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Miriani The Review

This is the first and honestly probably the last review of a MUD from me you will find on here. But anyway lets do this.


So here we go. This article is the story of how I popped my mud cherry. And to all you sexual deviants out there. No this is not a story about anal sex. This is my experience with Miriani
So I’ll be honest from the start. I don’t like muds and I didn’t really think I would like this one going in to it. But never the less I tried it so here we go.

What is Miriani?

This is a mud set in space. You are a pilot setting out to learn new skills and get money in the form of credits.
You use those credits to buy new ships, food, droids, apartments or houses, and lots of other junk.
You can do all sorts of things like missions where you hunt enemy ships, salvage space junk, make deliveries and probably lots of other shit.
There is probably lots of back story but I don’t know it so I will leave it at that.

Game play.

So here is where I start to follow out of favour with Miriani. I am used to playing games by controlling a character just straight up. A key to walk forward, keys to turn and a key to shoot. Using a keyboard or controller is always how I like playing my games.
So when I have to type every action I want to have happen kind of loses me.
When I spend 5 minutes trying to work out how to open a door. Only to find that just typing door will work. When I have to open in cert thing on most other things just fucking shits me!
Having a game like this allows for so much interaction I can’t deny that. But for me it makes the game feel like work as much as it does feel like a game.

Getting Started

So I had such a mixed experience here so I’m going to try and break this down.
So I am used to download game. Maybe install, play. But that isn’t how this worked. Fuck me dead this was a bitch. First I had to get a client to play. Then I had to launch it but of course me being so fucking ass on head stupid I couldn’t get it working. So I was told to download something else. So I got that got it running and then I was told to set up a character. Yeah time to play. no because now you you need to download the sounds. Download sounds. Ok do I just chuck them in the folder or something. No, no, no. You need to put this in that folder. then run this. then move that, then run this then oh my fucking god!
But in the end I got the dam thing running and it was finally time to play.
Then I spent 3 hours getting used to the commands. Getting used to having to type so much. Finally I had a set up character.
I want to bring up here that one thing I do like is the help system in this game. The ability to just type help followed by a topic while in game can be quite useful.
Once you have the game set up the game is reasonably good at telling you what to do or at least giving handy hints.
At least for me once you are in game the starting out was reasonably smooth.

Roll play

This could honestly be an article in and of itself. But for now we will talk about this in Miriani.
Does it work? Yes, yes it works. In this game it is nice to see people playing a character.
Do I like it? Not really, It just isn’t really my thing.
Does it get weird? Yes it gets weird.
Do I think people take it to far at times? Yes I do, but really who am I to judge.
Honestly roll play is only as successful as it is in forced and Miriani have pretty stricked rules on the main chat channels. So they make it work and I can’t argue with that.

things I liked

The silly things. The claw machines with plush animals. This is the kind of stupid thing I really like.
The ability to make your character look how ever you want. There are so many options from facial features to clothing you can buy.
The building of apartments and houses. I spent allot of money building up my apartment and again this is the kind of thing I really enjoy.

things I don’t like

No that isn’t fair. The game has allot of things I don’t really like. But I know some people like the game. But this is my review so fuck you!
In the end allot of the main things you do to make money in the game I find extremely boring.
Salvaging, Asteroid hauling, Atmospheric Salvaging and plenty of other things just get very boring when you do them over and over again.
I find for every hour I can spend doing stuff I enjoy I spend more doing things I don’t like.
The game just gets very dull for me.

Final Thoughts

Honestly it was really hard to write this review. Having never played anything like this before.
In saying that I got some enjoyment out of the game at first. For a couple days it entertained me. So hey if you have nothing better to do and you have never played a mud before. You might want to try this game.


4.5 out of 10
Really I wasn’t wrong. I didn’t really like this game. But I can’t deny I had some fun early on so that is how we got to 4.5.


I don’t really like muds. This one is alright if you like that kind of thing. And don’t expect me to review to many more muds in the future.

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  1. Yeah VIPMUD is fucking shit, but its the defacto blindie client even though you have to pay to play free games, and a client that costs me $0 has 10X the features of one that costs $30.

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