A Crazy Countdown! Part 3

Part 3!


A Crazy Countdown [Part 3]

So I know how much everyone has been waiting for this moment. You know what lets just get on with it.


So here we are part 3. Yes this is it the big one. The top 5 in both best and worst mini games in Crazy Party.
I have enjoyed writing these if for no other reason than it gave me more reasons to play Crazy Party.
I have been a big fan of Crazy Party ever since I first played beta 37 or 39 some where around than. Ether way I have been hooked and I enjoy the new versions every time they come out.
So enjoy my final lists.

Recap top 20

Incase you wanted to know my top 20 with out reading parts 1 and 2 here is a breakdown of the top 20 from 20 to 06.
20 The Queen’s Treasures
19 Electrical Path
18 Square Roots in Rhythm
17 Strange Pools
16 Ant Traps
15 Commando of cats
14 The Top of The Skyscrapers
13 The frisbees of peace
12 Underground Facility
11 The Castle’s Wall
10 Hidden palace
09 Polar Bears Hunting
08 The Fireclouds
07 Close the Shutoffs
06 Jumping Penguins
With out any more rubbish other than what you are reading at this second here is the top 5!

05 Boreal Forest

Oh my god I wanted to fucking stab someone the first time I played this game. I think I lost about 100 coins trying to get past it. But once I realised what you had to do I actually found I really enjoyed it!
It is tricky but it is also fun and I love it especially in competition during online games.

04 Snake Charmer

Before you all jump in to the comments and attack me for putting this so high on my list. I actually really enjoy this game. It is hard and that is what makes it fun. Plus the idea of whistling at a snake amuses me every time.
I never did quite understand the point of this game but hey who am I to judge the person who wants to make a snake that doesn’t stop moving stay on a small square for some reason.

03 The rainbow tower

So this is just a down right fucking cool mini game. Fuck you all who disagree. I struggled with this game I will be honest. But I fucking love it. The idea of a game that has you go in to 7 mini versions of other games to collect shit is fucking amazing!
Yes I did just right fuck 4 times in that I really like this game if it wasn’t for 2 other games it would be my favourite!
Yes I know I am captain obvious.

02 The Flying Boat

This game is nuts. with cannons and pits and ladders and electricity so much shit is going on!
But that’s just it so much shit and you just have to reach the end it is so much fun. Who cares how hard it is. It is just a fun game.

01 Perilous Corridor

Back to basics. Yes it is simple. Run right, jump or run under fireballs and jump the lava pits. It is not the most interesting game. But it is my favourite.
I honestly can’t even give you solid reasons why this game tops this list. It has been played at list 15 more times than any other game for me on crazy party. As of writing of this article I have played it 108 times.
Simple but effective.

Recap worst 10

here is 10 through 06 for those who missed them in part 1.
10 Extinguish the Wick
09 The Cursed Place
08 Colored flowers
07 Cannonball throwing
06 Crossbow shot
And now the top 5 worst mini games in Crazy Party.

05 Railroad Management


04 Treasure Under the Ice

Honestly this might be a little harsh. But on the other hand fuck this game!
This is just one of those games that frustrates the fuck out of me! It can go burn in the firey pits of hell for all I care.

03 Clandestine arena

I never really got the point of this game. Honestly I get you have to picka winner in the fight but it feels more just like spectating than playing anything.
Pointless game can fuck off!

02 Road Crossing

I know how to do this game. It isn’t rocket science. Yet I fail and that pisses me off. I don’t like this game and this game can fuck off!

01 Bicycle path

What a shock the bike game topped the worst list. Funnily it isn’t for the reason I am guessing most of you think.
Honestly I liked this game. Than it got changed because people found it to hard. Plenty of people managed to unlock it but some couldn’t. now if he had moved it so the game was in its own off shoot path in the world so you didn’t have to but you could get it fine. But making the game easier just sucks!
Maybe that is petty but hey I am the one writing this list. Got a problem write your own dam list!

Honourable Mentions

So I wanted to take a moment to talk about a few things that didn’t get included on any of these lists for one reason or another.
Pore timing meant that I released the first part of this countdown just days before the release of beta 62 of Crazy Party this meant nothing from that release made it on to the list of games. However I imagine given more time say if this list had been done in January Magnetic Vortex and Extraterrestrial beach would have made it on to the top 20 list and Oil Installation would have topped the worst list!
I also didn’t include any of the turtle games on my top list. I actually really like the turtle games but I like all three. The idea that first in the forest, than on water and finally lava makes the set awesome. I couldn’t have picked just one to go on my list.
Count the Sheep also probably would have made the worst list but it didn’t pass the baaaaaaaah. Sorry I had a sheep joke and I wanted to use it.

Notes and Apologies

This was originally meant to be a four part series maybe even a few side articles like last year. But sadly event outside of my control meant I didn’t have the time to do these as well as I would have liked.
It was also announced that I would be live streaming the lists back at the start of December and while most people probably don’t remember that one of two people have asked and know that stream won’t be happening at least right now.


I hope you have enjoyed these lists. Let me know what your favourite and least favourite games are.
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