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We hear at the BSG blog support the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Since I reached legal drinking age I have enjoyed a drink now and then. But it wasn’t until several years after I reached drinking age that I discovered something amazing. Online gaming while drunk can be lots of fun.
You maybe an alcoholic. You may never have had a drink in your life. But if you play online games enough you will at some point come across some one who is drinking while gaming. Why do they do it. Does it add anything to the experience. Lets discuss.

Spotting the drunk

Spotting a drunk gamer can be easy. But it can at times be hard. But most drinkers have a tell.
Bad spelling: Bad spelling can be the best way to spot the drunk gamer. At times we all make spelling mistakes. But the drunk gamer takes this to a level far above bad spelling. In some cases becoming so bad messages larger then 3 or 4 words become complete and utter rubbish.
Reckless behaviour: If your like me reckless behaviour is a perfect example of what happens when I have had a few drinks and start playing games. Some times there is nothing better then doing something you wouldn’t normally do, in fear of character death. This can mean a sad sorry feeling the next day. But can also end with an awesome story.
Unable to do anything: Some people after they start drinking fail at the simplest tasks. These are the ones usually found talking rubbish on the main channels.

Why drink while gaming?

Got to be some where right. For some people it is nothing more then just what they would be doing any way. So adding the drinking just changes how they do it. Not what they are doing.
For others its the escape for reality they seek. Alcohol and online gaming can give them that escape.
Then for the others it is nothing more then a lot of fun with a tasty drink on the side.

Positive effects from drinking while gaming

These can vary from person to person. They can even spill over on to others around the drinkers. [Get it, spilled, sorry back to the point] Enjoyment: The simplest positive is enjoyment. Some people really enjoy games, They may also really enjoy drinking. So combining the 2 just makes the fun all the better.
Free stuff: Its amazing how generous a person can get after they have had a few drinks. I myself have woken up after a night of drinking thinking about how much stuff I gave away. [Please note that in this case, the positive effects are for the people getting free stuff, not the drinker] Entertaining: Some people may not care for the antics of a drunk. But between silly spelling mistakes. Random topics of conversation. And watching them attempt stupid things. The drunk gamer can offer some amazing entertainment to those lucky enough to be around to watch it happening. [Note this is made better by being in a voice chat client like Ventrilo Team-Talk or Skype at the time]

Negative effects from drunk gaming

Skipping over the hang over stuff, there can be a few miner things that suck the night after drinking while gaming.
A lack of stuff: This can come from 1 of 2 things. Either you gave lots of stuff away in a moment of blissful ignorance. [Remember that bit about free stuff above] or you went and did something stupid and got yourself killed. [and making things Worse some Asshole recorded it and has shown every body] The we don’t want to talk to you any more drunk: This can either be a case of some one ranting and raving. or from typing so badly you can’t understand them. These 2 things are not mutually exclusive either. The worst drunk is one that likes to rant and rave with out making any sense.

The point

Is there a point to this article. Not really. I guess if a point has to be made. It would be. Don’t eat the yellow snow. I mean drinking can be fun. If done in moderation.

This article is satire. While the author does partake in some of the above activities. He does not condone over consumption of alcohol. Like wise he takes no responsibility should any one choose to drink and kill their characters in any games.

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