A Crazy Countdown!

Part 1


Crazy Countdown – Part 1

Crazy Countdown a truly you know what I’m not going to do this. These puns are bad enough.


December is here and you know what that means. All the blog’s and sites you love are full of annoying fucking count downs. And this blog is no exception.
Welcome to the crazy Countdown where I will be running down the best and worst mini games from Crazy Party.
Sadly because of family matters I couldn’t put the time I would have liked in to this years countdown but never the less.
Enjoy this Crazy Countdown.

How it works

This is basically two countdowns for the price of one. My favourite 20 and least favourite 10 mini games from Crazy Party.
This week you will get the first five of each. Than part to will be 15 through to 06 of the favourites.
And the final countdown article with have the top 5 in each list.
So with nothing more to say lets get in to it.

20 The Queen’s Treasures

See I know allot of people dislike this game. But this one is allot of fun to me. Attempting to sneak in to the various passages with out getting munched by ants can be lots of fun.
It does strike me as strange that in a game called the Queens treasure you can’t run in to like a queen ant or something but than I guess that she would have the worker ants doing the work of killing the scum trying to steal her treasure.

19 Electrical Path

It is funny now that this has made it to my top list. The first time I Played this game it annoyed the hell out of me.
Run to the north and not get killed by the electrical whatever the fuck they are running along the metal strips.
I wanted to murder some one the first time I played this shit.
But I enjoy it now its fun and still can be a bit of a challenge.

18 Square Roots in Rhythm

Yes one of the math games made it to my top 20.
I know that some people cheat on these games,
even ignoring that some people hate this game!
Math can be hard but it can also be fun.

17 Strange Pools

This is one of those games that again pissed me off allot when I first played it. But once you get used to how it works I actually quite enjoy this game.
I also find the sounds in this game relaxing so that gets bonus points to me.

16 Ant Traps

Yes ants are back on this list for the second time in 5 games. Again I know some people hate this game. Honestly I am not always so good at this one and in hardcore it is a fucking bitch.
The challenge of making the little ants walk over the traps is pretty cool to me. Also fuck those ants kill them all!

Worst 10

Honestly it was allot easier to pick 10 I didn’t like than 20 I did like. So many of the games I like. but there are few I truly fucking hate. But here are the 10 games I hate the most!

10 Extinguish the Wick

Can you count seconds. Sounds easy enough but fuck you that was 20 second what do you mean I got negative 5 points!
I hate this game. I fucking hate it with a white hot hatred of burning hate. The worst part is and the reason I put it at number 10 is that my hatred even to me is pointless. All you have to do is count seconds. but this game can fuck off!

09 The Cursed Place

I think a few people might agree with this one. It is just such a frustrating game. Follow the foot steps. again it sounds easy. but you step off the path and bam you failed.
This is not a bad concept for a game. But most of us suck at it so here it is.

08 Coloured flowers

Colours are not sounds! OK so this is a good way to you know what shut up this game is dumb and your face is dumb!
Ok so that is at that pitch and what do you mean I got them all wrong. you know what just fuck off. get out of my sight? hearing ? forget it this game is stupid!

07 Cannonball throwing

This game would be higher on this list but I actually enjoy this game once in a while. However trying to unlock it places it nicely on this fucking list. this game can fuck off with the rest of them.

06 Crossbow shot

This game made it on to this list not because it is hard or frustrating. But because it is pointless and boring.
Hear the target, wait a moment than fire at the target. Do that once oh you got 20 points.
Oh you missed negative 20 game over.
This game exists to make it easier for people to unlock the city world and that’s shit so it is here on the list.


Let me know how you feel about these games in the comments. Watch out next week for part two. and don’t forget to check out the BSG Patreon.

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