How to Write a Blog


How to Write A Blog Post and Make Everyone Like You.

Warning this post may or may not help you write blog posts but it sure as shit won’t make everyone like you.


Have you ever wanted to write for a blog. Perhaps you have dreamed of starting your own blog. But once you sit down to do it you just didn’t know where to start.
Lucky for you a terrible excuse for a blog writer is here to help you!
Honestly writing for a blog isn’t hard. Making your posts good is but just doing it isn’t hard.
Having spent nearly a year writing posts here and some of those posts were nearly good I am pretty confident this post will be a winner.
So lets get started.


Having an idea what you are writing about is the first and most important step. Just having an idea isn’t good enough so before you jump in with your idea ask yourself these questions. Will people want to read about what I am writing about and can I keep writing posts about that topic.
Honestly almost any topic can be made interesting so as long as you think you can keep writing your probably going to do alright.
You also have to remember you don’t have to lock yourself in to write about one thing. This blog originally only had posts about games. Now you can find articles on music, books, games, cake and lots more.
But content isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.


Spelling, Punctuation and Sentence structure are the three key thins when it comes to quality.
The first person to point out that I am the last person to say these things because I suck at all three gets a kick to the dick! I don’t care if you are male female or other I will science you up a dick and kick you in it!
You don’t have to be perfect although people will call you out on it so keep that in mind.
But honestly if you are understandable that is good enough. A blog is a platform for people to voice opinions and ideas. So as long as people understand what you are saying you don’t have to be an English teacher to get your point across.
That doesn’t mean you can’t work on it over time and that you shouldn’t try and edit as best you can. But remember quality is important but unless you are getting paid don’t stress over it.
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Quantity in blogging is all about a balance. Post 1 article A month and you will find it hard to keep a regular group of readers.
Post 12 articles a week and people won’t bother reading all of them.
So you need to find that happy medium between do they ever post and will they stop fucking posting!


Knowing when to post and posting on a schedule are to really important things when it comes to blogging.
Sure you can get away with just posting when you feel like it. But if you have a schedule and post on certain days of the week people will know when to expect new material. They will find themselves looking on the right days for new articles and you will find this will help your view count.
So pick a day or a few days of the week and aim to get your posts out than. Yes you can be late every now and than. If you have an important post you can put it up early. If you finish a post but it isn’t posting day you can put it aside and be ready.
Than it just becomes about getting your article out to the people.

Social Media

People are lazy. I can’t stress this enough. If it is a choice between a link they takes you straight to the article or telling you where to find it. 100 times out of 100 people are going to take the link.
So post your shit on social media. Find the best times and post it than. Chuck it up there 2 or 3 times to make sure the most number of people possible will see it.
Don’t over post or people will think you are spam and will mute you.
Making another account specifically for your blog can help to. that way your personal account doesn’t spam it.


Well that’s it really I hope you are all going to go away and write shit for blog’s. just not this one, I need this job. wait no I don’t. I want a pay raise!

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