A Crazy Countdown [Part 2[


A Crazy countdown [Part 2]

I have clever puns but I won’t use them here or ever. That is a lie I will use them at some point.


So here we are week to of my 2018 end of year countdown looking at the best and worst mini games Crazy Party has to offer.
Now for those reading this right now I am well aware that Beta 62 was released between parts 1 and 2 so yes this is a countdown of games only up to beta 61.
But either way enjoy this weeks countdown of games 15 to 06 on the favourites list.

15 Commando of cats

Who doesn’t love telling cats where to go. Even better you get them to kill rats while you are at it. This game is a fantastic hybrid of animal control and animal death!
Honestly I just enjoy this game allot but can I address something here. Why do you whistle at animals to follow you so much in this game.
I mean lets go through the list, camels, cats, cows, snakes, I mean snakes can’t even hear like that it wouldn’t work. Sorry got side tracked back to the countdown.

14 The Top of The Skyscrapers

Lets be clear here the first time I played this game it pissed me right the fuck off! But actually I have grown to quite like this game. It can be a challenge and it entertains me the idea that people might get annoyed and just lean out the window swinging a hammer.
Although it does confuse me I never did understand why I was running passed annoyed people and jumping on helicopters.
For that matter why are helicopters flying between the buildings?

13 The frisbees of peace

Fuck it boats on my lake I think not! Break them, break them all!
This seems like a very violent game. Also how shit are these boats the sink fuck in easy!
Either way this is fun and I enjoy it allot!

12 Underground Facility

Honestly for a time this was my favourite game. But I think I played it to much and killed it. But it still makes the top 20.
Jumping robots, dodging electricity, swimming around robots. What is this place?
I don’t know but it is fucking funny most people when they play it for the first time.

11 The Castle’s Wall

Now this game confuses me. If I have been told to inspect the defences. surely I could do that with out them you know. testing them on me? Why are they shooting cannons and swinging swords at me? Surely the best thing would be to have me inspect those cannons and see the soldiers.
This remains one of those games you don’t see people get 20 points on allot which means its a real challenge. The best games are hard games.

10 Hidden palace

Remember what I just said about hard games. You know I am not sure I have ever got 20 points on this one. I don’t know if I or any one I have been playing with got 20 but it is still fun!
It can be frustrating and fuck know enough can be going on here to make it hell. But it is fun and a real challenge!

09 Polar Bears Hunting

Honestly I don’t know why I like this game so much. It is pretty basic, Run to the right avoid the mean animals! But fuck I enjoy it every time it comes up.
It isn’t that hard it is just a cool little game.

08 The Fireclouds

Fireballs frustrated me so fucking much when I first started playing Crazy Party. The jump some go under some thing confused the shit out of me. But I am used to it now and this is just one of those games I fucking enjoy. It can be frustrating but it is just one of those games.
Although one note this is one of the few games that gets easier in hardcore and I don’t like that.

07 Close the Shutoffs

I like the games where you have to do things like use the arrow keys in a clockwise order or something but this one is my favourite cause you have to do that but run along to each thing. Better that than just running along and than spamming one button.
I never did understand why you could turn these the other way and open them more though.

06 Jumping Penguins

They are penguins and they are adorable! Actually I do like the sound for the little penguins. But this is just one of those fun little games run along jump to the right over pits.
Oh sure it can be tricky but it can also be lots of fun and even better with lots of people watching them all die!


Comeback next week for the final part in this epic countdown.
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