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Wanna Mud Wrestle?


Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been violently against muds since day one. I may have said things like I’d rather shave my genitals with a cheese grater instead of playing a MUD. Well my genitals are still intact, but I have indeed become a player of a MUD. When I think about this too much it hurts my soul, but there’s no going back. I’ve been hooked, and like I tend to do after getting hooked, I made an Alter Aeon section which is now being released on BSG.
Another thing I tend to do is give away stuff, and this time is no different. There will be a giveaway that coincides with this post and the release of the Alter Aeon section on BSG. The prize will be a free 500lbs weightless container, but more about that at the end of the blog post.

Where is this new section you speak of

How did I let this shameful thing happen

It all started with Hamada, he wouldn’t stop nagging me to play alter. I thought about taking out a hit on him, but I figured playing the game would probably be easier and less likely to result in prison time. So I decided to stream it with Hannibal and Hamada…and the stream went horrible. Hamada apparently has one of Tesla’s oscillators, and caused an earthquake in his country the day of the stream, so me and Hannibal went as a duo. The Internet dropped, there was an echo, it was bad, so bad that we streamed the next day to make up for it. Some people pointed out that I was 15 levels higher than I was in the stream less than 24 hours before…and yes that is because I was already hooked.
This was just the start of the end, or maybe the beginning depending on your perspective. It turns out I really liked at least one MUD. I still haven’t been tempted to play any others, but I have really been enjoying my time on Alter. It’s a huge open game with lots of maps and lots of challenge. These are just what I look for in a game, and alter has delivered.
Some people admit when they have a problem…Hi my name’s Smoke and I have a problem. Like drinking, vaping and sexing my couch, it’s a problem I enjoy too much to give up. So yeah I’m an Alter person now, and because of it I decided to make a section on BSG to help out others.

Why an alter section?

Like with every game I’ve played, there is a severe lack of useful information for new players. Alter has some yes, but so does every other game. There is always a disconnect between someone who is a brand new player and someone who has been playing for years though. This is the case with every game ever, and alter is no different. Older players just assume you should know something because everyone knows it, but it isn’t the case if you are new to the game, and even less so if you are new to muds. This was the situation I found myself in, and it would have been impossible to play the game at all without the Help of Hamada. Once I got the hang of the game and learned a thing or two it all became much easier, and it is that knowledge I want to pass along now.
I am by no means an expert alter player, but that’s the case for almost all the games on BSG. I just have the ability to break stuff down so it is easy to understand for a large group of people. This is what I’m attempting to do with this alter section. The more people who play the better, and if I can help some folks pick up the game, then that’s an overall success.
Even if you have tried alter in the past and had issues, nothing is stopping you from trying it again. Check out the bsg section and you might want to give it another shot. I’ve tried to cover a lot of different topics I have had issues with, and places I’ve seen others have issues with. This way the game’s learning curve doesn’t have to be as steep for everyone. Once you get the hang of all the mechanics the game ends up being a lot of fun, and it still has lots to offer, even after being up for 25 years.
I’m aware I’m late to the party, but I also know there are a lot of people out there who are like I was. They refuse to play MUDS, but I’m living proof that the oldest, crankiest, most stubborn person can still do something new and enjoy it. If you are an expert MUD player than this isn’t for you, but if you are new to the genre, or an old stubborn person like me, this section is for you.

What is in the Alter Aeon section

Class Specific Equipment Locations
I’ve tried to keep this section simple, while also adding in as much useful content as possible. One of the biggest issues others and myself have had was finding class specific equipment. For this reason there is a table for each class listing all the useful cast equipment along with what map it can be found on. This isn’t someone holding your hand, you still have to find it on the map, but at least now you’ll know where to look.

BSG Alter Aeon Articles Home
There is an articles section on, and that seems to be working good for them. The only issue is that some of the articles are 7 years out of date, and the information in them doesn’t apply anymore, or it is quite inaccurate. For this reason I’ve started a BSG articles section filled with articles covering all the issues I’ve had, and issues I’ve seen others have. This section is easily expandable, and more will be added over time. Every article is written for a new player, there isn’t much for the advanced player, unless they have big gaps in their Alter knowledge.

Easiest Classes & Subclasses For New Players
There is a small section dedicated on how to set up a character’s classes, this is also part of the articles section. It is written exclusively for a new player picking up Alter for the first time. Old players like to give all sorts of suggestions on what classes to pick, but they are almost always coming from a place with previous alter experience. If you don’t have this experience, you can really pick a difficult class setup, and make the game nearly impossible right from the start. I’ve seen two people do this, and after talking to them they restarted their characters, picked new classes and shot up in levels quite fast.

Complete Command Listing
There is a section with all the commands taken from in game. The difference is Each one on BSG has a description of what it does. There are over 500 commands I believe, so it is a lot of information, but useful for a new player trying to absorb as much information as possible.

Clan Snoodashiff
Finally there is a section on what is the unofficial BSG clan, Snoodashiff. If you want to know about the name you can read the clan page in the section. It involves lots of stroking, not that kind but the other one. You can also see how to join Snoodashiff in this section, and see a complete clan roster.

In summary

It is a small section yes, but one with quite a bit of information I feel is crucial to having a good time in Alter right from the start. There were multiple points in the beginning where I wanted to quit due to being too frustrated with the game. If I knew the stuff that’s in the BSG articles and equipment listing, I would have never had the issues I had, and it’s that info I want to share with everyone else so they don’t feel overloaded and frustrated too.
I have to say a big thanks to the other members of Snoodashiff for helping out with the section. Hamada especially was invaluable in his knowledge of the first three islands, where to get equipment, and teaching me enough about the game from day one to even make this section. Also thanks to Hannibal (kristy), Sito, and Zuri for helping me fill in some missing gaps for the equipment section.
If you’ve tried Alter Aeon in the past and quit, why not give it a try again. Come have a problem with me and everyone else from BSG. Hannibal might even lick you.

The Giveaway

I do love giving away stuff, mainly because I know for some people buying stuff in games just isn’t possible. For that reason the giveaway for this section’s release is a free weightless container in Alter Aeon. These are game changers, and even if you already have one, two is better than one. All you have to do to enter into the giveaway is use the special link below to tweet out this post.
This giveaway closed on march 16 at 18:30 eastern.
Congrats to @Aamir5011 on winning the weightless!

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