do something or a product or brand they swear by and will shit on any one who does it differently or using something else.
Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying in many cases their are not products you should avoid or wrong ways of going about things. But fuck knows there can be more then 1 right way and if you don’t understand that you might not enjoy the rest of this article. Spoiler alert I will call you a cunt.

Defining terms

Yes here they are the terms I am trying to help people understand. For this article I will be using 3 terms. How ever 2 of them are basically the same thing. right way or method, Wrong way or method, and alternatively way or method. Alternative is realistically as far as this article is concerned just another way of saying the right way but we need a way to explain this concept.
Right way: This is the best way to achieve something. If you achieve your end goal, didn’t cheat and found it with in your abilities then this is a method you could call a the right way.
Wrong way: This is a method that has been proven not to work. If you were unable to complete your goal then this method was wrong at least for you and is the wrong way.
Alternative way: This is for those people who either due to skill, equipment or any other reason can’t achieve what is known as the right way but have found another method that works for them. Not the wrong way and perhaps not the most quick method but it works.

Example through story.

Take Swamp for example. This is a game I have played for many years now. In this game the missions have you running around zombie filled warehouses to collect crates. Now many players use a simple method. Put up a shield and run. This allows the shield to block a lot of the hits from zombies. While they grab the crates and just requires them to heal every now and then.
Another way people do this is with lots of points in a weapon like an M16 so they can kill anything that comes close. This method is slower but you get more kills and as long as you survive does it matter.
Yet another option is to put points in a bayonet and have it swinging at all times so anything that gets close gets killed. Usually you take a bit more of a beating but it can be faster then having to stop and shoot.
So are any of these methods wrong? The answer is no, some are faster that is true. But if you are unable to do 1 or more of them. but you can do another one that makes it the right method for you.

A Method to the madness

So lets just take a second to understand why some of these methods are used over others.
Equipment, environment, Internet connection, physical factors and many others can play a roll in being unable to do one or more of these methods.
So lets quickly talk about a couple of these to try and give some examples.
Internet connection is a really easy one. This is something I have had to deal with for a long time. So going back to swamp I often found it hard to maintain a good connection for a long mission. So instead I would often have to do more short missions to get the levels I wanted.
Equipment is another really good one. Certain mice and keyboards have features that make tasks easier and this can really affect how you play certain games.
Plenty of other reasons exist around this type of thing but these are some basic ideas on why people might not use your method.

Other areas

This elitist bullshit attitude has spread in to many other areas.
Sure as blind people we like the access ability on the Iphone but that doesn’t mean some might not have reasons for getting an android.
Your PC might be good but perhaps they have a reason they got a Mac.
Sure your big black dildo might be nice. But perhaps they are a beginner and want something smaller or maybe they like butt stuff.
Wait what was my point. I don’t think it was butt stuff. Well I guess if you have never tried butt stuff that could have something you know what lets get back on topic.


Really what I guess I want people to take away from this is if you see or hear some one telling a player new or not how they do something. Don’t jump on them and tell them they are doing it wrong.
Feel free to present and alternative Idea but don’t be a cunt about it.
Never be afraid to try new things. Unless it is cheating in which case don’t be a cunt!

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  1. Oh Hannibal! You can always put a smile on everybodies faces, while still keeping your point on point. Keep on going!

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