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Accessibility verses change.

You all love rants right? Of course you do and I know a few people like reviews. Well get ready here is the final step the ramble!


So we all know there is 2 sides to every story. Well I mean some can have more sides and well actually a story is usually 1 side you know what never mind.
What was I on about? Right my point was that I have a strange complaint based on 2 things that seem to happen in the blind community allot.
These two things to me don’t seem like they should go together but they seem to anyway.
Complaining about changes before they are made and refusing to up date, up grade or change what they use, even if what they could change to might work better.

Changes and Accessibility

So change is a part of life. For blind users of programs this can be a bitch because as they up date the accessibility of a program can change dramatically from version to version.
This can be true of web sites app’s, programs, and many other things but if one thing gets to me it is people who complain before a change is made.
The worst are those who here others complaining so they start saying the same thing with no idea if what they are saying is true or not.
Now you might disagree with me on this next point but remember that if it still works but it is different to what it used to be this does not mean it isn’t accessible.
You might not like it as much and you have a right to that opinion. Just remember different or more difficult does not mean not accessible.

Windows XP for the win!

So this next part I have been guilty of as much if not more than the next blind person and that is refusing to up date or get new things
2015 was a big year for me. My computer died in August of 2015. I went out and bought a new computer running windows 8.1 two months later I bought the Iphone 6S.
These two statements might not seem important but I should point out that the computer that died was a 12 year old clunky piece of shit that was still running windows XP. The phone my Iphone replaced was the LG hornet a250. A flip phone I bought in 2010.
This wasn’t for lack of money I just refused to up grade cause I was safe and happy with what I had.
These days if I don’t up grade or up date it is out of laziness and not fear of change.
Having lived like that for so long I understand how people fall in to the trap of safety here. I also understand that some new versions of things suck and are not accessible so using old versions is the only option.
But this is behaviour that where possible we need to try and fix because the world isn’t going to stop changing so accepting that and trying our best to make sure the changes work for us as well works so much better!

The point

So I have made my point about bitching about changes and I have made my point about refusing to change so why is this just one article?
Well it is the people out in the community that some how fall in to both of these categories that piss me off the most!
If you don’t know exactly how these changes would effect you and especially if you have no plan on up dating anyway why the fuck are you bitching at me right now!
I have honestly seen people complain about changes to programs who I find out are running a version 3 years out of date anyway. Get out of your comfort zone and keep your shit up dated where possible. Cause guess what. Chances are these changes wouldn’t seem so dramatic if you were learning a few changes with each up date not all at fucking once!
Yes exceptions do exist where you can run old shit but I have already talked about this.
Pick aside. Stay in the past. or learn about the changes before you bitch!


Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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