Chicken Killer Review

Let’s Choke Some Chickens


Publisher: TDL Games
Website: Audio Games Archive Page
Price: Free
Platform/s: Windows




I was thinking back to games from my past. The games from TDL games came to mind. these were games that were churned out in abundance back in 2004 to 2005. I never thought they were all that great, but I wanted to give them another chance. Let’s start with Chicken Cho… I mean Killer.


Copied from the readme.


This game is very simple. Use the keys l and j to find the chicken, then press the space bar to shoot it.


Initial Thoughts


This was a TDL game I don’t remember. It was either that or I had chosen to erase this game from my memory. However, murdering chickens sounds like a good time. I figured this would be a hard concept to screw up.




Get ready for a truly awful experience. When you start the game there is no introduction, just an awful cacophony of auditory feces. Take everything good about any audio game, and then throw it out the window. The result is that you get this mess. It’s just constant clucking and squawking. Tapping J and L don’t seem to do much other than randomly move some sounds around. I ended up just pressing buttons for a while. After awhile the game gives you your final score and asks if you want to post it. This is a game from ages ago, so you can no longer post your score. The question is, would you even want to? Who wants to have their name tied to this auditory disaster. I’m not sure if this was the first TDL game ever made, but it really is not so good at all to say the least.




  • It’s a game.
  • It runs.
  • It didn’t crash.




  • The audio is just awful
  • The game is not at all fun.
  • You have no idea what you’re even doing.




This game has done what very few games ever do. It caused me to get a massive headache I had to take an aspirin to manage.


Liam’s Rating: 1/10


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