Duck’s Race Review


Duck’s Race.

Yes my feather friends we are here to talk duck racing. So if you have a duck, or are a duck I am sorry to say duck cruelty may or may not be a part of this.


Break out the duck sized whips and hope PETA don’t find out it is time to race some mother fucking ducks.
Oh…oh. I have just been told I am reviewing the game duck’s race…not actual duck racing.
Well this changes everything, But I have played this much less harmful to ducks game, so lets talk about that.


Title Duck’s Race.
Platform: QuentinC’s Playroom. (You decide what platforms you can play that on because the mobile web browser version sucks dick)
Year Released: 2020.
Game type: Dice/Card/Luck.

Game Play.

This is a turn based game and each turn consists of 2 parts.
First you have the option to play a card. Cards can be free to play or might cost feathers depending on the card you want to play.
Cards do all sorts of things. some get dropped, meaning they stay on that square until some one lands on it and triggers the card. Some you play on other players. and some you can play on yourself. The affects vary from taking feathers to moving players around to just skipping turns.
Once you have decided to play or not play a card you can roll the dice.
You move the number of squares on the board that you rolled. Once you move any number of 3 things will happen.
First if that square has an action you will trigger that. These actions can include but are not limited too. getting or losing feathers, gaining cards or having a turn or turns skipped.
Second if another player dropped a card on that square you will trigger it.
Finally if another player is on that square, you will have to duel them.
Duels are the final part of game play I will talk about.
If you have to duel another player it will either be because you landed on the same square as them, or because one of you played a challenge card.
1 of several duels can happen.
Dice duel, you each roll a dice, highest number wins.
Farmer duel, pick between a cabbage, goat or wolf.
Element duel. select between fire, water, earth, wood and metal.
Rock paper scissors. You have to pick between rock, paper and scissors…well…and bomb can also appear.
The winner of any of the last 3 get 3 feathers. in dice duel you get the number of feathers based on how high your number was compared to your opponent.
A note about feathers. Feathers are used to play cards. if you run out of feathers you will be frozen for a turn. feathers have no bearing on the end of the game. the winner is the duck that crosses the finish line first.

My Thoughts

Honestly I have mixed feelings about this game. It is silly and can genuinely be a bit of fun.
Grab some friends get on TT and have a joke around while you race ducks around the board.
But it is also entirely luck based. you can play good cards, be lucky with dice rolls and be smashing it and finish in no time flat. But if you have a run of bad luck you can lose just as easily.
As a pretty competitive person I find it annoying when I am winning by a lap only to end up thrown backwards 21 squares in a single turn. [Yes that can happen.] But over all the game works reasonably well. Bots are a little buggy, but its better with real people anyway.
Some fun can be had, even though I haven’t yet won a game at the time of writing this, I can say that I will play again.


I had a hard time deciding what score to give this game. But in the end it is fun, it also has some good ideas and the possibility that more boards will be added in the future.
7.5 out of 10.


If you liked this review and want to check out the Duck’s Race. You can get the QC client and more information on all the games they offer here.

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  1. The other day, we played a 4 lap game with 3 players. It started fun… but after a while it become just too long and boring. maybe it was just we all had bad luck, and kept losing turns and going back, but by the end of the game we were all glad someone crossed the line and the thing was over.

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