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A Developer’s Perspective on The 5 Worst Things about Audio Gamers


If you haven’t seen Hannibal’s post on “The 5 Worst Things About Audio Gamers See it here
This post, however, is going to be about the 5 worst things about audiogamers, from a developer of audiogames perspective. Read more


SpaceyVaders [Review] 2.0


SpaceyVaders : the Review : By Hannibal

This is an Audio-game, Developed in recent times. Based on an 80s arcade game, that I never played. So I can’t review it like I normally would. So instead I did it in limericks. Read more

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Why Do So Many Blind People Think They Can Sing?

oh my ears! my ears! oh make it stop!

Everyone has run across this in their Internet travels, but nearly all are too nice to say anything. Luckily I am enough of a jerk to break the silence and shine a light on this terrible thing we have all been enduring. Why do so many blind people all think they are the next Celine Dion?[...]

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Basics of Gaming Equipment series 2 of 4, the headset you use

Can you hear me now?

In the first post in this series I went into detail on what to look for when buying a computer, and the types of computer owners. In this one I’m going to drill down on the different brands of headsets and what all goes into deciding on one. There is a huge amount of choices[...]

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The 5 Best things About Audio-Gamers


The 5 best things about Audio Gamers

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the worst things in the audio-games community. But not every one and everything is bad. So lets talk about some of the good things and good people that are around.
So in no particular order, lets go! Read more


Hannibal’s Guide to Friendly Insults


Hannibal’s Friendly Insults:

Having spent my fair share of time on Audio games. And far more time then I can believe on the receiving end of some incredibly offensive insults. I thought now was as good a time as any to try and set a few people on the path to making the gaming community a better[...]

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Crazy Party : by : Hannibal


Crazy Party

The completely crazy game
Crazy Party. This is a game that some how manages to be both extremely simple. While also remarkably complex. Currently available in several different languages. With several different modes of play. I think the only way to talk about Crazy Party is to break[...]

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Background Music in Audio Games


Background Music in games:

Of all the commands asked about on games. The one you will see the most is, How do you turn the music off or down?
As people first open games. Usually not bothering to read the read me provided to learn the key strokes. Often one of the first things they want to know[...]

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Basics of Gaming Equipment series 1 of 4, the computer you use

My RAM is so huge, its hard to live with

This is the first of a four part series focusing on gaming equipment, computers, headsets, keyboards, and mice; all of which I have had a decent amount of experience with. I’ve bought a variety of all of these and hopefully can help you decide if it is worth the price for a PC[...]

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Blog Wide Giveaway open to all

Register, follow on twitter, and win!

We here at the BSG Blog are doing a giveaway for everyone. Anyone can join, and it is really simple to make sure you have a chance to win. There is a pretty wide assortment of prize choices, hopefully enough to cover all types of gaming on all platforms. So what do you have to do to[...]

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