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The week of the first BSG hearthstone tournament is here, and it is going to be glorious. This post will go over the format, what to expect, and list all the participants. This is going to be a two day event, and I’m really looking forward to seeing some great competition. Everything will be streamed on the BSG Twitch, so don’t miss a minute of the action.

Date, Time, & Guest

This is a two day event. Day one of the tournament will kick off on Saturday the 23rd of July at noon eastern where each of the 15 participants will play their first single elimination match. The winners of each of these matches will advance to day two’s top eight. Since we have only 15, JessicaGG will play an exhibition match against BlurrySito.
The next day will feature the top eight onwards, all the way to crowning first, second, and third place winners. Day two will start at noon eastern on Sunday the 24th of July. At this point everyone will have seen their opponents and how they play, so we are expecting some strategic matches here. This will also be single elimination, and we’ll keep going until there is only 1 left standing.
On day two we will be joined by guest commentator superblindman. He has offered to give some expert commentary as the top eight fight for their share of the one hundred dollar pot. It is always important to know what you don’t know, and though putting together events is something I know. Neither myself or Sito are Hearthstone experts. This will hopefully give the expert plays of the participants all the credit they deserve.

Where To Watch The Tournament

This stream will only be taking place on the BSG Twitch. Normally we dual stream to BSG for every stream, but this one will only be on Twitch. The audio archive will still be put up on BSG, with a potential video archive up on youtube, but that is still yet to be determined.

Quick Tournament Format

we are using conquest format. Each person brings 3 decks, and matches up in a best of two. Once someone wins with a deck, that deck is then retired for that match and cannot be used again until their next match.
On day 1 it is a top 16 single elimination. This means 16 people face off against one another. The first person who reaches two wins against their opponent is declared the winner and advances to the next round. The loser is eliminated from the tournament.
In day two the top eight are paired up into 4 matches also known as the quarter finals. The four winners advance to the semifinals, and the four losers are eliminated.
The semi finals consists of two matches between the four remaining participants. The winners of the semifinals advance to the finals. The losers face off in a match to determine who takes third place.
After this is all said and done we’ll have our first second and third place participants, and they can do all the bragging. At least until the next tournament.

The Bracket, Participants, & their Classes

*Day ONE
Match 1:
Lord Lundin (Hunter, Shaman, Rogue)
Draken (Hunter, Warrior, Paladin)

Match 2:
Livdera (hunter, rogue, mage)
phoenix (Paladin, Mage, Hunter)

Match 3:
Anton (Shaman, Mage, Rogue)
SpiderManiac (Hunter, Warlock, Paladin)

Match 4:
JessicaGG (Paladin, Warlock, Mage)
Exhibition vs.
BlurrySito (Hunter, Paladin, Priest)

match 5:
KeyWasFull (Priest, Druid, Mage)
mysticJeff (druid, priest, rogue)

Match 6:
HarmonicaPlayer (warrior, Hunter, Mage)
walther (Mage, Warrior, Warlock)

Match 7:
Gruntok (warrior, rogue, mage)
TBlaze (Priest, Warrior, Paladin)

Match 8:
flashmaster (Warlock, warrior, Shaman)
Oversee Year (Hunter, Rogue, Druid)


Match 9:
Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 8

Match 10:
Winner of Match 2 vs. winner of Match 7

Match 11:
winner of match 3 vs. winner of match 6

Match 12:
winner of match 4 vs. winner of match 5

note: match 10 winner against match 11 winner is first, so the match 12 winner gets a break.

Match 13:
winner of match 10 vs. winner of match 11

Match 14:
winner of match 9 vs. winner of match 12


Match 15:
loser of match 13 vs. loser of match 14


match 16:
winner of match 13 vs winner of match 14

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