Dragon Village

A Review by Hannibal


Dragon Village – A Review by Hannibal

Its a village. there is a dragon involved. can any one guess how it was named? Was it named after the tavern. Hey fuck off other me.


Dragon Village it is a game. It was made by Rockywaters.
I played the game and now I am going to talk about the game.

What is Dragon Village?

Dragon Village is a resource management game in which you set out to make your village the best it can be.
Deal with wolves, outlaws and the dreaded dragon all while keeping your people alive and the king and gods happy.
The game is set on a 7 by 5 grid each square of which is a different area. From the hills, to the tavern there are various jobs you can do. The tricky part is managing what you do and when.
You start out with 100 workers and in each turn of the game you pick how many workers you set to each task.
Once you have selected where all your workers will go you end the day and you find out the results of the different jobs you set out to complete.
The management of workers is important. You can’t run out of food. but you also must defend the village.
Various tasks and events through out the game can effect your numbers. Villagers might have babies. But wolves might drag a few people away.

Starting out

I will admit starting out the game seemed interesting. Finding out what to do was fun and trying to work out what was best was a bit of a challenge.
At times I thought a little more information could have been useful but for the most part things seemed to go smoothly. Well other than the 100 workers that fucked off or died on me in my first playing.


Oh thank the fucking stars above this game comes with two sets of menu sounds. The ones the game opens with are fucking horrible!
Now as I say it comes with two sets and the flute sounding ones are just fine. But the other set are well I don’t think I can say any more than what I have already said. Other than this the sounds of the game are good.
Apart from that one set of menu sounds everything is pleasant and fits with the theme of the game. I had a little chuckle at a few of the sounds but over all they worked out.

End Game

Can we kill the dragon yet? please! Honestly after a while this game did just start feeling very repetitive. After the starting out phase you do just find your self doing the same thing over and over.
I never did find that bitches toad either!
But in the end the game just sort of lost interest for me.
Perhaps the different difficulty levels would make you want to replay but I can’t imagine going through this game again. I killed the dragon that’s enough for me.

Final thoughts

Is this game worth playing. Well if you like this kind of thing sure go check it out.
If you are on the fence about this type of game I wouldn’t bother.
Over all the game works well it just isn’t that interesting.


Not a bad little game but really not for me.
6 out of 10.


If you have anything you want me to review let me know. Big thanks to my sponsor for sponsoring this review.
click to go to the games page on Rockywaters site.

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