Forget Miriani!


Moderation at its worst.

With grate power comes grate responsibility. Words that don’t really apply here but kind of do so lets stick with that.


For those who know me they will tell you that MUDs have never really been my thing. However a few months ago I did start playing Miriani. I actually really started to get into it but sadly that came to an end this week.
Now I will try really hard to defend a team of moderators because I know how hard it can be dealing with the players on any game. But in this situation they fucked up and fucked up hard!

The Incident

So for those who don’t know Miriani is a roleplay game. You are a pilot it is set in space and you interact with other pilots. All good, good.
My character and another character who were in a relationship in game were trying to complete a puzzle. We came across an NPC which I decided would be funny if I grabbed and pulled din to my group and dragged to the landing pad. This is not allowed.
I didn’t know that you couldn’t do that kind of thing but I admit I did the wrong thing and I will stand up and say yes I fucked up.
The problem was I didn’t get blamed for it. My partner in game did. The next morning I logged in and she had disappeared. We shared an apartment in game and she just wasn’t there and I couldn’t track her.
When she logged in that was when she found out about her being banned. The reason she was given. First as an older player having played longer than me she should have stopped me dragging the NPC. Secondly they had seen in game she had said she had some brain issues that meant she struggled with some tasks in game. They claimed this would stop her effectively roleplaying and these two things combined apparently were enough and she was banned.
Now I could sit here and call them a bunch of power hungry cunt fuck’s who should never be put in a position to pass judgement on others. But I will play this differently. I have several issues with all this but I can break it down into 3 massive points where this was a complete break down of proper moderation.

Lazy Moderation

So for starters it has to be said that in games like this it is expected that players conduct themselves in a certain way. I have already accepted that I did the wrong thing and if the admin team wished to punish me for that I can understand that. I did the wrong thing. Give me a warning do what ever that is the proper way to handle a situation.
However I didn’t even receive a warning. This was a complete fucking fail on the part of them trying to actually effectively punish someone for doing the wrong thing. They targeted a person who did nothing wrong.
So my question is what were they trying to achieve. If they were trying to make sure the rules were followed than they have failed. Being that if I didn’t know the person out of game I would have know idea what I did wrong or why they got punished.
So it begs the question what were they doing. Now I am not saying that they heard about her brain issues and targeted her with a weak fucking excuse to get rid of her. Actually fuck that, That is exactly what I am saying happened. They found a piss poor excuse piled on and banned her and that is why this situation is a fucking joke!

Real life effecting in game roleplay

So this is probably the worst part of all this. Everyone plays games at his or her own speed. To actively use real life difficulties to kick a player off your game is absolutely a fucking disgusting and low act!
So the fact it was this on top of what can only be called a weak fucking excuse. ?This was a little power trip gone fucking wrong.

Roleplay falling apart

Now this is my favourite part of all this. Cause this is where they go from being not just dumb cunts. But fucking hypocrites as well.
They claimed her issues in real life would effect her ability to roleplay. However in game after they punished her and didn’t tell my character why or what he did wrong. They made her just disappear along with her pets. So from a roleplay stand point. My character woke up one morning to find she had just disappeared. Her ships, her pets and herself just gone.
Now I am no expert. But hey maybe if your going to punish some one and use roleplay in your lame fucking excuse. Try you know keeping up with oh I don’t know the fucking in game fucking roleplay!
I mean it really isn’t the best roleplay to have a character. 2 pets, 3 starships and a few other things just fucking disappear!
Next time try justifying your bullshit in game to. It might make a little more sense then.

Overly critical

Now perhaps you think I have been overly critical here. But guess what this is a blog and I will say what I dam well please. But the fact is this was a mess that was poorly handled. That could have been avoided. And all of this just means another game that I don’t want to play because the admin team get in the way of a fun game play experience.
To those who play Miriani remember this next time you might be doing the wrong thing. Cause even if you don’t know it. it could lead to others being punished.
To those who admin for Miriani. Stop using a fucked up double standard and weak excuses to ban players. That or stop lying about what you are!
Maybe this was all just a one off thing but guess what. That doesn’t make it ok!


Fuck Miriani!

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6 Replies to “Forget Miriani!

  1. Well, let us just say that I am banned from that game, for , shooting a jump gate They accused me of meta-gaming, they basically accussed for me for everything under the sun. All because I hung out with kado And, just read the news, He was the one that basically put debris around the long-range laser . Anyhow, the admins Brought me in to jail Said assist to talk Then promptly band me Oh well, that is just one more game. I do not play . That is just my experience with it

  2. So for those who don’t know Miriani is a roleplay game. You are a pirate it is set in space and you interact with other pirates. Fixed that for you.

    Really now, this game has RP? I never saw any of it when I played there. It was just a bunch of people randomly shooting your ship whenever, even when under the same alliance and such. Really now, all you have to do to start pirating is say you’re a pirate and start randomly attacking other people’s ships with no rp what soever. Or from what I heard other people do, stun and strand you with just the words “give me your keys.” as the only reply.

  3. I have to ask two questions.

    1. Why didn’t they just code the NPC so that it couldn’t be grouped, and if they didn’t want to do it that way, why not handle it in-character? They could have had a whole kidnapping plot arc. It could have been big fun.

    2. Are you sure this is the whole story? I don’t play Miriani because I don’t like their policies that make it possible to be bullied further for fighting a bully, but if I were you, I’d go to the source and find out exactly why she was banned. There may be more to the story. I don’t know the hosts over there, but generally someone isn’t banned for not stopping someone else’s actions. No comment on the brain thing. Obviously she’d been roleplaying up to that point, so who knows.

    1. I can’t offer any reason why you can move them if you aren’t allowed to. This is partly why I am so confused by the rules.
      They offered no other reasons than the ones listed in the article for the ban.

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