The Blanket


The Blanket

Did you read that right? Is this really an article about a blanket? The answer to that is…no! It isn’t about a blanket! It is about the blanket!
What is the difference? Read on to find out.


It doesn’t take much to get me to write an article about things and this one might be the weakest reason I have ever had for writing something.
I was talking about accidentally saving a blank article, and wrote blanket instead of blank. 1 comment from Smoke later and here we are.
So I am sorry for any one who takes the time to read this.

The blanket

What makes the perfect blanket?
That is a very hard question to answer because different blankets can be used for different things.
For example the perfect picnic blanket would make a terrible fire blanket.
Actually would it? I don’t know I don’t really know what makes the perfect fire blanket.
Perhaps I should have researched this a little more before writing this stuff.
But to the point at hand as I don’t picnic or put out fires I am referring to a blanket that can be used to keep you warm.
Wait could you use a fire blanket to keep you warm? I mean it has fire in the name but I am getting side tracked again.

Finding the Perfect Blanket

So how do we find the perfect blanket?
A big puffy blanket good for keeping you warm in winter would be very bad in summer.
But a thin blanket good for covering yourself in summer but not keeping you super warm would be terrible in winter.
So what is the answer?
Could we look at what is on the blanket?
Fuck that I don’t care about your Star Wars sheets! Your patch work quilt might be sentimental but it also sucks!
Dam it Hannibal get to the point no one is even reading any more.
I think like a good wine or a nice BBBQ sauce the answer is a blanket that is good for pairing with other things.
A blanket that is not so thick as to be unpleasant in summer, but not so thin that using it in winter would be pointless.
Something that could have another blanket added for additional warmth in winter, but you could lie naked under in summer would be perfect.
Are you lying naked on Star wars sheets? (That is a little weird person I am talking to…that isn’t me).
Don’t worry everyone I don’t own Star wars sheets!
Mine are Harry Potter wait, wait, wait, that might be weirder.

A list of Blankets

Fire Blanket,
Picnic blanket,
Throw rug,
Space blanket…because…space.


Blame Smoke for this one!

A Note From Smoke:
“I’m sorry.”

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